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Name: Lillian Beast


Parents:Beauty and the beast

Personality:has a really bad temper,gets angry easily but if your nice to her she'll repay you with kindness.She's really competitive.pretty smart.

Looks: more on the guy side. Long brown hair that she leaves down,athletic built,large brown eyes,a cloak that covers her beautiful hair.

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Rhianna Park

Name: Zoey Sorine Remy

Age: 16

Parents: Cinderella and her Prince

Personality: Helpful, caring, compassionate, too trusting but hardworking, independent and tough. She listens to her own drum and never plays by anyone's rules. Sort of on the average-intelligence side, gets average grades and is way too trusting, not at all punctual

Looks: Shoulder-length blonde hair, green eyes, almond shaped eyes, athleticly built, built to be a runner, slim, tan skin

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Oz Fuliminatii

Name: James Hood


Parents:Little red riding hood and unknown dad.

Personality:He is nice and caring.He is a quick thinker and can usually talk his way out of a problem.He doesn't get mad alot .

Looks:Has brown hair and blue eyes.He has an athletic build.He wears blue jeans,a red hoodie,and red reeboks.

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Name: Paige White

Age:15 (about to be 16)

Parents: Snow White and her Prince

Personality: sweet, resourceful, funny, and smart.

Looks: long black hair, pale skin, blue eyes with long eyelashes, skinny and kind of short, wears skinny jeans, red tank top, and yellow converse.

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Name: Era

Age: 8

Parents: Ariel and Eric

Personality: she is sweet and kind, but sometimes shy. she loves to sing

Looks: she has red hair, and deep blue eyes

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Name: Primrose Ali

Age: 15

Parents: Aladdin and Jasmine

Personality: She takes after her father; she's rebellious, fun-loving, and loves adventure. She also loves animals and taking care of them. She's also pretty smart like her mother.

Looks: She has a medium tan and dark black hair that she can never get to stay perfect. Her eyes are coal black and she's usually smiling. She has a slender body.

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Name: Talini


Personality: Timid, sweet but antisocial(meaning she doesn't talk much, hides behind her "mother"'s skirt, etc, not mean)

Parents: She was made from snow and love by a young, newlywed couple. (It's a russian fairytale, The Snow Child, Snow Daughter, etc)

Looks: Pale skin, bright sapphire eyes, and white-blond, softly curled hair.

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Name: Susan White

Age: 16

Parents: Evil Queen and King White (From Snow White)

Personality: Has a scary dark side that shines through often. She is mean to most, but a great friend if she opens up to you. She is smart, sarcastic, and sassy.

Looks: Long, curly dark brown hair with emerald eyes. Full lips that are blood red.

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