Stellar Hotel
As the title says. Come on in !
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There are a set of rules posted on the front door, written in elegant hand: 1) Take the fighting to the Combat Arena. You break anything, you buy it. 2) Keep the romance and violence PG-13. 3) Any problems with someone/thing? Take it to the Manager(Me.)! 4) Keep profanity to a minimum. Please. No pottymouths. 5) NO GODMODDING. 6) In the Arena, one cannot dodge all the time! Take a hit for once! 7) Have fun! ^_^ If any of these rules are broken, I'll give ONE WARNING ONLY. Keep it up and be banned. Just say that you accept these terms, then, head to the Lobby.
11/24/2011 #1
Angel Of Broadway

I agree, accept, and I am inclined to acquiesce your request!

11/25/2011 #2
*glomps* You're here~!
11/25/2011 #3

Accepted! X3

11/25/2011 #4
Chaos Lord Bahamut

Psh, who needs RULES?!


I accept! And will do my best to:

1. Stick to these rules, and

2. TRY and help this forum...not die off quickly.

11/25/2011 #5
Chaos Lord Bahamut
Quick characters need a human form? I have one that lacks a human form, mainly because I've ONLY used him in Dark Forest, tried using him in one of Slasher's forums, got bored with him, so had him killed off there, SO in conclusion, I've never actually WROTE a human form for him, so...yeah...O_O
11/25/2011 #6
Chaos Lord Bahamut
(Nevermind. Saw yer post in Windemere about that 8D)

Norchist: -Is giving me death glares.- Moron.

11/25/2011 #7
Nope, anyone can come in....unless they have a malicious intent, of course; the Manager as well as a few thousand guards will take care of it~. So, yes, a non-human form is accepted; it's your choice!
11/25/2011 #8
Knock it off, Norchist; he just didn't know. *pats Chaos*
11/25/2011 #9
Chaos Lord Bahamut
Me: -Is very happy.- OK. I'm gonna go post now! 8D
11/25/2011 #10
The one and only Den


11/25/2011 #11
-accepts- YAY!
11/25/2011 #12
Superior Moogle
DX Tuesday stole my bucket! *Accepts the rules*
11/26/2011 #13

what is the plot of this roleplay, exactly?

6/18/2012 #14

Ah, basically it's where you have someone check in at the hotel/have someone work at the hotel; you can bring a sort of plot or backstory with that character, if you want, or they can get into a plot all by themselves by interacting with different characters/staff at the hotel.

6/18/2012 #15

human people or supernatural people?

6/18/2012 #16

Any people....just as long as they have no malicious intent, that is. The Manager/Boss will personallytake care of that.

6/18/2012 #17

cool, wher do i post a character profile, oh n** i accept the rules :)

6/18/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #18

Just describe your character as they/he/she/it enter(s). Thanks. Have fun! :D

6/18/2012 #19

okay cool

6/18/2012 #20
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