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Real name:

Superhero/Villain name:



Appearance (pictures are allowed):


Alignment (Hero, Villain, or Neutral):



Backstory (3 lines at least):

Extra info:

(You can only claim characters from American Comic Books.)

2/15/2013 . Edited 11/2/2014 #1

real name:leon

superhero/villan name: (hes really not either hes kinda neutral but still) atom


age:18 hs


personality:shy almost non existant

power/skills: can change persons molecular strucure

weakness: very shy. doesn't like touching people out of fights

backstory: leon was a VERY popular kid till one day he accidently used a power that changed molecular structure on a bully the bully now lives out his days as a cat. of course nobody believed the story was true but leon was afraid he would hurt somebody so he went from hot lady's man popular to non existant ghost he useally never speaks unless hes asked a question and only useally answers if its a girl he likes but when he puts on his mask hes a WHOLE new person hes cocky and ready to fight he learned from his father how you use most weapons (guns,swords,blunt objects etc)

extra info:expertise with most weapons but needs a object that has atoms to make them into a weapon of choice he can also use it to enlarge mussles which comes in handy but hes never had sex before

2/15/2013 . Edited by Astrogemini, 2/16/2013 #2

I claim Rouge for this roleplay.

2/18/2013 #3

please dont she cant give a prope handjob without killing someone

2/18/2013 #4

Good point...may I suggest Wonder Girl (Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark)

2/24/2013 #5

yeah your good with her im joker

3/11/2013 #6

Ok. Shall we start?

3/15/2013 #7

Real name: Gwendolyn Tabitha Hoyle

Superhero/Villain name: Alliah

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance (pictures are allowed): Gwen has tan skin and bright, yet light purple eyes. She has dark brown hair and a loving smile. Along her body, there are many curves that make her seem beautiful. Her nice round tits are always prepared for battle, as well as her waiting shaven kitty. Her long tan legs make villains go weak at the knees. In battle, she wears a dress that is just a bit too short, and she never wears a bra, as she feels held back when fighting criminals. She also wears a purple thong and ankle boots. As a civilian appearance she wears black strap wedges, neon blue shorts, a black lace shirt and the sleeves go to her elbows, and her white suspenders (down still). Her make up in the nighttime changes drastically. She wears her black eye-shadow and mascara but she wears deep red lipstick.

Personality: She's spunky, always ready to have fun. She likes to always be doing something and meeting new people and seeing new things. Outgoing and friendly, she's also energetic. She can be disorganized and kind of scatterbrained, and is a bit of a daydreamer. She's pretty clever, and can think fast. Street-smart. Kind of sarcastic. The type to live life to the fullest. She can be insecure, and always wonder if people really like her or not. Hard-working but she doesn't focus that well. Good with change, but impatient and opinionated. She's unsure of herself and her abilities.

Powers/Skills: Water powers. Gwen is extremely flexible and she has enhanced learning ability (more than the normal human) so she is able to learn things more quickly. Gwen is also able to breathe underwater. She can also heal but she can only heal small wounds. Deep wounds can be healed with her water but the injured will need to rest for a least three days to be completely healed. She can't heal dead people either.


  • Fire
  • Sun weakens her powers by 25%
  • she has a fear of all bugs
  • has daddy issues
  • when she's really pissed she can cause full on havoc to the world because her powers are semiyearly connected to her emotions.

Backstory (3 lines at least): Gwen grew up in Jump City with her mother, Tiffany, and her father Jason in a Jewish family, though they're not strictly religious. She has two siblings, one brother and one sister. Her father is a lawyer and her mother is a Her older sister, Amber, is in college studying homeland security. But after her sister moved out, Gwen and her brother, Liam, discover that they have powers. Their parents, Jason and Tiffany, don't like this, so they kick them out of the house and tell them they need to find a new place to live. One day, Liam got very sick, and Gwen being only 15 at the time, she didn't know what to do. So a few months later, he died. Now, Gwen is 17 and she works at the club Under 21 (which is a club for teens to go to and to have fun). Recently she was fired and now she has to fend for herself all alone in Jump City.

Extra info: Gwen isn't a virgin and she has a really big crush on Robin (Dick Grayson) [from the Batman comics] Also as pay she is a dancer at a club

6/30/2013 #8

And here I was about to delete this XD

You're character lis accepting :-)

6/30/2013 #9
the true Deity of Insanity

Real name: Marcus Corleone

Villain name: Mind Master

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Appearance: Stands 6'0, a muscular frame with a light tan. Coal black hair cut shortly. Sea blue eyes. A black goatee on his chin. Always wears a black suit.

Personality: Cold, conniving, heartless. A lack of regard for other people. Is also greedy and wants to get everything possible.

Powers/Skills: Telekinesis, telepathy.

Weakness: When too many people are in the room at once he starts to lose it because of all the thoughts, he is feared but not loved and that could come back to get him.

Backstory: Marcus was born into a crime family with two older brothers and one younger and his father was don. At age 19 he grew fed up with his position in the family, which was just head enforcer, so he killed his father and all of his brothers to take the position of don. His powers came from an experiment he allowed himself to be a part of, after which he killed the testers.

Extra Info: He would be in the Marvel universe if this isn't a x-over.

7/1/2013 #10

accepted. any character you want him to work with?

7/1/2013 #11
the true Deity of Insanity

I've thought about it but I can't really decide.

7/1/2013 #12

Hm...perhaps She-Hulk?

7/1/2013 #13
the true Deity of Insanity

Yeah she'd be good. And seeming her alter ego thing, un hulked form, is a lawyer there could be a good story.

7/2/2013 #14

then I guess it's settled, ready to RP.

7/2/2013 #15
the true Deity of Insanity
Alright. Do you want me to post first?
7/2/2013 #16

yes, you post first.

7/2/2013 #17
Seraph Darkfire

Sorry that I am using a different frame for my character. Also, for the picture, make sure there are no spaces or it will mess up the link.


Name: Malias

Alias (Optional): The Wanderer

Gender: Male

Age: Looks nineteen. Actually around 682 years old.

Appearance: f66a88604cc7132_mediumver.jpg

Alignment (Hero, Villain, Neutral): Neutral

Hero/Villain Uniform (If any): None

Powers/Abilities: Immortal and has a body that never grows tired.

Personality (At least one paragraph): He is complicated. Polite and nice to anyone he meets, even evil people. But he always seems like he is keeping something to himself. He is playful, almost child like at times. He is fearless as well, walking straight into danger. Being unable to die has it's perks.

Strength(s): Over the years, he has acquired many skills that have proved useful in his life, mainly ways to make food, or break into places. He has also mastered many dances. Being Immortal means he is unkillable and feels no pain from anything done to his body. He never grows weary physically, his muscles will never weaken from strenuous exorcize.

Weakness(es): The fact that he can't physically weaken adds strain to his mind. The longer he goes without sleeping and the more he is active, the more of a strain on his mind it will be. Too much and his mind will snap. Only proper rest will return him back to how he was.

Even though he is immortal and never grows tired, he can still be subdued if he is over powered. He isn't faster or stronger than any normal human and usually wins fights against his enemies by waiting for them to tire out while trying to kill him.

Mistletoe is his weakness. In the presence of the plant, he becomes bound to the spot he is standing, as if he was frozen in place.

Love Interest: None for now.

Residence: No real residence. He just wanders.

Family: All dead and gone.

History: He was born in thirteen hundreds Italy, right at the beginning of the Italian Renaissance to the higher classes. As he grew older, he was immersed in the budding life that this brought along. He was raised to be kind and polite to anyone and taught the finer arts. When he was nineteen and returning home from his work, he was assaulted and mugged for all that he had.

He fought back the best he could, but was run through by a sword and left to die on the alleyways, blood pooling underneath his body. He eventually passed out, thinking that it would be the last time he was every going to be awake. But he was wrong. Several hours later, in the middle of the night, his eyes snapped open and he sat up, taking a deep breath and touching his chest.

There was no blood, no wound, just a small hole in his clothes. Around him, the ground was dry, though he could remember the blood running out under him and over him. But he felt fine, not even aches from sleeping on the cold ground. Then he began to think of those who had attacked him and anger welled up within him. He wanted revenge. So he sought them out.

For days, he searched the city, feeling no need to eat or drink. Though he did these things mostly out of habit and for the pleasure of it. What was ironic is that the same group tried to mug him again, not remembering him at first. When they did, they were surprised at the fact that he was still alive. After they got over their surprise, they attacked him. None of their hits hurt him and when he was stabbed again, he didn't even flinch, just reached forward and grabbed the blade tightly.

It was an odd sensation, he could feel the pressure of the blade on his skin, could even feel it break the skin, but still no pain. He yanked the sword away and pulled it free of his body. No blood was on the blade and it left no wound where he was stabbed or where it cut into his hand. He then tried to attack the men, but he just didn't have it in him to kill them, so instead he just beat them enough so that they couldn't hurt anyone else.

He left his life behind and began to wander. Over the years, he began to realize that he also didn't age anymore. He didn't need to breath, eat, or drink. He followed the Renaissance as it grew, meeting all sorts of important figures. Leonardo da Vinci became a good friend of his and was the first person he ever told about his strange ability. This of course, made him a good test subject as Leonardo could do whatever he wanted to him and not worry about him dying.

But eventually, he had to move on and headed toward England, to explore and grow as a person. He stayed there until the Renaissance began to die out in the fifteen hundreds. After that, he thought about heading to the New World but he just wasn't interested in it. Instead, he went toward Japan, across Asia. His travels lasted until the seventeen hundreds. While in Japan, he got a bit hooked on the Ninja arts. He couldn't kill anyone with the things he learned, but the jumps and flips he learned where fun. Eventually, he decided to head off to the New World...or America as he heard it was being called.

Instead of taking a ship around the world from Japan, he decided to travel from Japan to England and then from England to America. Once there, he was impressed with how they had grown from a bunch of small settlers. He decided to stay there and see what happened. He expected something interesting. He wasn't disappointed.

The Revolutionary War was...short in comparison to some of the wars he'd seen. But it was none the less bloody and he was in favor of the Americans. So he joined them as a courier, using his immortality to successfully transfer letters to members of the resistance. After the war, he decided to stay in America to see how it grew. When the Civil War started, he headed to Canada for a vacation, not wanting to be a part of that. Since then, he's been traveling around, waiting for America to calm down before he went back. Currently, he is on a ship headed back to the States.

Other: None

7/3/2013 #18


7/3/2013 #19
Legend of Loki

Villain: Mischief Madonna

Real Name: Rachel Vermillion

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Appearance: Glittering black leotard with a red masquerade mask. Raven black hair with red hair. Caucasian. Two leather gloves

Personality: When she is taking the personality of her human form, she is a calm reporter. When she is in the form of her pseudo identity Mischief Madonna, she is just obsessed about seeing the world burn

Power/Skill: Has no real power, but has a vast arsenal of weaponry. She is very smart and a quick thinker. Her usual answer to everything is either burn it, shoot it, fuck it, or blow it up.

Weakness: Chocolate, and her obsession with explosives and fire

(Get the rest to you tomorrow.)

7/19/2013 #20


7/19/2013 #21
Legend of Loki

(Finishing where I left off...)

Backstory: Grew up with the worst luck imaginable. Her parents were murdered at a young age, she was constantly bullied, and no one really gave a care about her. She eventually gravitated to crime and arson, but just regular arson wasn't enough. She took it to another extreme by deciding to take down entire buildings and such

Extra Info: Is very sadistic, and besides guns, her main weapons are two hammers.

7/20/2013 #22

Alias:Hive mind

Real Name:Jachin Chong

Species:Human mutant

Appearance (pictures are allowed):around 1.9m tall is chinese looking has short brown hair and brown eyes meadium build Wears sillicon laced gloves and a red metal suite and mask as hivemind made of his nanobots

Personality:He is a sochaily akward nerd and likes to talk about nanotechnology

Powers/Skills: he is a tenchonpath having the abilty to turn any machine into nanobots that he can control

Weakness(es): he has no control over hos power and have to wear silicon laced gloves to stop it from ativating also the more bots he makes the harder it is from him to control it

Backstory :Jachin got his powers after a bad explosion in a nanobot factory fused his body with an experimental nanohive that was made to breakdown technology. however due to his powers he was rediculed and bullied constantly however he over grew those bullies and almost wanted to use the power for vengeance however when he saw how much of a bully he became he stopped and felt remorse he devoted himself to be a hero to prevent him from turning bad again.

Extra Information:none

7/31/2013 #23


8/2/2013 #24
The Soul-Eating Kitty of Doom

Real name: Charlotte "Charlie" Hevangway

Superhero/Villain name: Hummingbird

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance (pictures are allowed): Charlotte is cute, and that is all she will ever be. In her case she loves it as it gives her a look of innocence so no one would ever suspect her of being any form of superhero. She is a petite, delicate little thing. When out of costume she has long, wavy golden hair that extends down to her mid back. Usually this hair is tied up with a pretty sky blue ribbon to keep it out of her eyes. Speaking of eyes, her eyes are bright blue and big and probably are the most memorable part of her appearance. Although she does not have much of a chest, her ass makes up for it. It is cute, like the rest of her, and perky and probably the place where she has the most meat on her she has, as some would say, a "bubble butt". When she goes into costume she usually wears a bird-like mask, a feathery pair of shorts and a shirt, comfortable shoes made specifically for her and for withstanding speed, they lace up her legs, and long gloves that have feathers on the portion that covers her arms. Along with that she has a pair of durable, strong, light-weight wings that actually allow her fly created for her by the same person who made her shoes.

Personality: Perky and bubbly it is not hard for Charlie to make friends. She loves talking to people, although at times she can be a bit of an air-head. If you are her friend she will do everything she can to make you happy, if you are her enemy watch out! She has a good idea of the difference between right or wrong and for being a runt among superheroes she actually does a pretty damn good job of being considered an equal to others. She can be stubborn and a hothead but she is good at heart!

Powers/Skills: Charlie was granted super speed, she can zip over water and land alike and withstand the pressure of going at such speed. Her wings allow her to fly short distances and also are able to keep up with her speed hence giving her superhero name "Hummingbird". Innocence also plays a role in her strength. It is easy for her to lessen suspicions against her.

Weakness: Like a normal person who is into running long distances eventually she does get exhausted as all mortals do from running for a long time on end. For her amazing quick running is the equivalent of a normal person running on a track team. She also lacks physical strength so she can easily, if caught, be overpowered and destroyed.

Backstory (3 lines at least): All good things come to an end. Charlie believes the opposite. She comes from that cool teenage life that people only dream of. She comes from a rich family with fortunate circumstance and she has cool powers to boot. But the only reason she gained those powers in the first place was because not everything comes for free. She had to give something back to her family. That was volunteering for an experiment. They knew the result would be positive, so why not? At first the effects were small, sudden bursts of energy and movement, but then they began to grow and that was a struggle during that time in her life. But she learned to control it. Then came an idea. Why not become a superhero? It would be easy. She could do it! So she got in league with a few other supers and formed a team of sorts. One manufactured the gadgets and the others fought. They did this for two years before they split and went their own separate ways. Charlie was on her own, although the team often met up on occasions for old times sake. Going off on her own she began to discover the dangers of being a superhero she even began to get hurt in the process. It suddenly was not as pleasant, but she still got thrill from it so she stayed a superhero. But now she is discovering that there are not just goodie two shoes in her family... for one, her brother, has joined the ranks of the villains.

Extra info: Nope. :D

9/9/2013 #25

She sounds hot! Any idea superhero/supervillain you want her to be paired with?

9/9/2013 #26
The Soul-Eating Kitty of Doom

Aw, thank you! *blushes* :3

Hm... well... I... um... nope. I really did not think to much about it. I can see her with pretty much a ton of different types of villains and heroes. DX So I pretty much am good with any type of person, perhaps dominant to make things interesting. Doesn't matter to me XD Although I think perhaps a relationship with a villain might make things interesting... hm...

9/10/2013 . Edited 9/10/2013 #27

Hm...are you interested in having a character of the same gender be Hummingbird's love interest?

9/10/2013 #28
The Soul-Eating Kitty of Doom

Of course! :D That would definitely work out very nicely. :D

9/11/2013 #29

Hm...may I suggest Starfire or Wonder Girl?

9/11/2013 #30
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