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Well, the title says it all.

12/4/2011 #1

Ivy Coraline, Olive, and Stormie were at Coraline's apartment.

12/7/2011 #2
Nicholle Phantomhive

Belladonna knocked on the door so she wouldn't be barging in.

12/7/2011 #3

Coraline opened the door and greeted her.

12/7/2011 #4
Nicholle Phantomhive

"I'm Belladonna but you can call me Bella" Belladonna introduced herself.

12/7/2011 #5

"I'm Ivy" Ivy said.

"I'm Olive" Olive said.

"I'm CORaline, not CARoline." Coraline said.

"I'm Stormie" Stormie said.

12/8/2011 #6
Nicholle Phantomhive

"Very nice to meet you." Belladonna said.

(What does sincere mean?)

12/8/2011 #7
"We just moved here. Right after Coraline." Ivy said. ((nice, I guess))
12/11/2011 . Edited 12/11/2011 #8
Nicholle Phantomhive

(What do you think of Wynonna Judd?)

"May I come in?" Belladonna asked.

12/13/2011 #9


"Sure!" Olive said cheerfully.

Stormie nodded.

Coraline and Ivy looked at each other and walked away, back to the corner where Ivy listened to the rock music on her Ipod, and back to Coraline's bed where Coraline stared at the ceiling, bored.

12/16/2011 #10
Nicholle Phantomhive

Belladonna walked in.

"Not a lot to do huh?" Belladonna said.

12/16/2011 #11
Ashe Nightshade

Suddenly, outside in the hall Mike could be heard yelling, "Derek, come back!"

Then Derek came into the apartment. "Hi!" he exclaimed.

Mike and Liona followed him.

"Ah. Sorry," Mike said, wincing. "He's five...doesn't really get what he shouldn't do...we're new, by the way, sorry again about Derek."

12/16/2011 #12
Nicholle Phantomhive

"It's no big deal" Belladonna assured.

12/16/2011 #13

"Yea!" Georgina said.

"George!!!" Ivy hissed, "THE PEACE!!!"

"Guests. More of them, I mean." Georgina said.

"Oh. I'm Ivy, as in Poison Ivy. This is Georgina, or George. That is Stormie and the girl on the bed is Coraline, bye."

12/16/2011 #14
Ashe Nightshade

Derek waved at them all, smiling.

Mike sighed. "Mike, Derek, Liona," he said. Then he said, "C'mon, Derek, let's go."

"I don't wanna!" Derek said.

Liona sighed in exasperation. This always happened.

12/17/2011 . Edited 12/17/2011 #15

"You can stay" Georgina said.

"George! This is Coraline's apartment! It's her decision!" Ivy said.

"They're fine." Coraline said.

"I wish our parents would get back so we could leave this place!!" Ivy said.

Georgina shrugged.

12/17/2011 #16
Ashe Nightshade

"Your parents aren't around either?" Mike asked. His parents constantly neglected to even come home half the time, they were so busy with work. Liona and Derek were mostly looked after by Mike.

12/17/2011 #17
Nicholle Phantomhive

"Why isn't there anything to do around here?" Belladonna asked.

12/17/2011 #18

Ivy shrugged.

"Nope." Georgina replied.

12/17/2011 #19
Ashe Nightshade

"There's lots of things to do! We could draw or paint or read or--" Derek was interrupted by Mike.

"Derek. We go. Now." Mike pointed at the door. "We have to be home in time for Mom and Dad. They promised they'd be home tonight, remember?"

"Why bother?" Liona said quietly. "They probably forgot anyways."

Mike looked at her. "Liona, you really aren't helping here."

12/18/2011 #20

"Little Derek is right." Olive said.

"Where are your parents anyways??" Coraline asked the triplets.

"We're with our Mom this week. We go to our Dad's next week. She always leaves us at home. For 'work'. Though, it's a guy she works with and she's getting a big belly, if you know what I mean." Ivy explained.

12/18/2011 . Edited 12/18/2011 #21
Ashe Nightshade

Derek looked confused, but Liona and Mike both got it.

"Oh...well..." Mike wasn't sure what to say.

12/18/2011 #22

"Ivy!!" Stormie half-screamed.

"It's truth. That's how mean she is." Ivy said.

12/18/2011 #23
Nicholle Phantomhive

"We could take turns telling stories" Belladonna suggested.

12/20/2011 #24

"Yea, sure whatever." Ivy said.

"COOL!!" Georgina excliamed.

"You first, Belladonna." Stormie said.

12/21/2011 #25
Nicholle Phantomhive

"Well oh I know one my mom used to tell just have to remember they way it goes" Belladonna replied.

12/22/2011 #26
Ashe Nightshade

"Story time!" Derek exclaimed. "Yay!"

12/22/2011 #27

"Yea!" Olive said, clapping.

((By the way, whenever I say 'Georgina' I mean Olive, not Georgina.))

12/23/2011 . Edited 12/23/2011 #28
Nicholle Phantomhive

Belladonna went into thought.

12/31/2011 #29

Norman Babcock: " Dude. It's just Coraline Jones. How hard is it really just to pronounce such a name like that?"

7/10/2013 #30
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