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((so… just for the record, the ones that aren't numbered are separate from the timeline of numbered topics. Probably shoulda said that a while ago, huh -insert nervous laugh-?))

"I can't believe it's happening!" Anne-Sophie squealed in excitement.

"I know!" Amour replied, sniffing "I don't wanna leave!" she cried.

"Sadly, it's time for us to say goodbye to high school." Tamaki said "And… THE HOST CLUB!" he wailed "I DON'T WANNA LEAVE EITHER!"

2/18/2012 #1

Claudia looked at him. Sure she was sad to leave but Tama was being a little over-dramatic wasn't he?

((Oh,oh can this be when Kao asked Claudia to marry him?!)

2/19/2012 #2

((Yesh! That's perfect!))

"WE'RE NEVER LEAVING!" Amour and Tamaki shouted, grabbing onto a couple of door handles, resisting Yuzuru's and Anne-Sophie's attempts to pull them away. "NEVER!" they wailed.

2/19/2012 #3

Claudia sighed as she walked out "Guys...could you calm down just a bit?"

2/19/2012 #4

"NEVER!" they cried stubbornly, now hugging the door handles with all their strength.

"Sometime's it's like they're the same person." Anne-Sophie gave a light laugh, still trying to pry her niece from the door.

"Amour! We have your iPod!" the twins called evilly.

"And Tamaki, I have Antoinette." Kyoya gave a shadow king smile.

"GIMME!" the two jumped from the door.

2/19/2012 #5

Claudia blinked and followed them...keeping a safe distance

2/19/2012 #6

"How could you Mommy!" Tamaki wailed, hugging Antoinette.

"I didn't do anything." Anne-Sophoe said with a puzzled look.

"He means Captain Boring." Amour told her.

"And soon the spell will break and the carriage will turn back into a pumpkin." Kaoru said.

"Hopefully By the end of the day." Amour nodded at his statement, having deciphered his meaning a while ago.

2/19/2012 #7

Claudia played with her handmade safety pin bracelete feeling like-as she had been for weeks-that Kao had been planning something behind her back

2/24/2012 #8

"So when are you gonna ask her?" Amour asked a second later, changing the subject.

"After the ceremony." Kaoru replied "I just hope she says yes."

"Why wouldn't she?" Hikaru questioned.

"She will." Amour decided confidently.

"She will what?" Tamaki asked curiously.

"You'll find out soon." Haruhi "But should you guys really be talking about it in front of her?"

2/25/2012 #9

((I'm just gonna have Charlie take her fist steps here if that's okay))

Claudia looked and nearly squealed as Charlie climbed out of her stroller and began walking. "Guys! Charlie's walking!" she called happily

2/26/2012 #10

"Holy shit!" Amour exclaimed. Kaoru whipped out a camera, and he and Hikaru cheered Charlie on.

2/26/2012 #11

Claudia bent down arms held out as Charlie toddled into them giggling

3/1/2012 #12

Tamaki "Aww!"ed and went on dramatically about family or something. Yuzuru's phone beeped and he announced "The ceremony starts in half an hour!" before heading off to do whatever. Amour and Tamaki re-attached themselves to the door.

3/2/2012 #13

Claud sighed "Serously guys?" she asked them bouncing Charlie in her arms

3/2/2012 #14

"We're not leaving!" they cried stubbornly.

"You two-"

"-are worse than we are."


3/2/2012 #15

Claud rolled her eyes as Charlie giggled

3/2/2012 #16

"Come on sempais." Harusaid poke up "It's not the end of the world."

3/2/2012 #17

Claud nodded agreeing with Haruhi

3/3/2012 #18

"But it is!" Tamaki wailed.

"It is!" Amour echoed.

3/3/2012 #19
"Really? I don't see the earth breaking" Claud said
3/3/2012 #20

"Pshh, that's Hollywood make-believe." Amour replied "the real reason for the apocalypse is 'cause the sun is gonna go out and explode in one of those supernova thingies."

3/3/2012 #21

rikki stayed silent as she sat down near the window

3/3/2012 #22

Claud sighed as Charlie squealed kicking out

3/3/2012 #23

"Someone's being dramatic." a dry voice commented, revealing a wavy-haired brunette with violet eyes.

"El! I missed you!" Amour exclaimed, unlatching herself from the door.

"Ditto!" the taller brunette exclaimed, and hugged Amour. The brunette then sighed, saying "Hey Tama! If you don't let go of the door, a ninja's gonna chop your head off!", making the blonde jump off of the door.

3/3/2012 #24

Claud looked at Tama and shook her head at him though managed a small smile as Charlie reached out to him squealing

3/3/2012 #25

"So, this is our awesomely evil cousin Élizabeth." Amour introduced.

"Hey there Charlie." Tamaki smiled, reaching down at the infant.

"She's so cute!" Éli exclaimed with a happy squeal.

3/3/2012 #26

Charlie cooed at the word cute as Claudia introduced her self "Hi I'm Claudia ,but everyone calls me Claud"

3/3/2012 #27

"Nice to meet you." Elizabeth smiled "Obviously you just learned my name, but call me whatever you want."

3/3/2012 #28

"Kay Lizbit" CLaud siad smieling

((THat's what I call my friend whose name is also Elizabeth))

3/3/2012 #29

Elizabeth gave a little laugh, which startled Tamaki into his emo corner. He eyed her suspiciously, ready to flee the room at the slightest sign of a prank.

The moment was interrupted when everyone's phones beeped, signaling that they had to make their way to the ceremony hall.

3/3/2012 #30
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