Animal Parade RP!
Chose your character and live out their live on Castanet Island! You can be anyone from Chase the Sarcastic Chef to Perry the Priest! Go through drama, romance, and even death as your chosen character settles down.
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12/1/2011 #31

Luke: Ladies, I love you ALL! :D

Everyone: Falalalalala, sing a happy song! Nananananana, smurf the whole day long~

Luke: Happy now?

Everyone: NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! We want you, Luke!

Me: Um... Erin? ^_^" I think you should have taken all of the popular characters for two reasons:

1. Because you are the almighty admin and you deserve it xD

2. To avoid fights.

It might be too late to change that, and I know that it might not be fair, but it could help you in the long run. Imagine all of the fighting that could take place for Gale! DX I don't want to think about it...

12/1/2011 #32

O_O We're not fighting!

12/1/2011 #33


12/1/2011 #34

xD naww. I lerve the hated people :D

12/1/2011 #35

And besides, first come first serve ;)

*shuffles people to chat*

12/1/2011 #36

Fiiine. See ya there!

12/1/2011 #37
Can i trade Owen for Chase instead? I do a great sarcastic chase! :D
12/2/2011 #38

I guess so! ^^ I'll go edit the list... but since I'm new as a mod, I'm not totally sure about this... ^_^" I'll go read the rules again... if it's allowed, then you'll see Chase's name OFF the list and Owen's name ON. :) Sound good? Hope Erin doesn't yell at me... :D

OK. All done. ^^

12/2/2011 . Edited 12/2/2011 #39

oOo Florida, SHAME!

12/2/2011 #40

tHANKS. i don't like Owen that much anyways.

12/2/2011 #41



12/2/2011 #42

EVERYVUN BACK TO ZE CHAT TOPIC. CHAAAAAAAARGE! *runs at speed of light back to Chat Topic, shouting something about the British army coming*

12/2/2011 #43


12/2/2011 #44

Yes ma'am(*s). :D

You're welcome, Floopy! (*Huggles) You rock! Ha, that was incredibly cheesy...

12/2/2011 #45

She is floopyrocks.

12/2/2011 #46

(*rolls eyes) That was the point, buddy.

So... is there any more people? ^^" I don't see any more... let us never give up hope! (*Fist pumps) WE WILL FIGHT TILL FOREVER!

12/9/2011 #47


12/9/2011 #48

Alrigghty. Make and post yo OCs heeere.

Name: Woodstock

Nickname: Woody

Type of Citizen: Loner/Gives little words of wisdom/guitarist

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Birthday: Spring 3

Height: 6'4

Appearance: Blue has short, shaggy black hair that falls around in his eyes and down to his shoulders. He has bright blue orbs and a tanned complexion. He wears a blue plaid shirt with a plain brown shirt underneath. He has ripped blue jeans a sailors hat. His shoes are old, torn black converse. He always has his guitar straped around his back when he's not playing it. He also has a big black bookbag with clothes, food, blankets, and a few little musical instruments.

Personality: Woody is that "hey man... What is death, anyway?" kind of guy. He is a very chilled, deep guy with swirling thoughts. He is very musical and artsy.

Living arrangement: He sleeps where ever he feels like. When it's colder he'll spend a night or two at the inn.

Family: On the mainland.

Likes: music, guitar, happiness, swimming, deer, fish, writing music, playing music, fireworks, the beach, dogs, apples, apple pie, apple ice cream, apple cocktails, apple juice

Dislikes: cats, fighting, the cold, metal, rap, or pop music, anything with potatos in them.

Other: Woody has a black lab named Dash.

12/10/2011 #49

(D{ What's wrong with potatoes? P.S I can't sleep T_T)

Name: Isabel

Nickname: Bela

Type of citizen: Snob/talks to much/mayor's daughter (if that's alright :) )

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Burfday: Winter 4

Height: 5'2

Appearance: Isabel has blonde hair which she often ties into small bunches at either side of her head. If she let it down, it would reach her shoulders. She has cloudy blue eyes and a rather pale complexion. She always wears a white blouse, a black plaid skirt, and a red blazer, under which she wears white stockings and loafers.

Personality: Isabel is, in a few words, a snob. She often brags about her older brother (Gill) being the future mayor of Waffle Island, however on the inside she has some deep, philosophical thoughts, which she often goes into a daze about, only to deny any daydreaming when confronted about it. However, when she begins considering you as a friend, you'll find that she's got quite a good sense of humor and a rather filthy mouth.

Living Arrangement: Lives in the mayor's house.

Family: Hamilton and Gill

Likes: red, living a good life, her brother, the island's general well-being, her father, being serious yet making others laugh, cats, peach pie, taramasalata (Google it), savory foods in general, sunflowers

Dislikes: being too manly or too feminine, hippies (no offense to anyone), carrots, rap, war, fighting

Other: She often keeps a pair of glasses in her pocket and puts them on when she wants to be serious. They just make her look silly.

12/10/2011 #50

awesome~! :3

12/11/2011 #51


Name: Sapphire


Type of Citizen: That kind, loud, talkative, oblivious to everything, girl. Once she decides something, she will do it.



Birthday:Summer 25


Appearance: She usually wears a dark blue tank top with blue jeans. She has red boot and a black jacket normally wrapped around her waist. She wears a green baseball cap that her father had given to her when she was younger. She wears jewelry for special occasions only, same with make up. Her eyes are orange and her hair is blonde. It reaches to her waist.

Personality: The girl that everyone is annoyed with. They don't hate her, she's just that loud girl that is always trying to get things correct and is one the upside of everything. She is usually kind and motherly like. Most people call her up if they need someone to babysit.

Living arrangement: She shares a room with Maya at the Inn.

Family: Cousin(Maya), aunt(Colleen), uncle(Jake), and grandma(Yolanda).

Likes: animals, flowers, children, blue, shiny things, the mines, the church, sapphires, friends, trying new things, music, computers, drawing, honeydew, honeydew ice cream, honeydew candy, any of the jams and candies, tea, and anything with blueberries(includes the cocktail)

Dislikes: drama queens, jerks, eggs(especially egg rice!), and chocolate(claims it is too unhealthy)

Other: Her mother died when she gave birth to Sapphi and her father had become too ill to take care of Sapphi anymore, so he sent her to live with his sister, Colleen. Sapphi has a pet pig(yes, pig) named Pickle, after her father's favorite food. Pickle will ALWAYS be with her.

12/11/2011 . Edited 12/16/2011 #52

Name: Andrea (Floopy) Claudette Leaf (everyone calls her Floopy)

Nickname: Floopy

Type of Citizen: can be mean when she feels like it but is mainly nice and cheery most of the time/ Carpenter's daughter/apprentice (if thats ok)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Birthday: Fall 6

Height: 4'11

Appearance: Floopy has short blue hair. To cover her head she usually wears one of Luke's bandanas (whichever one he isn't wearing) and her hair flips out (kind of like Akari's hair style) she has green eyes and tan skin. She always wears a blue jacket with a red shirt underneath, orange fingerless gloves, and orange converse shoes. Oh yeah and she also wears dark blue ripped up jeans.

Personality: Floopy can be mean when she feels like it but is mainly nice and cheery most of the time. She usually wears a smile on her face. When she isn't grumpy she is very hyperactive (like Luke) and very friendly. But when she is grumpy she is really calm and angered easily. Her mood tends to shift with the weather. She likes rainy days, but is terrified of thunderstorms and she hates Sunny days.

Living arrangment: Lives in the Carpentry

Family: Luke and Dale.

Likes: the color orange, hibiscuses, cutting trees, friends, pineapples, corn. (just plain pineapples and corn. no dishes with them in it), being a tomboy, rain

Dislikes: potatoes, thunderstorms, spinach, snobby people, sunny days, Julius (she thinks he's too much of a snob)

Others: Floopy has a high level of sarcasm in her. :D She tends to use it a lot.

is this okay?

12/11/2011 #53

OMG HOW CUTE! I'M PLAYING HM: Animal Parade and my baby started crawling! AW!!! CUTENESS ALERT! Sorry i had to get that out of me.....

12/11/2011 . Edited 12/11/2011 #54

and you guys all left... ya... that's great....

12/11/2011 #55

My crush was 4'11 last year. He is 5'2 now. Same as me. You married Luke on that game, right? I married him, too on file 1. We have a baby girl named Lucy and I think she started walking...I haven't played on that file in a while.

12/11/2011 #56
you should play ccuz that game is AWESOME!
12/11/2011 #57

That FILE! I play the game, but on file 2. I'm somewhere in the Fall season, year 1. I have all the bells and I'm trying to get enough material for house level 3 before I get married. I'm also trying to finish getting up Gill's heart thing. In file 3 I'm, Kevin and he is gonna marry either Maya or Vivi.

12/12/2011 #58
Sooo uh guys? When can we stTart rping,?
12/14/2011 #59

I dun't know. Erin?

12/14/2011 #60
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