Magical Lyrical Nanoha Rpg:Rise of the cyborg mage
A war is coming and the TSAB has to fight enemies that come from one of there own who wishes to bring about a new age where Cyborg mages well help him rule the known worlds protected by the TSAB.
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Race(Human Mage,Artifiicial Mage,Magical Construct,Combat Cyborg,Cyborg Mage):



Rank(The ranking system of the TSAB):




Magic type:

Device Forms:

General Powers(Telepathy,Cartridge Load,Instantaneous movement,etc):

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Race(Human Mage,Artifiicial Mage,Magical Construct,Combat Cyborg,Cyborg Mage):Cyborg Mage (She was one of the first born and strongest).



Rank(The ranking system of the TSAB):S+


History:Momoko was the first artificial mage turned into a cyborg during the birthing process and turned into a part flesh and blood and part mechanical child with great magical powers from the one her blood came from the great ace of aces Nanoha Takamichi she even resembles her from her skin tone to her hair color though her eyes are a violet not purple well Momoko found out after the training session where she had to kill the other 11 clones or be killed in the end she defeated them all and had a bad taste in her mouth from doing so and just a few months later when she turned 13 she escaped and was hunted by the mages of Crowley industries and she was eventually found by the TSAB specifically Nanoha and Fate.

Appearrance:Waist length brown hair that is done into a hair style that is like Nanoha's but her hair is waivy when left to fall down her back and her eyes are a vivid violet and she dresses when finally saved she wears simple clothing like Nanoha with clothes that are very comfortable and form fitting.

Device:Raising Heart a near perfect replication of Raging Heartel and has the same standby form as Raising Heart.

Magic type:Mid-Child/Belkan.

Device Forms:There is her normal Barrier Jacket it is an off white instead of pure while Raising Heart is a dark pink with a lighter yellow end part with a red jewel like Raging Heart.

Axel Shooter Mode:Like Nanoha's but her jacket is without the vest overtop and it has pink feathers at the elbows and ankles and pink wings form from the the staff itself and can fire at a long range or extend range.

Excellion Angel Form:This form see's the return of the vest but wings form from the back and her armor becomes lighter this is the form that is most effective with using the blasters.

General Powers(Telepathy,Cartridge Load,Instantaneous movement,etc):Telepathy,Flight,Cartridge Load.



Divine Buster:This spell is pretty much the same as Nanoha's Divine Buster but she can fire four beams one after another but she tires out easier after that and can use blaster 1 and 2 with this.

Axel Shooter:This has not been changed from Nanoha's it has the same effect as hers.

Starlight Breaker Thunder Dragon:This is a very large and very strong variation of Starlight Breaker this takes on the form of a massive dragon when the beams converge and hit the enemy for overwhelming magic damage.


Protection:This spell can only protect her from an attack from the front and sides but not the back.



Round Shield Powered:Works the same as Nanoha's.


Bindings:Seal:She binds the target with pink light and they cannot move.

Others:None at the moment.

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Name: Akiko Suzuki (Now goes by Chi which means blood)

Race: She was a human mage but is now an artificia mage

Age9&up: When she died, she 18. She now looks like she is 16ish

Gender: Female

Appearance: Before she died, she had long blonde hair with deep purple eyes and was loved by most people. No,its the same at the picture in device form but she wers a black shirt, red and black striped tank with a black mid-driff jacket on top. Red and black striped sock that go to her mid-thigh with with black flats. She wears a black bow headband.

Rank: before death- AA+ ; after death- S

Limiter: A+

History: She lived a close to perfect life. She was a very popular human on Earth with a singing career and part time TSAB recruit.

When she was on a mission for the TSAB, there was a massive fight and she died, or so they thought. She wasn't completely dead, but she was on the edge of it. Some of Crowley's found her not to long after the fight and brought her back to test a new study they were doing with artificial mages instead of cyborgs. They took her memories and anything else from her brain and implanted it into an artificial mage body. They were surpried that she survived and showed major progress in everything. What she doesn't know though is that they implanted a chip into her that can completely take control of her body whenever they want to.

Device: Ai; her standby form is a heart-shaped earing; set up form is a big sword that allows her to castlong distant spells as well as close combat ( its the best picure I could findof the sword...)

Magic type: Mid-Childan/Belkan

Device Forms: Her normal barrier jacket-

Full Mode Release- her hair turns white and her eyes turn red

General Powers: Telepathy, cartridge load, instantaneous movement, flying.

Other: Ever sinceshe was changed into an artificial mage her whole personality changed.She said she would have rather died than become some fake person. She claims she is no longer that singing prodigy Akiko Suzuki, that she is no longer alive, and Chi is who she is now. She still has her singing voice.

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Approved and all I can say is wow and that is one impressive character profile and welcome aboard.
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Your welcome.
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Name:Ashley Warm.

Race(Human Mage,Artifiicial Mage,Magical Construct,Combat Cyborg,Cyborg Mage):Human Mage.



Rank(The ranking system of the TSAB):Before Awakening:C-. After Awakening:SS+.


History:Ashley was born on Earth during the peaceful times and her parents where mages themselves that helped with dealing with magical incidents on Earth but they where not working with the TSAB the work involved alot of dangers and one of those times the parents came back from a world bringing with them the Book of Darkness that had reincarnated on that world and when Ashley received it the book awoke and she became the new master and new knights appearred from the book to protect there new master.

Device:Book of Darkness.

Magic type:Mid Child/Ancient Belkan.

Device Forms:Knights Clothing:Black and white jacket over a black and yellow mini dress with a balmoral and has three sets of black wings she has bleach blonde hair and light blue eyes and she has a three point staff with a spikes on them.

General Powers(Telepathy,Cartridge Load,Instantaneous movement,etc):Flight,Telepathy and large mana reserves.




Diabolic Emission-This is an area of effect spell that if it directly hits the enemy well damage the target badly.

Mistilteinn-This attack is a petrifying bombardment spell that rains seven light spears on the target and solidifies on matter.

Ragnarok-This is her strongest spell its a powerful bombardment spell firing from the tip of her staff.





Sleipnir-This is her flying spell and allows her to fly at fast speeds.

Appearrance:Knee length purple hair that is curlly and has jade green eyes and is about 5"9 and is very thin and petite she wears alot of purple clothing but most skirts and blouses and also dresses.

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Name: Ikuto Suzuki (was called, and still is called, Iku-chan by Chi)

Race: Human Mage

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, never kept neat, dark blue almost purple eyes. Wears a black short-sleeve tee with black jeans and sneakers.

Rank: AA+

Limiter: None... yet.

History: He would always protect his sister, ever since he was old enough to talk. He got hurt a countless number of times protecting her. He took it the hardest when Akiko died and he became cold to everyone, not just the ones mean to Akiko. He does not know about his magic but finds out after being attacked by someone.

Device: Blix. Blix is a long cross neckalce that his sister gave him when she noticed he was a mage like her. He does not know that Blix is a device. In his first mode, Blix becomes scythe. He has other forms that he has not discovered yet too.

Magic Type: Mid-Childan/Belkan

Device Forms: Assasin Mode- (Without the claw thing on his hand)

General Powers: Telepathy,Quick Movement, Cartridge Load, Flying.

Other: He does not know about his magic until he ends up fighting one of the knights collecting magic for the book of darkness. He then helps the knights of the Book of Darkness because he is mad at TSAB for letting his sister "die".

(I hope thats okay...)

12/17/2011 . Edited 12/18/2011 #8

Approved and this works quite well with my character and the story arc that is going to happen.

12/17/2011 #9

Thanks and how far are you with the new knights for the Book of Darkness because maybe before TSAB finds out, the incident with Ikuto and the knights happens?

12/17/2011 #10

I am going to work on them right now.

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(Describing all the knights spells is going to be fun).
12/17/2011 #13

(Lol x3)

12/17/2011 #14

Almost done?

12/17/2011 #15
(I wish I had to redo the first knight because I lost the information so Kira the first knight well be up shortly and do you mind no description for the spells).
12/17/2011 #16

Alright. I don't mind. Just explain it when you're using it then please.

12/17/2011 #17
(Thanks Kira though uses a scythe but Vita uses a hammer Vitas spells most of them are suited for a hammer).
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It is not feasible unless Kira has a few of her own spells.
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Name:Kira. Race(Human Mage,Artifiicial Mage,Magical Construct,Combat Cyborg,Cyborg Mage):Magical Construct. Age9&up:9. Gender:Female. Rank(The ranking system of the TSAB):S. Limiter:C. History:Kira was created along with the other knights after losing the Wolkenwriter during the last incident. Device:Valerung the cutting scythe. Magic type:Ancient Belkan. Device Forms:Knight Armor-The armor is the same as Vita's except Kira's clothing is silver and black. General Powers(Telepathy,Cartridge Load,Instantaneous movement,etc):Telepathy,Cartridge Load. Spells Defense Panzergeist- Panzerhindernis - Panzerschild- Attacks- Schwalbefliegen Wind Fang-This is Kira's attack that creates a hyper condensed mana wave that can cut through most objects or barriers. Valkyrie Storm-This is a catridge enhanced bombardment spell that forms five beams of magic at once. Stromburch-Her strongest attack spell Her scythe increases in size and she swings it sidewaysanything caught in its path is damaged greatly. Binding- Support
12/17/2011 #22
Dimensional Transport- Magical Prison- Eisengeheul- Pferde-
12/17/2011 #23
Smiling Ivan

Name: Garand

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Rank: Private Military Contractor

Limiter: N/A


-6' 4"

-Muscular build

-Dark red hair with small streaks of grey

-Green eye's

-Scar on right side of face stretching from the corner of his mouth to his ear the bottom 1/4 of which is gone.


Originally from Earth he served many years in the military but after an IED attack he lost both his leg below the knee. Hayate Yagami, soon after, recruited him to help with a new TSAB project. Brought to Mid-Childa as a consultant for TSABs AMS project, he was tasked with helping develop and test, weapons and armour created for the project. Just before starting his new career he was fitted with a pair of artificial legs that completely restored his mobility. Once the project was completed he continued to work under contract usually for Hayate or Signum both of whom he considers close friends.

Device Name: Iltis

Magic type: N/A since he has no linker core he uses specialized AMS (Anti Magic System) based weapons that consist of modified fire arms, body armour, and other equipment.

Device Forms: He uses a specially made device that requires no magic. It operates much the same as a normal one. Worn as a black and grey wrist watch he can use it to deploy his amour using a small cartridge style system inside it. In combat he wears specially built, light weight power armour that can negate Magical attacks to some degree. Here's what I imagine the armour looking like:

General Powers: Though he is a normal human his physical strength and speed are well above what is normal, thanks to his years of military service.






Name: Max

Age: 2 years (Appears to be in her mid twenties)

History: She is a clone of Garand legally created during TSAB research into artificial linker cores. Aside from a few minor personality traits and her gender (altered for legal reasons) she is identical to Garand. The only difference being her level of experience is much lower than his. Unique among clones she has a strong sense of self and has no mental anxieties. When the TSAB project that created her was cancelled she took up residence with Garand and the two work as partners.

Device Name: Sherman

Magic type: Same as Garand

Device Forms: Same as Garand

Lastly here's what she looks like =o

2/1/2012 #24
These two are approved and glad to have someone else onboard.
2/2/2012 #25
Smiling Ivan

I forgot to mention this but I actually track Max and Garand ammunition and grenade usage. Depending on what they are doing they carry between 5-10 rifle magazines, 1-5 pistol magazines, 1-4 grenades (Flash Bang, Frag, AMF Burst, Mixed Smoke). Also the body armor they use is only effective a certain number of times just like the real thing.

2/5/2012 #26

thanks and you do your homework on the weapons and armor that your characters use that takes alot of dedication.

2/5/2012 #27

Name: Roan Grace

Race: Human Mage

Age9&up: 11

Gender: Male

Rank(The ranking system of the TSAB): F (He can't really control his powers yet because he just got them)

Limiter: none yet

History: Roan's always been a normal boy that was until his mother was killed by an evil mage and she gave Roan her powers. Now he's being taught how to control his powers until he's a full-fledged mage.

Device: Harthage

Magic type: Ancient aqua magic

Device Forms: necklace, titrant, scepter

General Powers(Telepathy,Cartridge Load,Instantaneous movement,etc): energy absorption

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Is this forum still on? I can't find a Lyricsl Nanohs forum that's active, darn it! And I already have 3 characters that I want to RP! Can I join?
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