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World Wrestling entertainment or "WWE" is the largest professional wrestling promotion in the entire world with hundreds of employees, billions of dollars to spend, and is known on a global, international level. However this far from a regular company due to just how social it is and how it's impossible not to talk to anybody or make new friends and that's something that everybody knows. However what people don't know is just how sexually fueled and lust-driven the men and women who work for the company can be.

Every day, every night, every show there's somebody in the WWE is having sex. Whether it a simple fuck with someone just for fun or if your making love with your significant other there's not a day in the WWE where there isn't somebody having sex and this is the story of those people.

This is Wrestling With Lemons: WWE.

11/1/2013 #1
Hahli Nuva

Cassidy walked through the hallway with her Diva's Championship belt across her shoulder.

She was horny as hell and after that last match with Natalya she was looking for a 'rematch' in the showers. However, Wade Barrett had complained about her stealing his finisher, so she thought she could find him and give him a 'incentive' to keep him quiet.

But who to find?

11/2/2013 #2

Valencia was limbering up inside the Divas locker room as usual. She was in her wrestling gear, stretching and bending to loosen herself up. The show hadn't started yet but it didn't hurt to be physically prepared by stretching and loosening her body, all while providing anyone looking behind her generous views at her plump ass.

11/3/2013 #3
Hahli Nuva

Cassidy walked into the Diva's Locker room, seeing Valencia's sweet ass. She smirked and put her belt on the table.

She hadn't seen Valencia around, but they had a match tonight, and Cassidy was looking forward to testing her skills against her.

The champion looked at her body in the mirror, nodding in approval.

11/3/2013 #4

Valencia kept stretching and bending just but she still decided to acknowldege the person who just entered the room.

"Hello," she said. It was a simple greeting but that should get a response.

11/3/2013 #5
Hahli Nuva

Cassidy looked at Valencia and smiled.

"Hello. Care to join me in stretching?" She asked suggestively. Truth be told, Valencia was really attractive, and Cassidy wouldn't mind going a few rounds with her in the shower.

11/3/2013 #6

Valencia turned around and smiled at Cassidy, "Sure thing."

Valencia and Cassidy didn't talk that much but when they did they were on good terms. Cassidy was one of the nicer girls on the entire roster which meant that Valencia had no problem giving her some of her time. Even if it's to stretch together.

11/4/2013 #7
Hahli Nuva

Cassidy bent down to adjust her boots, giving Valencia a better look at her ass. If she played her cards right, she could have a 'match' with Valencia earlier than later.

11/4/2013 #8

"You take damn good care of your body, girl," Veronica praised, her eyes easily and selflessly staring at Cassidy's ass. It was so round and tight. She wouldn't mind wrestling with Cassidy in more ways than one.

11/4/2013 #9
Hahli Nuva

Cassidy smirked. "Thank you. Would you like a closer inspection?"

11/4/2013 #10

"Yes, yes I would," Valencia smirked back.

11/4/2013 #11
Hahli Nuva

Cassidy walked up to Valencia, giving her a long and sensual kiss.

11/5/2013 #12

Valencia returned the kiss, her hands resting on Cassidy's ass cheeks while their lips locked together and their tongues happily rubbed against each other.

11/5/2013 #13
Hahli Nuva

Cassidy pulled away, licking her lips,

"Not bad. What else you got?"

11/5/2013 #14

"What do you have in mind?" Valencia smirked.

11/5/2013 #15
Hahli Nuva

"You like it rough?" Cassidy smirked. She loved it rough. The rougher the better. Man or Woman, there was nothing like being fucked until you couldn't remember your name.

11/5/2013 #16

"I love rough sex," Valencia smiled. She loved rough sex. It was passionate, hot, and more fun than soft and normal sex and it made her feel good that Cassidy felt the same way.

11/5/2013 #17
Hahli Nuva

"Great! What say we get together after our match tonight? My room?"

11/5/2013 #18

"You're on," Valencia confirmed with a nod.

11/5/2013 #19
Hahli Nuva

Cassidy gave Valencia one last lustful kiss. "I'm looking forward to it."

11/5/2013 #20

Valencia smiled once the lustful kiss was over. She couldn't wait to see Cassidy after the show.

11/5/2013 #21
Hahli Nuva

The WWE Universe was entertained by various performers that night. Finally, it was their turn.

"The following Divas contest is scheduled for one fall! Making her way to the ring, from Anchorage Alaska, Cassidy!"

Saliva's 'I Walk Alone' blasted through the arena, emitting loud cheers from the crowd. Cassidy walked out to the crowd and posed, earning more cheers.

She then ran down the ramp and high fived and slapped various fans' hands as she made her way to the ring. Once inside, she posed up on the top rope and jumped back down to wait for Valencia.

11/5/2013 #22

"And her opponent, from Los Angeles, California. Valencia!"

Nicki Minaj 'I am your leader blared' as the crow booed, signaling her heel status while she greeted herself to the crowd on the stage with her arms spread out in pride.

She walked down to ring with a focused look in her eyes before entering the ring.

11/5/2013 #23
Hahli Nuva

Cassidy smirked while her opponent entered the ring. The WWE Universe was in for a real treat.

Both women being from Shimmer, they knew that their match would be more physical than a typical Divas match.

The bell rang, signaling for them to start.

Cassidy stood in the corner, ready to go.

11/5/2013 . Edited 11/5/2013 #24

Valencia stepped to Cassidy and the action began. She threw a toe kick to Cassidy to start her offense.

11/5/2013 #25
Hahli Nuva

Cassidy took the hit and growled in pain. She threw a few boxing jabs to retaliate.

11/5/2013 #26

The semi-stiff jabs were enough to stun Valencia for a bit and knock her back but she regained her bearings before things went too bad and threw a knee to Cassidy's stomach.

11/5/2013 #27
Hahli Nuva

The knee caught Cassie off guard, stunning her and making her clutch her stomach. The crowd booed in response.

"Oh man! Can someone tell Cassidy I'm in the suite at Motel 6?" Jerry Lawler joked.

11/5/2013 #28

Valencia wrapped her arms around Cassidy and lifted her up for a gutrench suplex attempt.

"Cassidy is a beautiful young woman, without a doubt. Maybe she'll get out of this suplex hold too," Michael Cole said, mentioning Cassidy's beauty while paying attention to the match.

11/5/2013 #29
Hahli Nuva

Cassidy wasn't able to counter and was slammed into the mat.

"Ouch! You know, if Valencia can keep Cassidy down, she can basically control the match. Cassidy is known for her unpredictable moves, but if she can't get up, she's easy pickings!"

11/5/2013 #30
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