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12/1/2011 #1
Ceila had the day off so she out on a black mini skirt with fishnets and a hot pink cut up top. She slipped on her knee high heeled boots and set off to a special ally to get a hit.
12/1/2011 #2

Isaac leaned against the wall down at the bottom of the alley nearest to the corner of the road, his hands folded neatly behind his head, his eyes closed- waiting, but for nothing in particular.

12/2/2011 #3
Celia hurried into the alley trying not to be seen. Many knew who she was and that she was a Gentern, but, only three people knew about her addiction. Amber. Graverobber(who gave Celia her first hit). And now the newer dealer who's name she did not know. Celia laughed to herself and whispered to no one in particular "Amber and Graverobber such a cute couple. Such a shame they have to hide their relationship." She looked around for the young man who would supply the Zydrate.
12/2/2011 #4

Isaac casually stepped away from the wall and shoved his hands into his trousers, wandering half way down the alley to meet with the Gentern he'd recently began selling to. He pulled the collars of his jacket up to hide most of his face, although his lips curved into a rather smug smirk. "Doesn't take you long to come crawling back," He mused, looking across at Celia.

12/3/2011 #5
Celia rolled her eyes, "Youre one to talk. You practically ran down the ally." she said a smirk spreading across her red lips. She didn't want to waste precious time but she knew that she had to push the right buttons on him.
12/3/2011 #6

"What an odd way to view a situation, considering my walk was no more than a saunter." Isaac commented, reaching beneath his jacket and taking a vial from his belt. "Let's make this quick, shall we?"

12/3/2011 #7
Celia hears the familiar voice of her aunt, Amber. "shit shit shit shit.....that's amber" she whisper screamed "Is Graves here?" Celia became worried because amber didn't know about her addiction
12/3/2011 #8

"Do I look like I give a fuck?" Isaac asked, raising an eyebrow at Celia, standing still for a moment before casually sauntering back down the alley to stand in his normal position, uncaring of whatever was happening with her.

12/4/2011 #9
"you should... If she doesn't get what she wants she'll have Luigi kill you." she followed after Isaac and grabbed his arm. "I need the hit. Screw Amber. I need the fucking hit...Please." she begged him. Celia NEVER begs anyone. never.
12/4/2011 #10
Amber's bodyguards rushed her through the alley. She just got a hit and she was no where near consciousness. She knew about Celia's drug use, but she didn't tell anybody, cause Celia didn't tell anybody about her relationship with Graverobber.--------------------Celia hid her face, trying not to be seen by the bodyguards. They knew exactly who she was and she couldn't get caught.
12/4/2011 #11
Independent Not in Love

Nina Palorive sat on a crate in a dark alley, one leg resting one the box with her the other dangling off, swinging gently. Nina was humming softly as she filled Zydrate viles with other drugs, like Morphine or Vicodin to give it an extra kick. The other drugs that laced the Zydrate was what got her extra business. The more powerful the drug the more money it's worth. Nina could almost grantee addiction if you tried her street grade shit.

Nina sighed and hoped off of her perch as she scanned the streets before making her way down into the darkness of an alley where she was sure her customers were waiting.

1/12/2012 #12

Natalia sat alone.

Not alone in the literal sense, of course; this alley, no matter how secluded it seemed, was always littered with junkies, graverobbers and the like. But on the small outcrop of cement she was perched on top of, blank sketchbook sprawled across her lap, she felt separated from those below her. Not higher, by any means- just different.

Even here, though, familiar faces were present. Amber Sweet- a face that was rather hard to miss- had just been rushed through the alley by her body guards, knocked unconscious by the blue glow flowing through her veins. Not an uncommon sight around here, Natalia would think. There was another girl hiding her face, who somehow seemed vaguely familiar; like one of those people you saw all the time but couldn't, for the life of you, remember their names. Farther down the alley, closer to the scalpel sluts and Z whores, was a female graverobber who Natalia had seen here and there.

But none of these people were people she would go out of her way to talk to. At least, not right now. Sighing and pulling out a pencil from her little bag, she began to sketch whatever came to mind.

3/24/2012 #13
Independent Not in Love

Nina sighed and ran a hand through her long dark hair and scoped out the alley again. When she noticed a few new faces she arched and brow and jumped down from her perch, scanning over the alley for any scalpel sluts looking for a fix.

4/25/2012 #14
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