When Worlds Collide RP
When the countries are your teachers, your life isn't exactly going to be very easy. Take a step into the lives of normal high school students as they try to survive the insanity.
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Pipsqueak Ninja

Okay, this is where you sign up! Add as much detail as you can to your character, don't make them Mary Sues or Gary Stus, and no stealing other people's ideas!

Also, you may have your characters related to canon characters, but that has to be approved, and there's only allowed to be one or two related to each nation somehow. Doesn't matter how you get that in there.

Anyway. Here's the OC sheet:




Grade (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior. If they're younger than that, please specify how they are going to come into the RP.):








Weaknesses (At least four or five):


12/1/2011 #1
Pipsqueak Ninja

Name: Dominic "Nick" "Nicky" Beckett

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Grade: Freshman

Appearance: Average height for a person his age, slim and lanky, but well toned from sports. He has the build of the kid that you would label as a dork or an outcast, but he's well-like enough by his fellow freshman. He has messy brown hair that still looks good despite not ever doing what it's supposed to, and mossy green eyes with thick-rimmed black glasses perched on his nose. He's tan from spending a lot of time outside, and has a light spray of freckles across his nose. He has average looks, too -- he's not drop dead handsome or horrible to look at.

Apparel: Dominic usually wears jeans or t-shirts, which is what he prefers, but he'll also dress appropriately for the weather, like wearing shorts when it's really hot out. He prefers his worn sneakers for comfort, which he wears almost everyday. His style is the plain and simple 'I wear whatever I find first' kind of thing.

Personality: He's outgoing and polite, but he has a tendency to be quite shy around any girl unless he gets to know them better. He's intelligent and well spoken, enjoys challenges, and having a bit of work when he wants something. He believes that you have to earn whatever you get. He's usually very calm and collected, with a cheer attitude, but when he gets angry, he gets really sarcastic and goes into a bit of a rage. He has a dry sense of humor, though he hardly uses it.

Biography/History: Dominic was born on October 31. His mother, a Brit who had moved to America when she was younger, died shortly after his first birthday in an auto accident. Dominic lives with his father and his adopted sibling in a simple three bedroom home. When he was three, just a few years after his mom died, his uncle and aunt passed away in an auto accident like his mother had. Their daughter, who's the same age as him, came to live with the Beckett family, and has been there ever since. His life has been relatively normal, despite the fact that people have teased him before about being a nerd just because he watches anime.

Likes: Hetalia, books, music, puzzles, challenges, interesting people, computers/technology in general, baseball, hockey, and being outside.

Dislikes: Snobby people, Justin Bieber, people who insult Hetalia, being in a big crowd of people, things that are too easy, people that are overly rude and obnoxious.

Strengths: Solving puzzles, being quick on his feet and agile, baseball, vocabulary, history class, and memorizing anything he's seen or heard. He has a bit of a photographic memory, but only of select things that he chooses to remember.

Weaknesses: He's a bit anti-social, shy, gullible, naive, and too trusting. He prefers to see the good in people, not the tons of bad.

Other: He's a big fan of Hetalia, and often quotes it or breaks out into fits of laughter when in history class when he thinks of Hetalia at the same time. He has a somewhat photographic memory, though it's mainly selective.

12/1/2011 #2
Pipsqueak Ninja

Name: Mackenzie "Mac" Beckett

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Grade: Freshman

Appearance: Mac is very short and petite. She's slim and small, and she hates that she's so tiny. She has bright red shoulder-blade length hair that she usually pulls back into a ponytail, and mossy green eyes. She, like her cousin, is also tan, especially for a red-head.

Apparel: Mac loves to wear jeans, usually with pain or writing on them due to her many art projects. She wears t-shirts with sarcastic sayings on them, and usually her dark blue hoodie with the word 'Awesome' on it. She also wears ratty Chuck Taylor sneakers, and gets everyone she knows to sign them (and she's starting to run out of room, too, even on the fabric part).

Personality: Often grouchy, scowls a lot, and is bitter about many things. She just feels abandoned, even though she has a family that loves her. She blames her parents for leaving her alone, sine they died and all. On the inside, though, she blames herself, and feels really guilty about many things. Still, despite this, she has her moments of politeness, and she's very sarcastic and goofy at times. She's short tempered and easily angered, and won't hesitate to bite someone's head off when she's pissed.

Biography/History: Mackenzie was born on December 18. Her parents died in an auto accident when she was three, so she went to live with her uncle on her father's side and her cousin. She has basically become the adopted sibling, but she loves living with her uncle and cousin, since they accept her and act like a family should. She basically has had a normal life.

Likes: Hetalia, Music, gymnastics, drawing, painting, anything artsy, writing.

Dislikes: Reading boring books, being by herself, bugs and other creepies, perverts, almost everyone and everything.

Strengths: Agile, flexible, good with performing flips, using powerful words when writing, has an excellent vocabulary.

Weaknesses: Math, problem solving, making friends, klutzy, she's a bit of coward, but she's not afraid to jump into someone's face when really angry.

Other: She curses a lot, and she loves Hetalia. Romano is practically her idol, since she feels that she can related to him after being overshadowed by her cousin their entire lives because he's more friendly then her with the grumpy personality.

12/1/2011 #3

((How's this?))

Name: Jordan "Nyet" Shey

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Grade: Senior

Appearance: 5'2", with shoulder length brunette hair that is usually pinned up in a 'peacockish' hairstyle. She's fairly stocky for her height, and slightly overweight, though a fair bit of her size is muscle. She wears half-rim glasses because she has an aversion to touching her eyes (therefore - no contacts), and she has a small scar through her right eyebrow that came from falling out of a tree when she was five.

Apparel: She prefers wearing jeans, sneakers and sweatshirts (though on hot days, she will trade the sweatshirt for a tank top), and leans toward baggy clothes in general (she's fine with her weight, but she won't wear skintight clothing). Sometimes, she just wears whatever she found thrown on her bedroom floor that morning, or wears the same sweatshirt a few days in a row. When outside of school, she carries around her hockey stick (a big, heavy goaltender one), because she plays whenever she has a chance, and keeps her gear in her car.

Personality: Wary of strangers, but almost uncomfortably clingy to her friends, Jordan knows a large number of people around school, though only a few are her close friends. She is very close to her father (a busy man, but the only family she has left), and has a tendency to 'fangirl' when she gets especially excited about something. Her emotions are usually contained behind a smile, though she has been known to 'erupt' when angry (or especially happy).

Biography/History: Born on December 23rd as Vera Azarov in Moscow, Russia, Jordan moved to America with her family when she was two. Her mother was murdered by an unknown shooter when she was eight, and she and her father, a suspected member of the Solntsevskaya Bratva (a criminal organization in Moscow), were moved into witness protection.They changed their names, and though they were released from the program a few years later, her father opted to homeschool her until Jordan was thirteen, when she made her first appearance in American public school.

Her freshman year, she remained as socially unavailable as possible. Terrified of strangers and lacking a firm grasp of the English language, she spent the entire year hiding behind even the wallflowers. Then she discovered the ice hockey team. Hailing from Russia, she had always been a fan of the sport, and already knew how to skate (and a little of how to play) from her parents' teachings. The team welcomed their own personal Russian, and Jordan became the team's new goaltender, as the current goalkeeper was a senior, herself.

At the end of her junior year, Jordan became the lone senior on the hockey team, and is actively trying to recruit more players, lest the team get disbanded (or go coed, which wouldn't be too bad). Despite her tomboyish first impression, she is actually quite adept at hand sewing, and makes her own income by taking custom plush orders (generally from the other anime-lovers around school).

Likes: Hetalia, singing along to radio songs (even if she doesn't know all the words), ice hockey, Russian food, being close to other people (witness protection gets lonely…), and England (from Hetalia). She relates to him, because, while she also likes to cook, she's been told (repeatedly) that her efforts are inedible, which she refuses to believe.

Dislikes: Overly-religous people, close-minded people, sexists, math of any sort, McDonald's (she'll go in, but she won't eat it), her older brother (they haven't spoken since their mother's death, and Jordan makes no effort), and hot summer days (she's a snow kind of person).

Strength: Flexible, speedy in quick, short-distance bursts, good balance (she's difficult to knock over).

Weaknesses (At least four or five): Math, linear thinking, her inability to cook, an apparent lack of good taste buds, and a delayed pain response (she won't feel bruises or cuts until a few seconds to a minute after, and sometimes won't even realize she's hurt).

Other: Her nickname is a joke both on her heritage and on an inside joke. Since Jordan's family is Russian, and she has a pretty low goals against average, her teammates adopted "nyet" (the Russian word for 'no') as her nickname, because she 'denied' so many goals…..and it sounded like 'net' to them.

12/2/2011 . Edited 12/2/2011 #4
Lavena Delcasy

Name: Katja "Kat" Herrmann

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Grade: Sophomore

Appearance: Standing tall at 5ft 9", Katja is often left with an intimidating vibe, which in turn feels very German. Her appearance is that of a typical German, tall, lightly built, pale skin, and blond hair that is pulled back into a pony-tail. Her eyes stinkingly crystal blue, alert and sharp, at times glaring daggers towards those who she considers as stuck up or general trouble makers. Yet when she isn't in a bad mood, you get to see the rare sight of a perfect smile, gleaming white teeth which do look like they've been whitened, but when she does smile her face looks soft and welcoming which in turn makes boys drool and do stupid things like walking into a lamp post. (often she uses this as a tool to get what she wants XD)

Apparel: A wardrobe of fashion wasn't one of Kat's top five things to keep in check. Yes she did keep it orderly and tidy but it wasn't a fashion statement. During the warmer months a black T-shirt accompanied by khaki three-quarter lengths were often the usual ware with the addition of either black steel cap boots which laced up to around her mid lower leg or a pair of white, worn out trainers and sometimes a nice set of tinted sunglasses. However in the cooler months, it seems that her cloths grow limbs and just extend them so that they cover up her exposed skin, yet during this time, Kat doesn't ware her trainers, just the highly polished boots. As an addition to winter clothing, she also has a long black scarf that is taller than her and a full length black coat that almost touches the ground.

Personality: Quite controlled, always assesses situations down the the letter and is epically tomboyish. She doesn't act like the typical high-school girl and probably never will, she's prompt, prepared and behaves during lessons at all times. However when out of lessons during break, lunch, clubs etc. she turns into an excellent Germany doppelgänger. Often when reading a book or something of interest, if she's disturbed to a high degree she'll lose her temper and burst out in some random German tantrum. Shouting out curses and phrases that only a few would understand. However what surprises people is the slight English accent she has. So at other times, at home one could find Kat sitting down in front of an open fire, sewing up ripped or frayed clothing and drinking tea.

Biography/History: Katja's parents are of different nationalities. Her farther was the typical German, and her mother was the perfect English housewife. She was born on the 11th November, Remembrance Day, just to be creepy, when she was born it was just before 11 o'clock, but she didn't cry during the two minute silence... The Herrmann family only consisted of the three, Katja's grandparents were involved in the wars from both sides and died as a resultant, well that's what she was told. So Katja didn't ever know her grandparents. The three originally lived in the southern region of England and had a holiday home in Germany, but they had recently moved over to the States, so Kat found the new area strange and remained to keep to herself and watch for the sidelines almost.

Likes: Cursing, watching Merlin on BBC iPlayer, Hetalia, German lessons (because she tops them every time), rifle shooting, hunting, gaming, reading, cleaning, sewing, eating sausages, scones with a little cream and strawberry jam, tea with two sugars, beer, dogs and creeping out small kids who bully other small kids with her German speech.

Dislikes: Kids, France, her mother's cooking, tomatoes, coffee, The Simpson's, soap operas, people being late, untidy people, cats, and that person down the road who keeps leaving that patch of grass uncut.

Strenghts: German, rifle shooting, running, long distance dog walking, has great stamina, translating German on the spot, and stealth...

Weaknesses: Team work, OCD about her boots quote -- "They must be clean at all times!", can be caught off guard easily when watching Hetalia or Merlin (her parents do this for sport XD) and keeping up to date with the local gossip.

Other: Just before she left England for the States, her best friend, James, had given her a silver necklace that had a small pendent of a cross, one that looked similar to the one on Germany's uniform, she has treasured it ever since, especially that it reminded her that James had also kissed her before she had left. Aw little love doves :3 Yet, she had kept it secret from her parents and she loved the gift. It felt special to her because she knew that James knew that Kat was half German so he thought it would be appropriate to give it to her.

12/3/2011 . Edited 12/3/2011 #5
Pipsqueak Ninja

Both are excellent characters! Accepted!

You two can start RPing whenever you want, but I will be out for an hour or two for a soccer thing. I'll be back in a bit, though. :)

12/3/2011 #6

Cool~! ^_^

12/3/2011 #7
Lavena Delcasy

Gut, gut ^.^

12/3/2011 #8

Which one of us wants to start the RP, then?

12/3/2011 #9
Lavena Delcasy

You can start if you want, I'm rubbish at beginnings -fails-

12/3/2011 #10

Sure thing! ^_^ Just give me a few minutes...

12/3/2011 #11
An Ace of Spades

Name: Nissa Snow


Gender: Dudette. :3

Grade (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior. If they're younger than that, please specify how they are going to come into the RP.): Erm... grade 9?

Appearance: Black-brown hair. Dark blue eyes. Is like, mid-height. So basically, 5'4-ish. Is like, paler, and is Caucasian.

Apparel: T shirts that usually say RAWR, NOM NOM, or other random useless quotes. Possibly a hoodie if it's needed in cold weather. Usually wears jeans. Sneakers or boots in which she can hide weapons in.

Personality: Is calm and usually collected, but at times, goes cookoo. Nissa is usually not as grouchy as the average angst teen person, but has her moment in which there are some things which she wants to tear apart with a fork. She can be abnormally viscious to the usual high school wankers. When she gets really excited about something, it's like, the nuclear bomb of excitement of doom or something.

Biography/History: Er, Nissa just kinda chilled in America. She heard about Hetalia from a friend, and has been a fangirl for a long time. She lives in a foster home. She didn't know who her real parents were, and claims to not care. And incidentally, she doesn't. Well, at least, doesn't obsess about it.

Likes: Hetalia, candy, sweets, awesomeness, violence. She actually likes singing, and most things that involve art, though she can't play a piano to save her life.

Dislikes: High school crap. SLutty cheerleaders. Cliche bastards. She absolutely hates normality, pointless things, and contradictory bastards. And math.

Strength: Fighting. Mouthing off to people. Flipping people. Surprisingly good at twisting her words to make high and mighty people feel like an eight year old who just got schooled.

Weaknesses (At least four or five): Paying attention. Under estimating people. Thinks she's invincible. Mouths off to the wrong people. In short... can get in a load of crap really fast.

Other: She's most like.... England. She wears shiny rings on her right hand, and can sometimes be aggressive if needed.

12/6/2011 . Edited 12/6/2011 #12
Pipsqueak Ninja

Er, Kris?

Could you possibly add more details to the bio and personality?

12/6/2011 #13
An Ace of Spades

Mrrp! Done!

12/6/2011 #14

((Could I submit a second OC?))

Name: Benoit Chevallier

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Grade (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior. If they're younger than that, please specify how they are going to come into the RP.): Junior

Appearance: 5'4", long blond hair that's usually pulled back with a red ribbon, and pale blue eyes, with two small patches of brown in his right eye - damage from the car crash.. He has a slim, scrawny build, and a general aura of hesitance. His eyes appear normal (but for the heterochromia), and if not for the cane he carries and his Beauceron guide dog, Jeanne, most people wouldn't think there was anything wrong with them.

Apparel: Benoit tends to wear black clothes, since that's one of the colors he can undeniably identify, so he'll often wear black pants, shoes, and dress shirts. He also owns a soft white scarf that belonged to his mother - no matter the temperature outside, Benoit is always wearing this scarf. He also has a small cross pendant beneath his shirt that used to belong to his father. There is a loop on his belt that he uses to hold his folded cane while he is in class, and he is always carrying Jeanne's leash.

Personality: Benoit is shy young man with more than his fair share of insecurities - mostly about his own abilities since the damage to his vision. He considers Jeanne his family, and has that inner streak of maliciousness everyone shares that makes Hetalia the funniest thing he's ever seen. Like his homeland's nation-tan, Benoit has very small boundaries of her own, but in contrast, he's almost never the one to initiate contact. He fears rejection and being judged, and will do almost anything to avoid both.

Biography/History: Born and raised in Dijon, France, Benoit was sent to America when he was 12 to live with a relative, after his parents were killed in a car crash, which also injured Benoit. Now blind in his right eye, he needs a guide dog to get around safely. Benoit doesn't have many friends beyond his guide dog Jeanne, and clings to the few he has - which includes Jordan, despite her almost nonexistent boundaries. He hangs around her during practices, and helps her run them when their coach is absent.

Though they don't have many classes together, Jordan always makes an effort to hunt down Benoit after school, since both walk home in the same general direction. His home life leaves a lot to be desired, as his aunt, the relative who took him in after his parents' death, is a distant woman who seems permanently straddling the line of responsibility. Benoit is often home alone, and discovered Hetalia through Jordan, who thought the Frenchman needed to smile more.

Benoit's real father is actually France - his mother had a short fling with the nation before she met her husband, and when they found out she was pregnant, they decided to keep the child anyway. Benoit was never told of this, and his parents' families never knew, so when Benoit's parents were killed in the car crash, the secret (supposedly) died with them.

Likes: His guide dog Jeanne, having friends, fresh fruit, France and Hetalia (it makes him laugh, and he adores the idea of personified nations).

Dislikes: His aunt (who's rather detached and distant), making new friends (the initial meeting - he's terrified of it), public speaking (he's still struggling with English) and having to go without Jeanne (some of the usual teachers won't let her in their classrooms).

Strength: Problem solving, thinking logically and tangentially, listening to others, and being the impartial third party. He can tell if someone is lying or telling the truth through their vocal inflection.

Weaknesses (At least four or five): He has to be 20 feet from an object to see it as clearly as someone with 20/20 vision could at 200 feet, he can't travel without the help of Jeanne, he's terrified of speaking up to large groups, and he has difficulty making friends on his own.

Other: Due to injuries suffered in that fateful car crash, Benoit has 20/200 vision in his right eye, and a general loss of contrast in his left, meaning he cannot see through his right eye, or distinguish shades of color that are close together. He needs his guide dog Jeanne - a specially trained Beauceron - to navigate safely, since his distance perception is thrown off.

12/7/2011 . Edited 3/4/2012 #15
Pipsqueak Ninja

Okay, they are both accepted. :)

12/7/2011 #16

Yay! ^_^

12/7/2011 #17
Captain Happiness

Name: Sorrell "Rel, Rella" Wickes

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Grade: Um....freshman? I assume...

Appearance: A slender girl of about average height with pale skin, long, wavy auburn hair (when it's not down it's usually in a messy ponytail or bun), dark brown eyes, a smattering of freckles across her cheeks (which she hates) and a killer scowl when she needs it. Make-up wise she'll often be seen with light eyeliner or mascara on, but little else.

Apparel: Sorrell dresses for comfort, and her style isn't always to everyone's taste. Her typical outfit consists of a pair of loose trousers (black cargo pants, for instance), a t-shirt or vest-top, a well-worn pair of black biker boots, her guitar slung over her back and a grey trilby hat on her head. When she wants to dress up she'll trade in the cargo pants for a pair of black skinny jeans and the biker boots for a heeled pair of ankle boots, but the guitar and the trilby will stay.

Personality: A confident, fiery and impulsive girl with a disinclination to take orders from anyone. Her biggest problem is herself - she's intelligent and she knows it, and therefore she doesn't work. This has led to her grades slipping in all but two subjects - music and French. French because she loves the language, and music because it's legitimately her passion, and what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Even English, which she's quite good at when she applies herself, has been ceasing to interest her lately. In most classes she'll spend her time writing song lyrics, doodling (she's rather good at drawing, and will draw caricatures of other students or, sometimes, the teachers), or simply staring out of the window. Her grades don't worry her much, as she knows that come the end of year exams she'll cram in as much as possible and therefore pass - a method that's tried and tested. However, her parents are less confident, and this has been the subject of several arguments between herself and her parents recently. This, if anything, makes Sorrell want to try less, as she's quite the rebel. The grade situation was the case at her last school, and she's expecting this one to be no different, unless by some miracle the teachers happen to be interesting.

Biography/History: Sorrell was born in Dublin on the 18th of March, and lived in Ireland until she was eight years old, when her parents moved to San Francisco for work prospects. She's loved the city ever since, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else - the numerous bookstores, theatres and museums just call to her. She has two brothers - Bailey (11) and Finn (18). She idolises Finn, and is always happy to take care of Bailey, seeing him almost as more of her responsibility than her parents'. Her life has been relatively normal, though when looking at her bedroom some would call her obsessive - she plays multiple instruments, her two favourites being the fiddle (a nod to her Irish heritage), and the electric guitar. She alternates, usually bringing one or the other to school with her. If, for some reason, she doesn't have either with her she'll be restless and irritable, often tapping out invisible piano keys on her desk, or simply moving her fingers on her desk as if she was playing them. She has, by the way, never seen Hetalia, but has heard of it and is intrigued by the prospect of personified nations.

Likes: Music, French, banter (she's very sarcastic when given the opportunity), skipping class (anything to get a rise out of the teachers).

Dislikes: Being told what to do, being patronised, hypocrites, Justin Bieber, narrow-minded people (she's very liberal), bullies.

Strengths: Music, she's intelligent, she's got a good memory, French, English (if and when she applies herself), she's willing to fight tooth and nail for her beliefs.

Weaknesses: Often too impulsive, a bit lazy, dislikes taking orders, isn't afraid to insult or offend if it gets her point across.

12/17/2011 #18
Pipsqueak Ninja

Captain Happiness: Your character has been accepted. :)

12/17/2011 #19
Captain Happiness

Thank you. ^^

12/17/2011 #20
An Ace of Spades

Name: Jay Lynne Tsang (Jay)

Age: 14

Gender: Girl

Grade: Freshman.

Appearance: Almond-shaped eyes, in which are slanted to give away her nationality. She has brown eyes, and slightly tanned skin. Dark brown hair which is long-ish, reaching mid-back. It has bright red streaks in it. She's 5'4.

Apparel: Jay wears average clothes, AKA jeans, sneakers, and any shirt that has cool graphics on them. Sometimes, she'll also wear really high boots(See Isabelle Lightwood, TMI for reference). Or converse-boots. She always has a jade necklace, which sports a silver dragon encircling it, and a leather bracelet with a metal angel.

Personality: Jay grew up in New York, which half the time, is all around ghetto. She is therefore not always afraid of immediate danger. She is very cheery when it comes to good times, also getting intoxicated with excitement with hanging out with her friends. She is also very violent when its needed in several situations. Jay is obsessed in arts and colors, for some odd reason. She has an odd care/tenderness for animals, yet a serious hatred for bastards.

Biography/History: Jay Lynne grew up in New York, Manhattan. So, basically, in the ghetto. Her amiga ended up showing her Hetalia anime, sometime after her Gunslinger girls obsession. In any case, she's been through quite a bit friendshipwise- near strangling a former friend for a long and complicated bitchy-act, throwing a large boot at another. In any case, she didn't have a very complicated background. Although, her dad did die of cancer when she was five. She always fantasizes if whether or not it was foul play.

Likes: Music, art, reading, laughing, using weapons, winning, fighting, volleyball, swimming, greek mythology.

Dislikes: Losing, math, thinking about future, boredom. Hypocritic teachers and people.

Strength: Fighting, most artsy stuff, getting people pissed by pulling a Jace Wayland, swimming, and running REALLY fast. Like, Italy Retreating fast.

Weaknesses (At least four or five): Has a hard time taking orders, and can't pull lots of respect for people. She doesn't shut up when she should, and sometimes, pulling a Jace Wayland while taunting can get you injured. Her pain tolerance sucks. She can be WAYYYYY arrogant and conceited when facing down any enemy, just for show. That also may ensue fighting.

12/26/2011 #21
Pipsqueak Ninja

Her amiga ended up showing her Hetalia anime, sometime after her Gunslinger girls obsession.

Ahahaha, I love how you just added this in. XD

12/27/2011 #22
An Ace of Spades

I had to. One hundred percent. PLUS, Gunslinger Girls takes place in....


12/27/2011 #23
Pipsqueak Ninja

IN Italy? *Has dirty thoughts* *Shudders*

12/27/2011 #24
An Ace of Spades



12/27/2011 #25
Pipsqueak Ninja

IN Italy . . .

12/27/2011 #26
An Ace of Spades


12/27/2011 #27
Pipsqueak Ninja

Ack. You're not perverted enough to get it . . . .

12/27/2011 #28
An Ace of Spades

Naw yo. I'm violent-minded. Fudge bastard. T_T

12/27/2011 #29
Pipsqueak Ninja


Anyway, Jay is accepted. :)

12/27/2011 #30
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