When Worlds Collide RP
When the countries are your teachers, your life isn't exactly going to be very easy. Take a step into the lives of normal high school students as they try to survive the insanity.
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Lavena Delcasy

After pulling many faces, the Prussian got bored again, now pushing his hand into his brother's pocket and nicking his phone whilst he drove. Looking at the device, he realised that it wasn't a phone...

"Hey West."

"Ja Bruder." Ludwig replied in an irritable way.

"Why do you have a remote radar system on you?" Asked the puzzled Prussian.

"Because Bruder, it comes in very handy when you're trying to locate lost items, like phones, the TV remote and even distress signals." Ludwig taped the device and the screen glowed a dim green, showing a digital map of the area that they were in. "Bruder, I need you to direct me to the red dot, though via roads, not fields..."

"Awesome." He beamed, "Ok West!" He cooed, concentrating on the device and holding it about four inches away from his face, follwing the dot with his finger. "West?"


"What's the blue dot?"


"Oh... Awesome, it's light blue like West's eyes." Gilbert cheered, now making sure that they were going in the right direction.

"Ja, now Bruder, where to?"

Looking at the RRS, Gilbert then announced, "Next right, then the third left, followed by a cross junction, just to straight across."

"Gut, that'll do for now." Ludwig glanced a look at the two in the back via the mirror, "You two," he announced, "I need you to think of a plan." Entrusting the two to be able to do such a simple thing. Well hopefully they wouldn't be at each other's throats all the time.

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Pipsqueak Ninja

Alfred slapped his hands over Theo's ears, ignoring the whines that came in response to his action. "We go in there all kickass! Germany will go in suicidal, England and Prussia will be the backup, and I'll be the hero~!"

". . . No. Absolutely not," England deadpanned, glaring darkly at the American as he removed his hands from Theo's ears. He rolled his eyes, speaking to Germany next. "Well, the factory is most likely guarded. We could be sneaky and pretend to turn ourselves in, though that leaves more chances for something to go wrong or we might not be able to find a way out." He frowned. "Or we could use a silent tactic and just sneak in."



". . . Since when?" Theo's quiet voice piped up.

"I didn't ask you!" England snapped heatedly, crossing his arms over his chest and sulking as Theo and America giggled on their side of the seat.

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Lavena Delcasy

Sighing, the factory building came into sight as the car approached. Though, following the track all the way to the factory wasn't the best of plans, so parking on the side there was the best thing, they'd have to do the rest by foot.

"Everyone out, accept Theo, you stay here." Ludwig ordered, getting out of the car and walking round to the trunk. Gilbert followed, slipping the RRS into his own pocket in his jacket.

Opening the trunk, Ludwig revealed, luckily, four hand held machine guns, primed and ready for action, magazines already in place, and spare belts of bullets and magazines were in there too. "Take one each, two belts and two magazines. There's enough for each." He stated, grabbing the items he had just listed for himself, moving away from the car, then strapping the two belts to himself, and tucking the magazines into his own pants' belt.

"W-West... I didn't know this was in the car..." Stammered Gilbert in amazment. "This is so awes--"

"It's not my car." He simply stated.

"Huh? What do you mean? it's the same colour and everything!" Protested the Prussian as he acquired the necessary equipment.

"It may look the same, but take a look at the number plate. It's got 'SW155' on the end of it." Ludwig rolled his eyes at how obvious this was now.

"Uh...." Gilbert grumbled, puzzled by the matter.

"It's Vash's." The German finally said, tightening his shoelaces, kneeling down with a machine gun strapped to his back.

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Pipsqueak Ninja

"Switzerland is gonna shoot us when he sees we stole his car," America remarked.

"No, he's going to shoot Germany and Prussia," England corrected. "We were just the innocent bystanders."

America snorted, rolling his eyes as he took a hold of the weapon and spare magazines. "Right. 'Cause he's totally okay with us tagging along after jacking his car."

"Use proper English if you want me to listen to you, git," came the snappish reply as England readied himself as well. "Your bastardized version of it is atrocious."

Theo, unbeknown to the four nations, hid quietly behind the car and waited for them to start going so he could sneak off after them like a little kid sneaking downstairs at night on Christmas Eve.

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Lavena Delcasy

Rolling his eyes, Ludwig lead the walk own the track, then started to go into the tree line as they got closer to the factory. The building itself wasn't tall, but it was wide. It woulf take them a while to get to where thte teens were, but they could do it.

"Bruder, the RRS." th German held out his hand, a second later, the RRS was dropped into his hand. "Danke." He thanked swiftly, looking at the device. "It seems that this complext extends underground." Ludwig pointed out, looking at the blue prints if the building. Yes, it had blueprints uploaded into it too.

"Is that's where they are?" Gilbert asked in a childish way.

"I don't know. I hand't planted anything on them before hand, have you two?" He asked, though it seemed that blank faces was all he got in return. "right, Arthur, Alfred, take the basement and the floor under that, Gilbert and I will take the two floors under that." The German ordered, "If you find the kids, call one of us with your cell. Stay together in your pair, and if you lose your partner, fall back, the Mafia aren't easy." Pocketing the RRS, Ludwig nodded to his brother, who now seemed 'in the zone', and finally said, "If we're not back here in fifteen minutes, then we presume that whoever isn't here has been captured, so we retreat back and gather reinforcements. Agreed?" Looking round the group of four.

"Ja West." Gilbert nodded as well, fiddling with the magazine poking him in the stomach as it was loosely wedged into his pants.

"Alfred? Arthur?" Ludwig asked, waiting for an answer, now was go time.

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Pipsqueak Ninja

"Agreed," the two blond's chorused, one scowling while the other grinned smugly.

England rolled his eyes at America, looking back at Germany. "And what if we're all captured?" he asked, trying to see every possible outcome.

The group was silent for a long moment. "Well, then we better hope we can bust out, hero-style!" America cheered.

England rolled his eyes again. "Why do I bother . . .?"

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Lavena Delcasy

"I know exactly how you feel sometimes..." Ludwig patted the Englishman's back and then trotted off in the direction of the factory. Gilbert followed suit to the right side of the German, keeping an eye on the surroundings as they went, trying to see if anyone was in the surrounding area keeping guard away from the factory.

Luckily, no one was, so getting there wasn't the problem, it was the getting in that was.

Stopping as the tree line, Ludwig, followed by Gilbert, crouched behind some bushes, looking at the two guards leaning against the wall next to the door.

"Now what?" Gilbert asked, eyes fixed on the two men.

Ludwig never said anything in return, he just pulled out a pistol from one side of his jacket, and a silencer from the other. Assembling the weapon, the German then steadied himself and aimed. Gilbert shuffled away slightly from him and watched the men to check that they weren't looking.

As the two men both looked away from their direction, Gilbert nodded and Ludwig fired two rounds. Both guards holding their chests, then dropping to the floor with a thump. One managed to lean up against the wall, slumped over.

"Nice." Gilbert said as his brother dissembled the weapon and returned it to his pockets.

Again, without using verbal command, Ludwig started to crouch/crawl across the clearing toward the factory, looking in every direction to check for anyone else coming. No one did, and so they got to the door, and opened it, cautiously poking their heads round.


"Clear." Taking the lead, Ludwig made hast to the stairs leading to the lower floors. "Remember, fifteen minutes." He instructed the others, turning back to the direction he was jogging in.

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Pipsqueak Ninja

"Right," America murmured, heading off in another direction with England. They found another set of stairs, and after carefully scanning the area, they descended them.

The basement was dark and creepy, and reminded America too much of his horror movies. He stuck close to England's side, looking like a young kid in their first set-up haunted house on Halloween.

"Shit, this is scary, man!" he whined.

"Shut up!" England hissed irritatedly, shrugging America away. "We have to be quiet if we don't want to be caught by the mafia."

America pouted, but kept walking.

A few minutes passed by of walking, the doors they passed being either wide open and empty or closed and deserted when they peeked in. They had still yet to find the kids.

"Alright, let's spit up," England suddenly decided, tired of having America cling to him like a scared child.

"What?! Iggy, no!"

It was too late, though; England had left him, walking in a quick, brisk pace in an attempt to get away from the clingy American.

With a pout, America built up the courage to walk on, hoping that he wouldn't run into any of the mafia guys.

Speaking of the mafia, the one member that had been antagonizing Pablo, Emma, and Ashton all day rounded the corner at that exact moment, dark eyes immediately narrowing as his gun suddenly appeared in his hand. "Ciao," he said coolly. "Come to retrieve some people you lost?"

America, fortunately, had already aimed his gun as well. "Yup!" he said cheerily, even though the idea of ghosts being the basement still terrified him. "So I'd appreciate it if you took me to where they are."

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Lukas paused and lifted his head at the faint sound of footsteps down the hall. He couldn't tell if it was one person or more, and for a moment, he felt unnervingly vulnerable. The Swede looked down and started twisting his hands again; biting at the ropes and tugging with his teeth, slowly working the loops around his palm and knuckles bit by painful bit. After a few seconds, he had a few more red and raw rope burns, but his hands were free. There were no weapons to be found in the cell, and the Bratva had confiscated his whittling knives a month prior, but at least he had his hands free...

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Lavena Delcasy

Making it to the stairwell, Ludwig and Gilbert cautiously walked down them, weapons at hand.


"Ja Bruder?"

"Why do bad guys always hide out in big warehouses or factories?"

"I have no idea Bruder." Rolling his eyes and passing the door to the floor under the basement. Continuing on in silence, another two flights of stairs past, the Germanic nations made their way into the lowest floor.

Remaining silent, Gilbert was first to spot someone walking in their direction. He aimed and fired off a small series of bullets at the unsuspecting man, who fell to the floor, a pool of blood growing around where he lay. Ludwig paid no heed to his brother's actions and continued on. They crossed at a part of that floor that seemed to have cells in them, but there was no sounds of life coming from them.

Sticking his fingers up, and then waving them around in a circular motion, the German turned round on his heel and paced back. The Prussian got the message and followed behind, his back to his brother's as to keep an eye on his back, as did Ludwig for Gilbert.

The shoot out earlier must have been heard as the sound of running and shouting could be heard from a distance. The shouts got closer and closer, leaving the Germanic nations in a situation that they didn't really want.

"Bruder, take that corner and guard the hall, I'll take this one." Ludwig whispered to Gilbert, as the two came to a cross junction in the complex.

"Ok." Gilbert replied, dashing to the edge of the junction, checking each direction before settling down.

Ludwig did the same and assumed a position opposite his brother, looking down the hall for which the shouts were coming from.

"Come and get it, Mafia." Ludwig hissed eyes narrowing as he focused his eyes onto the sights of the weapon he was holding. Gilbert mirroring Ludwig's actions, the two waited for the Mafia.

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The sound of gunfire echoed loudly around the level, and Lukas automatically flinched, as anyone would. Gunfire? What the hell?! The Mafia…weren't shooting at each other…were they? The senior paused. Did he dare hope it was their rescue?

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Pipsqueak Ninja

Roberto clearly had no intention of informing America where the three teens (and the newest arrival) were at, so the shooting began. Roberto fired his weapon first, and America had barely gotten out of the way in time as the bullet whizzed past his head.

America got off one shot, hitting Roberto in the knee, which made the Italian crumble to the ground; still, he held onto his gun with a firm grip, aiming it back at the blond. Another shot was fired by America, this time hitting Roberto in the head. He dropped to the floor, dead.

England suddenly came running back around the corner, green eyes wide as he stared at the scene. "What the bloody hell did you do?" he demanded shrilly.

"IT WASN'T MY FAULT . . . this time!"


Ashton let out a yelp as some shots were fired, these more close than the others. Pulling her knees to her chest more tightly, she tried not to start shaking again as muffled voices exchanged words right outside of the door.

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Emma, also noticing the shouts and gunfire outside, quietly asked, "W-what's g-going on? W-why do I hear g-guns?"
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Pipsqueak Ninja

"Um, maybe because people are shooting them?" Ashton replied, voice just as quiet.


America and England froze, slowly turning toward the door to their left. They could hear two, quiet voices, right before the silence returned. Exchanging glances, the two blonds nodded and then reached for the knob, jingling the lock. Of course it wasn't exactly open, so America had to use his strength ("Superman-class shit, man!") and bust the door open.

3/9/2012 #1,184

Lukas only barely dodged a splinter of wood that was sent flying his way when the door buckled and snapped off its hinges. He stared at the two men in the door, pale eyes wide. These people didn't look like Mafia...

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Lavena Delcasy

Sound was slowly brining the Spaniard back to the world. Gun shots, just that dreadful sound was enough to make him come back in fear rather than his usual joyful self. To be frank, it wasn't surprising due to that the boy had been shot himself. Mouth tasting of copper, hazel eyes opening, Pablo felt a grip on his shoulders, and realised that he as propped up against someone, though he could see both Ashton and Emma so ho looked up hastily to see another.

After spitting out the remaining blood in his mouth, Pablo asked the one who was holding him, "Mi amigo, who are you?" Brow cocked at the question.


Hearing gun fire from a different area, the shouts stopped for a second, then raged up and started to fade away again as running footsteps pounded away from the two. A sigh of relief escaped both Germans as then stood from crouching and walked back from where they came from to search the floor above them.

They had to hide round corners a couple of times, but they got to the stairwell again and climbed a flight of stairs to the floor above them. Looking round before going through the door Ludwig again took the lead as Gilbert walked backwards as to allow almost 360 vision between them. This floor was strangely quiet, and the only sounds that stood out was their foot steps.


"Ja West?"

"It's too quiet."

"Ja, unawesomely so..." The two stopped at that as someone took two paces from round a corner and shot at Ludwig and Gilbert. Ludwig saw it coming, so he dodged the bullet by a millimetre. Yes, he attempted to pull the Prussian down with him, but his reaction was too slow, allowing the projectile to skim off his brother's side. Ruining his jacket, and leaving a nasty gash on his right side.

"Schiesse..." Gilbert hissed through his teeth, dropping the machine gun and instantly pressuring the wound with both hands. Ludwig by then had taken aim and killed the Mafia member swiftly. He turned to his brother and gritted his teeth in guilt and anger.

"Sorry Bruder, it's not that serious, but you'll have to hold it for a while so that we can get out of here alive, let alone in one piece." Ludwig stated, picking up the weapon Gilbert had dropped, and slung it over his back.

"So unawesome..." Gilbert hissed again, nodding at his brother, walking behind Ludwig in his shadow.

"Just keep it pressured." Ludwig sighed, eyes confirming that this wasn't the right place either. "We're heading back up, there's nothing down here." With that the two made their way to the stairwell again and climbed up the stairs.

For Gilbert this seemed like ages, warm blood soaking his hands and jacket. Odd hisses and grunts often escaped the nation's mouth, but to be frank, he had had worse.

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Emma looked at the two wide eyed. "You f-found us! H-how did you d-do it?" Then she remebered. The phone call! It has to be!

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Pipsqueak Ninja

America, for once, was not grinning stupidly, or giving an obnoxious 'hero laugh'. The scene in front of him was anything but funny and light-hearted for laughter.

"We had the call traced, and one of you must have had a tracer of some sorts, since Germany found the exact location," England replied to Emma's question, striding forward to stand behind her. "Then again, we can talk later. For right now, we need to get out of here." He looked pointedly at America, nodding.

Taking his phone out of his pocket, America dialed a number (Germany's) and used his shoulder to press the phone to his ear as he stooped behind Ashton and started undoing her bonds. Once that was done, he turned to Pablo and Lukas, a frown on his face. "They sure did a number on you," America observed quietly, for once, and turned Pablo slightly to the side to get the cords away from his wrists.

Once untied, Ashton got to her feet, letting out a deep breath that she hadn't been aware she had been holding. After England was done untying Emma's wrists, the Canadian helped the younger girl to her feet, smiling slightly.

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Lavena Delcasy

Gritting his teeth, and moaning a little, Pablo nodded at the American. He recognised the faces of the two men, but he couldn't quite place them. Mainly his mind was attempting to block out the electrical signals of pain passing from neuron to neuron, now that he was awake, his front lightly tightened from the unnatural holes in his chest, so he was uncomfortable to say the least, and that's a serious understatement.


Stopping half way up the flight of stairs to the upper floor, Ludwig looked back to his brother and had a face of worry/sympathy.

"Brude-" He started, but Gilbert interupted him...

"Don't worry West, just keep going... I'll be fine..." He said through clenched teeth. Hand holding his side tighter, the colour of deep red staining his clothes.

"O-ok." Ludwig replied with, just then his pocket in his pants started to vibrate. Delving into his pocket and looking at the caller, he confirmed that Alfred had called him. Face brightening a little, the German said to his brother, "Seems that that dummkopf Alfred can be useful." He clicked the 'answer' button and questioned, "You found them, ja?"

Gilbert climbed up to where his brother was on the stairs and looked back to check if anyone was coming, fortunately it seemed that everyone had headed to the area where the other set of gunfire had come from, so no one was coming up the stairs.

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Pipsqueak Ninja

"Mhmm!" Alfred hummed, gingerly pulling Pablo into a sitting position. "We're on the basement, one of the doors to the left. You guys okay?"

3/10/2012 #1,190

Lukas didn't respond to America's comment, instead shifting to roll to his knees, putting all his weight on his good leg. Now that the adrenaline and focus of his spy job and the urgency of getting help was waning, so was his numbness to his injuries. Over the month he'd been in captivity, he'd almost tuned out the accumulated bruises, lacerations, and healing breaks he'd received for each wrong or refused answer in interrogation. Now, they were beginning to make themselves known again...He bowed his head against his knee for a moment, squeezing his eyes shut as he fought the pain.

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Lavena Delcasy

Panting at the effort, Pablo glanced to Lukas who was seemingly now falling under the effects of something. "Hey... Mi amgo... Are you all right?" Face pained but concerned, the idiot of a Spaniard tended to look out for others before looking after himself.


"Bruder's been scratched, but everythings fine." Ludwig glanced a look toward his brother, still feeling guilty.

"Ja!" Gilbert weakly shouted to support his point.

"Anyway, we'll meet you there then. See you in two minutes." With that Ludwig deactivated the call and shoved his phone into his pocket. "Come on Bruder." He called, "Just a little longer, then we can sort you out with any other casualties."

"Ok West..." Gilbert sighed, now climbing the stairs behind Ludwig.

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"M'fine...." Lukas lied, his voice tightened in pain. He didn't lift his head, choosing to remain in the slightly less painful position a little longer. "J'st old w'nds..."

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Pipsqueak Ninja

"You're not fine," Ashton remarked, peering over America's shoulder. She forced a smile for the two male teens, though it was more of a grimace at the sight of their injuries.

"We should get you out of here," America said, stuffing his phone into his pocket.

"No, what made you think of that?" England asked sarcastically, stooping beside his former colony.

With hardly any trouble at all, America used his strength to pick Pablo up, careful to avoid aggravating his injuries, while England staggered to his feet with Lukas's arm around his shoulders. Ashton moved out of their way, hanging back with Emma, grabbing the younger girl's hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze.

3/12/2012 #1,194

Lukas tried not to lean too heavily on England's shoulder as the group left the cell room, and though the awkward little half-hop he had to do to move forward was humiliating, it was a welcome relief from having to limp around on what was probably a still broken ankle. "…wh'ch way?" He muttered, looking around the hall, and trying not to look too long at the body of Roberto, slumped on the floor in a bloody heap.

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Pipsqueak Ninja

"No way~!" a cheery, Italian accented voice purred as the group rounded the corner.

A dark-haired man nearly identical to Roberto stood at the end of the hall, a pouting blond five-year-old's t-shirt collar held tightly in his hand as he smirked at the new arrivals.

"Theo," America groaned exasperatedly, looking sternly at the young kid. "I thought we told you to stay in the car!"

Theo gulped and didn't reply, knowing that he was obviously in trouble.

The Italian man laughed. "Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you would all turn around and march back to your cell cooperatively. It will save a lot of time and trouble."

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"I blame you." The voices floated down the school hallways, overlapping most chatter in the corridors.

"Bro, it's not my fault that the test tube blew up!" Jay sounded slightly annoyed, and the sound of her head being smacked echoed. "DUDE! THAT HURT."

"Serves you right," Nissa said in a calm voice

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Lavena Delcasy

Exiting the stairwell to the basement level of the pacifier factory, Ludwig led the way round each and every corner toward the location of their fellow nations.

"Nearly there." He comforted his now even more pale brother. He was pale enough as it was being albino and all, let alone with the assistance of blood loss. "Nearly there..."

Rounding another corner, then coming back on himself, Ludwig almost walked right into the Italian who was currently focused on the others in front of him.

Gilbert had bumped into his brother, but he didn't make much noise. Now was a moment where Ludwig was going to get really scary... That look in his brother's face, concentrated, cold. Ice blue eyes calculating, his stance, well at that moment, leant up against a wall, now fiddling with the inside of his jacket-- Oh... Gilbert mentally thought, that's what he's up to...

Pulling out the pistol and silencer a second time that day, Ludwig constructed the weapon as he had before. A soft click only audible to inhuman ears, the German held the pistol down in his arms, then stood up straight, stopping behind the Italian. He raised his arms to the Italian's head level and then--


"Auf Wiedersehen, Mutter ficker." Was simply said harshly. The Italian, by that point, had released Theo, and fallen face first onto the ground below his very feet, blood pooling out from under his head. A memory of something evil caught Ludwig off guard as he felt the memories of manipulation creep into him. Shaking his head clear, he looked to his right as he looked at his brother. "Bist du in Ordnung Bruder? Sie können nun atmen" (Are you all right brother? You can breathe now.) He said, noticing tht the Prussian's chest had stopped moving because he was holding his breath to stop himself panting and spoil his bother's plan. By that point the pistol was away, and the two machine guns happily slung over his back.

"Ja West..." He smirked in a weak way. Walking round the corner too, he looked at everyone in front of him. "Hey guys, what's the awesome me missed?"

The sight of another getting short, even though he was the enemy, made the Spaniard squirm, his skin crawling at the sight of the Italian's smug face falling to the ground, never to look upward again. He felt like puking. He nearly did. But that would mean getting the surprisingly strong American covered, and that wasn't a good plan. So instead, he held up his hand to his face, holding his mouth, as well as turning slightly green.

Murmuring under his hand, Pablo stuttered, "M-mi a-ami-g-g-go, w-was that s-such a g-g-good p-plan?" Eyes wide with shock, that image of the Italian's face, now plastered into his memory, though looking down at himself, he didn't look any better. At least he was still alive... Somehow...

Ludwig looked back toward his fellow nations and the students, picking out the one who was resembling a familiar Spaniard. Antonio was saying something about Pablo just before they left, but time was nagging at the student's fates, so the four plus Theo hadn't had time to find out the truth about Antonio and Pablo. Yet saying that, Ludwig noticed the three bullet wounds in Pablo's shirtless upper half.

"Alfred, take, who I presume is Pablo, straight to the car, dodge bullets if you have to, but he needs treating now. Bruder, come here." Ludwig ordered, eyes set upon the gash in the other's side. Ludwig grabbed the edge of his jacket, and ripped off some strip of fabric.

Gilbert had shuffled over, and stood still, holding his arms up as to allow the taller to get to his side.

The German created a makeshift bandage now that the situation wasn't dire. "Everyone else, follow Arthur, do you want me to take him?" Ludwig asked, gesturing to Lukas who looked like he was about to collapse. "No offence Mr. Kirkland, but you're better in SAS than myself, but I'm better at lifting people, and running with them." Eyes then flicked over to Emma, Ashton and Theo, "You three, follow Bruder, this guy" He pointed to the albino, "Make sure he doesn't collapse, and I'll take the rear with you." Now pointing at Lukas. "Don't worry, I don't bite, that's just my dog's job." A tensed, maybe slightly forced smile was on the German's face. The things running through his mind at that moment were not pleasant, and reminded him of the WWI & II era.

"Come on guys, the awesomeness that is me want's to get out of this unawesome place!" Gilbert announced, starting to shuffle off after Arthur.

3/15/2012 . Edited 3/15/2012 #1,198

The young Swede wobbled a little when his living leaning post eased off his grip, but he managed to stay upright. He kept his leg bent, keeping all weight off his injured ankle this time, and wrapped his arms around his torso in a half-baked effort to alleviate a persistent, dull ache from fractured ribs. He could feel himself starting to shiver, though he couldn't quite tell if he were cold or frightened. Both were very likely suspects.

Lukas just nodded along silently with Germany's orders. Now that he wasn't the oldest of the group anymore, he quickly fell out of the authoritative role. He could feel a panic rising in his chest, and it must have showed on his face, for the offer he received.

3/15/2012 #1,199
Lavena Delcasy

Catching Lukas before he fell, Ludwig scooped him up in his strong arms. "Ok, let's go, this place is starting to smell, and other's are going to notice soon."

3/15/2012 #1,200
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