When Worlds Collide RP
When the countries are your teachers, your life isn't exactly going to be very easy. Take a step into the lives of normal high school students as they try to survive the insanity.
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Pipsqueak Ninja

Well . . . this is the first part of the RP, for anyone that joins besides me. :P

Also, any out of character posts should be in (()). For example:

((Where is everyone in the RP?))

And then you would have your normal post. Please refrain from using too much of the (()) thing. *Forgets the name*

12/1/2011 . Edited 12/3/2011 #1

The saying 'a watched pot never boils' had never made much sense to her until she'd applied it to the clock on the wall of her Algebra II class. Jordan 'Nyet' Trey drummed her fingers on the desk, staring glassy-eyed at the clock as it counted down the final minute of the math class. Her paper lay ignored on the desk, crisscrossed with heavy pencil marks, crossed out problems, and frustrated scribbling. Five problems was enough, for now. She'd save the other ten for homework.

"Двигаться быстрее, глупые часы ..." (Move faster, stupid clock…) She muttered under her breath. Her next period was world history, and while it wasn't her absolute favorite class, it sure beat out math. The teacher cast her a flat stare from the front of the room, able to understand the tone of the senior's voice, if not the actual words. However, the teacher had no time to respond, because a second later, the bell finally rang. Jordan sprang out of her seat and packed up her back in record time, rushing out the door with a cry of "Свобода!" (Freedom!).

12/3/2011 #2
Lavena Delcasy

Chemistry had been an interesting session this lesson just gone. Katja had managed to somehow join a group, without scaring the hell out of them, set up the experiment perfectly and then record the results, leaving the clearing up to the other members of Katja's group. Yet she did have a tenancy of being slightly perfect, maybe too perfect, and scrubbed down the sides, as to not allow the hydrochloric acid that someone had spilt to melt it's way through the table. This was completed just in time for the bell to sound the end of lesson. Taking this in, Katja removed her apron and goggles, placing them in their appropriate places, then grabbing her rucksack. She made hast out of the door so she could attend her next class.

Walking down the corridor, Katja looked more like a senior due to her height, she was epically tall, frighteningly so. A look of general 'no emotion' was Katja's current expression. She just needed to get to lesson on time and prepare herself for Gym. As she made her way, her route took her past the Maths department, as she was one to be on time, and was very good at speed walking, she managed to collide with a girl who was just walking out of the door of the room Katja just walked in front of.

"Scheiße!" (shit) Cursed Katja as she reacted to the collision. "Sorry about that, but I've got to get to Gym..." Katja trailed off as she looked at the girl. Katja herself just stumbled on her feet a little, scuffing her boots, but the girl she had just walked into had face-planted the floor. A little bit of panic aroused, but Katja's face remained calm. In her English accent Katja asked, "Are you ok?" She stood next to the girl worried that she'd just knocked her out, if she had that would mean she would have to take her to the nurses office, then she'd be late for Gym, and then get shouted at by Mr. Beilschmidt...

12/3/2011 #3
Pipsqueak Ninja

Art class. Absolutely the best hour of Mac's life ever.

The small freshman zig-zagged through the crowd of students, trying to get as far away from her Science classroom as possible and to the art room. With Mr. Braginski as the teacher, every period with him mentally scarred the students further, so she was grateful that she would have time to lose herself in sketches and drawings of Hetalia characters.

As she was about to breeze by the intimidating blond sophomore that was well-known around the school for being a rather serious girl, Mac slid to a halt, frowning at Katja and the girl that had apparently collided with the taller.

"You okay?" she asked, raising her eyebrows at said girl on the floor.

12/3/2011 #4

"Ow." The girl shifted, and after a moment, shrugged off the heavy backpack that was now pinning her to the floor. She sat up, blinking for a moment or two before she sat back on her knees. Two small cuts around her eyes were slowly beading with blood, but she seemed not to notice. "I'm okay!" She declared, picking up her glasses from the floor. One of the lenses remained on the floor, in at least two pieces.

"Aww, I liked this pair…oh well." Jordan scraped up the lens pieces and stood up, dropping them and the bent frames in the trash just inside the classroom door. She picked up her backpack, swinging it up onto her shoulder again before she turned to face Katja and Mac, grinning at the blurry images. "Don't worry about that - I've got spares in my locker!" The cuts were noticeably bleeding, now, but apparently, not noticeably to Jordan.

12/3/2011 . Edited 12/3/2011 #5
Pipsqueak Ninja

Mac was about to scowl at Jordan, which would have been normal for her, but her eyes instead widened with slight horror at the sight of blood.

"Ack, no way!" Mac said, regaining her composure with a scowl. She shifted her backpack and then grabbed Jordan's arm, forcefully dragging her in the direction of the nurse's office. "You're bleeding, idiot! We're going to the nurse."

12/3/2011 #6
Lavena Delcasy

"Mein Gott, you're bleeding," Katja was in a state of 'why did this happen now' when a freshman appeared and asked about the girl on the floor. Gesturing to the freashman, Katja asked, "Hey, could you look after her, I have Gym in about one minute and if I'm late Mr. Beilschmidt is going to make me do 20 laps round the field plus extra for every second that I'm late." Then a sense of guilt washed over Katja. Why was she asking someone to do her work for her? She never made someone do something for her, ever. She gritted her teeth and instead came out with, "You know what never mind, I'll sort her out, Gott, why am I acting like this?" Katja continued to complain, but in German, she didn't want to scare anyone by allowing them to understand, she'd just have to hope that they didn't understand.

Pulling her bag off of her shoulder, Katja opened it and pulled out a miniture first aid kit. She thought, I'll have to patch you up here, no time to waste, She opened it and pulled out an antiseptic wipe and a plaster big enough for the injury. She intentionally brought this kit for when one of her friends out of Chemistry burnt themselves or managed to slice their fingers open, oh how fate twist.

"Here, you've cut yourself." Katja pointed to the wound on the girls forehead. Katja stood stiffly, time was running out.

12/3/2011 #7

"I did...?" The senior sounded genuinely confused. Though, she did then feel something trickling down her face and reached up to it. Her hand came away bloody. "Oh. I guess I did. Ouch." She wiped her hands on her jeans, leaving a dark smudge, and seemingly nonplused by the injury.

"Hey, you got a bandaid or two in there? Head wounds bleed a lot." Jordan asked Kajta, though she was already using the sleeve of her own black sweatshirt as a rag. "I don't want to have to go to the nurse again…Mrs. Hedervary threatened to call my father if I set foot in her office without something life threatening this week." The Russian laughed jokingly, though her eye twitched a little. Now that she was aware of the cuts, they were really starting to sting...

12/3/2011 #8
Pipsqueak Ninja

Mac released Jordan's arm, grumbling under her breath. "Head injuries can be bad," she murmured tonelessly, not having anything else to say. She slowly offered her hand, looking at the floor sheepishly. "Uh, I know this is a bad time, but I don't think we've properly met yet," she said. "I'm Mac."

12/3/2011 #9
Lavena Delcasy

Katja rolled her eyes, this was not the time for a meet and greet. Well it probably was, but time kept nagging at Kat's mind. It was true though, Kat had caused an accident and hadn't asked for the girls name... The freshman had called herself Mac, Katja swiftly said, "Katja Herrmann, sorry, again." She shoved her hands in her pockets and stared off, wondering what punishment Mr. Beilschmidt was planning for her.

12/3/2011 #10

"Thanks for the bandaid!" Jordan waved at Katja's back before turning to Mac. "I'm Jordan!" The Russian grinned and went to shake Mac's hand, then stopped, realizing that was the one with blood on it. "Wait a minute…" She twisted her other hand around to shake Mac's upside-down. "Jordan Shey, pleasure to be meeting you, Mac!" She grinned. "Though you can call me 'Nyet', too. The whole of the team does."

12/3/2011 #11
Pipsqueak Ninja

Mac blinked at the two, surprised that she had met people with such different personalities. She lightly shook Jordan's hand back. "Um, if you want, I can pretend that I slammed into something and get you an icepack from Ms. Hedervary," she offered.

((I'm sorry, my computer's being a jerk.))

12/3/2011 #12
Lavena Delcasy

((No prob, so's mine XD I hate technology sometimes...))

Realising time, Katja left the two to their ways and darted off in fear of more laps round the gym or a mega amount of push-ups. She didn't have time. One more corner left, that's all she had. Dashing round said corner, she could see the last few pupils entering the changing rooms. Katja went in and changed quicker than the speed of light, and got out in a matter of seconds. Running into people must have been her thing today because when she opened the door to dash to the Gym, she ran right into the teacher himself.

"Scheiße!" They both exclaimed at the same time. Katja had found herself on top of her teacher, and he didn't look particularly amused. He scowled at her with his piercing eyes and frowning brows, as hers just looked like they were about to melt. She was so embarrassed, her face had instently turned red, from this angle he didn't look too bad. The news would fly round the school like wild fire, that Katja Herrmann decked the Gym teather Mr. Beilschmidt. This was bad.

"Well?" Mr. Beilschmidt exclaimed in his harsh German accent, "Are you going to get off me or what?" At this point Katja was still slightly dazed and removed herself from being sprawled on top of him.

She stood up and was about to help Mr. Beilschmidt up as well when she found that he had already done so. "Sorry Sir." She said bluntly with a hint of embarrassment. Something that Katja didn't do often was apologise, because she did everything right, mostly. She stood stick strait wondering what punishment he had for her for this, but to her surprise he just smirked, yet you could still tell he was angry by the wrinkles in his brow. Standing face to face the two tall Germans stayed in silence for a moment until the beginning of lessons bell sounded.

"Herrmann right?" Mr. Beilschmidt said.

"Yes Sir."

"You'll meet me after school, but for now I want you to get changed and go see Mr. Gil" At the mentioning of the Principle's name Mr. Beilschmidt smiled a little more, making Katja shiver, what was Mr. Beilschmidt planning?

12/3/2011 . Edited 12/3/2011 #13
Pipsqueak Ninja

((ACK. FINALLY. Sweet internet at last. XD))

Mac had watched as Katja departed, giving her a half-hearted wave before the older girl disappeared down the hall. Jordan hadn't replied to Mac's offer, so the small girl gave another wave before heading down the hall to the art class that she would now be late for. She could already hear Romano cursing at her for being late.

As if the universe had planned it all, of course, Mac was assaulted with rapid Italian as she scurried into the art room.

"You're late!" Romano snapped, finally speaking in English.

"I'm sorry!" Mac snapped grumpily. "Someone fell in the hall, and --"

"I don't want to hear your shitty excuses!" Romano interrupted.

"Ve~ Be a bit nicer, fratello," Feli said with a frown. "She was just trying to help someone else out!"

"Che, whatever," Romano grunted, turning to Mac. "Get to your seat. We're drawing still-life pictures today."

Mac grumbled under her breath, scrambling to a nearby stool as some of the students snickered at her. They looked away and were silent as soon as she sent a glare their way, though.

Pulling her sketchbook out of her bag, Mac got to work on the fake-fruit arrangement in the middle, starting with sketching the basket. She heard Romano scolding some students to add color using pastels so that they blended, but she had learned to tune him out over the time that she had known him as a teacher.

"Ve~ Very nice, Mac!" Feli commented, peeking over her shoulder.

Despite the scowl on her face, Mac's cheeks flushed a bright pink. "Thanks, Feli," she mumbled, going back to drawing.

12/3/2011 #14

((Mine died for a while….))

By the time Jordan got to class, the door was shut, and class was in full swing. She'd dropped by her locker to pick up her spare glasses, so she could tell they were covering European history that day. Mr. Kirkland was engaged in drawing a complicated diagram, and with his back turned, Jordan eased open the door and eased herself inside. She made it three steps from there.

"How nice of you to join us, miss Shey." Mr. Kirkland spoke without turning around. The senior, at least, had the desency to appear guilty, even if she didn't feel it. "Take your seat, and I'll see you after class."

"Yes, sir…" Jordan shuffled to her seat at the back and sat down, dropping her backpack by her feet. She pulled out a notebook and started to doodle, with no real end result in mind. History was something she had a good memory for, so she wasn't too worried about missing the lesson.

12/3/2011 #15
Lavena Delcasy

After getting changed in a very awkward manner, Katja found herself being whispered about, because one of the boys in her class had witnessed the event that had just occurred. She felt really uncomfortable and embarrassed, but she still wore an emotionless face to show no weakness, well enough so as to not allow others to notice. She packed her Gym kit into her bag and exited the changing room, this time a lot slower and more heavy footed. She was not a happy Hase.

The trip to the Principle's office didn't take long. A matter of minutes. Katja arrived, knocked on the door twice, then perched on a chair that was beside the door. It seemed that Mr. Gil was on the phone so she didn't barge in, that was too improper.

Time passes...

Katja had resorted to reading a book that she found in her bag, quite interesting, about the Greek Demi-gods and the history behind them, but in the twenty-first century. Then she was interrupted by the door of the Principle's office opening. The man himself walked out in a rushed manner, not noticing Katja until she closed her book rather loudly and coughed in a way that would catch anyone's attention. Mr. Gil stopped in his tracks and turned on the spot noticing the very German looking girl standing in front of the chair that she had previously been sitting on. A look of desperation was placed upon the man's face as he turned again on his heel, walking away from Katja.

He put up his hand and shouted, "I'll be with ya' in a minute, nature calls!"

Katja just scowled and sat back down, she'd already missed Gym, now English and Maths. She hated being late as it was, let alone most of the school day. Her face was twisted in a manner best described as anger, almost replicating a certain scene from Katja's favourite anime, Hetalia, when Germany was angry at Italy, for many reasons. She cursed the man in German, with an English superstition, best not to repeat it as it was rather painful the results...

12/3/2011 #16

Jordan slouched at her lunch table, poking at the soleniye ogurscy (salted cucumber) her father had packed her. She'd gotten a rather stern tongue lashing from Mr. Kirkland on the importance of being punctual, which had lasted three minutes before he'd registered the bandages on her face and sent her down to Mrs. Hedervary anyway. The woman hadn't been pleased at all to have Jordan in her office for the third time that week, and had, as she'd threatened, called her father. Now Jordan had THAT pleasant conversation to look forward to after school.

The Russian sullenly bit a chunk out of her snack, sitting lonely at her favorite table. It had once been the table of choice for the hockey team…but after most of them had graduated, the newcomers hadn't been as friendly. They sucked as players and came in with their own little cliques, which left Jordan out in the cold. She was fine with that, most of the time - it gave her justification to vent her frustrations on them during practices. She took another vindictive bite of her snack. Just a few more hours, and she was outta here...

12/3/2011 #17
Pipsqueak Ninja

Her hour of art class was over way too soon.

"And don't forget to be on time!" Romano called as Mac left the room.

The small freshman scowled, not wanting to hear him lecture her with the simple statement. She just wasn't in the mood. She went to her locker first, switching out her books for the afternoon and stuffing them into her Bongo bag. Slinging her bag over her shoulder, Mac walked toward the lunchroom, looking around for a place to sit as she entered. She spotted that Jordan girl from earlier, sitting at a table by herself.

"Mind if I join you?" Mac asked as she approached the table.


Dominic approached the principal's office with a cheery air about him as he plopped down into one of the seats outside of the office, right next to the intimidating blond girl nearby. He only smiled at her, waving cheerily.

"Hi!" he said. "I'm Dominic. What's your name?"

12/3/2011 #18

Jordan looked up with a mouthful of soleniye ogurscy. She attempted to speak with a mouthful, realized that wouldn't work, and swallowed quickly. "Not at all!" The Russian smiled brightly, honestly (but silently) glad to not be the only one at the table anymore.

12/3/2011 #19
Pipsqueak Ninja

Mac nodded slightly, sliding into the empty seat across from Jordan. She pulled out her lunch, which happened to be a container of pasta that her uncle had made the night before. She couldn't help but snag the awesome food for lunch this morning.

"So, you're a senior, right?" Mac asked, pulling out a bottle of water to go with her food.

12/3/2011 #20
Lavena Delcasy

The German hadn't really noticed the boy who had joined her on the row of seats. Until he announced that he was there by introducing himself. Katja intended to ignore him but that didn't happen. She was angry, not with him but with that disrespectful bastard known as Mr. Gil.

"Kat" She simply spat. She was busy with thinking of mental ways to punish Mr. Gil when he returned from the men's room.

She didn't have to think long mind you, because the annoying man himself came round the corner in a more relaxed, and cheery manner. Yet, he stood stock still when he managed to get a closer look at Katja. He had met her a few times before but, she still surprised him with just how much she acted a) like his little bruder, and b) looked like his little bruder, just more female. It also didn't help that she kind of dressed like his little bruder not to mention that pendant on her necklace that had slipped out from behind her shirt. Putting this aside, Mr. Gil proceeded to ask what each student wanted even though he knew the case for Germany look alike, because Mr. Beilschmidt had rang earlier, just not the freshman whose name had disappeared from his awesome memory.

12/4/2011 #21

"Yep." Jordan smiled, though there was a tinge of disappointment there, now. "One more year, and I'm out of here….kind of sad, actually. High school's been fun…" She took another bite of her snack, then broke off a piece and offered it to Mac. "Want some? My father made it - he makes great soleniye ogurscy!"

12/4/2011 #22
Pipsqueak Ninja

Dominic had nodded at Kat, shrinking away just a bit at the intimidating way she carried herself. He seemed more relieved as Mr. Gil rounded the corner, since he wouldn't be alone with someone so scary anymore.

"Er, well . . ." He scratched the back of his sheepishly, not really wanting to tell Mr. Gil what he had done, especially in front of another person. "Haha, funny story . . . Well, in English this morning, right before class started, my cousin and I were talking when this bigger guy, a junior, came up behind us and kind of, er . . . did something inappropriate. And I punched him." His cheeks were red, showing his embarrassment for the incident. "So I was told to come here before lunch, since I wasn't allowed to skip out on class."

Mr. Gil raised his pale eyebrows. "So unawesome!" he grumbled.


Mac accepted the piece with a small smile. "I haven't enjoyed high school so far. Work is not for the lazy, like me," she informed, eating a bit of the soleniye ogurscy. "Hey, that's actually pretty good!" Mac remarked, finishing the last little bit that Jordan had handed her. She held out her container of pasta. "You can have some of this, too, if you'd like."

12/4/2011 #23
Lavena Delcasy

Taking in the information from Dominic, Katja didn't look like she was about to rip Mr. Gil's guts out with her bare hands any more. She just rolled her eyes when Dominic explained what had happened this morning, it really didn't compare to what Kat had done second lesson. She'd decked Mr. Beilschmidt, and it was witnessed, so she was going to be asked so many questions now. Thought she did agree with Mr. Gil that Dominic's encounter was unawsome...

"Sir." She intruded, "I've been waiting here for hours, so could we discuss what needs to be discussed already?" She stood with one hand on her hip and the other clenched tightly, restraining her from punching Mr. Gil. Oh this was going to be fun.

12/4/2011 #24

"Okay!" Jordan picked up the fork from her lunchbag (though she was eating with her hands) and wrapped up a few noodles. "Спасибо!" (Thank you!) She chined in Russian.

12/4/2011 #25
Pipsqueak Ninja

Dominic puffed out his cheeks, slouching more in his seat. "Does that mean I can go now?" he asked hopefully, his stomach growling slightly. Hopefully Mac hadn't discovered the pasta he brought and stole it as a second serving.

Mr. Gil sighed, waving his hand. "Yeah, yeah, but next time someone does something to your cousin, just tell a teacher. They can do more than break their nose, 'kay, kid?"

Getting to his feet quickly, Dominic walked briskly down the hall, practically hearing the pasta leftovers call him from his locker.

The Prussian then turned to Katja, eyebrows still raised. "Would you like to talk in my office?" he asked.


Mac raised her eyebrows at Jordan, taking another quick bite of her pasta. "Er, I didn't understand that," she murmured, cheeks flushing with embarrassment. "Was that a thank you?"

12/4/2011 #26
Lavena Delcasy

((EDIT: Done XD))

Katja watched Dominic run off looking happy about something. Her thoughts were soon interrupted by Mr. Gil asking if she'd like to talk in the office, she picked up her bag, flinging it over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes and grinned a little.

"Yeah, I've been waiting most of the day to talk to you, so may as well go in" Katja turned to face the door and walked in, droppin her bag on the floor soon to be followed by the Principle, who took position behind the desk then taking a seat in his swivel chair. He sighed, then placed both arms across his chest. Katja just stood waiting to be told to do something, patience was something Katja was good at.

"Please, sit Katja." Mr. Gil said in an almost playful tone, "I hear interesting things about the morning lesson you had with mein bruder, would you care to tell me how you acomplished this?" Katja followed the request to sit, then wandered why Mr. Gil wanted to know how the event happened. Slightly confused, the girl told him.

"I wasn't paying attention when exiting the changing room and ended up colliding with Mr. Beilschmidt." Katja explained, though she didn't expect to see such a large grin on the albino's face.

"You have no idea how much strenghth it takes to push over mein bruder do you?" Stated Mr. Gil. Katja remained silent. "Well, it takes alot, in fact you need to be pretty well trained to push over that tank, also judging by that pendant I'd say you're from his country too." This caught Katja off guard, making her stiff and almost embarrassed. However on the outside she continued to show no emotion, just a bland expression with a little wrinkle between her eyebrows.

"Ja, ich bin Deutsch und Englisch..." (Yes I am German and English...) She said bluntly, looking at the Princible with her crystal blue eyes, her hands clenching the sides of her trousers. Tense. Very tense. Katja didn't like it.

12/4/2011 . Edited 12/5/2011 #27

((That's alright.))

Jordan slurped down the noodles and swallowed. "Yep! It's Russian for 'thank you'. Sorry, sometimes I forget I have to speak English here." She laughed jokingly.

12/4/2011 #28
Pipsqueak Ninja

((It's fine. :)

Also . . . Lavena, I'm not quite sure where you want to go with Kat being in Prussia's office, so I'm afraid you'll have to wing it from here unless there's something specific you would like me to do with him.))

"I see," Mr. Gil said warily. "German and English, eh? It must be interesting to have to learn about two different family backgrounds."


Mac's scowl disappeared as she let out a light, goofy laugh. "Russian. I'll have to remember that," she remarked, calming down a bit. "I watch this really crazy anime, so I got curious and memorized a few words in several different languages. I can say hello and curse someone out in Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Welsh, and Chinese. And a bit of really . . . disturbing British slang."

The freshman didn't notice as Dominic came into the cafeteria behind her, coming up to their table and tapping on his cousin's shoulder. "Mind if I join you two?" he asked, directing the question at Mac and Jordan.

12/4/2011 #29

Jordan nodded at Dominic, then fixed Mac with a suspicious sort of stare. "…this really crazy anime wouldn't happen to include invisible Canadians, flying green mint bunnies, and burger-loving heroes, would it….?"

12/4/2011 #30
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