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Versa Deveraux
Vice says the wrong thing to Nekozawa before his friend heads to spend a month in Russia and gets turned into a three year old. See how different he was as a bany and how much Trouble a baby ninja can cause.
6/26/2012 #1
Versa Deveraux
In the host club room, it was empty, nobody had gotten there yet. It was nice and quiet. That is until the sound of a crying baby filled the air and echoed through the halls.
6/26/2012 #2
I Was ChibiNeko
Ehron was walking through the halls, toward the host club room. She had become familiar with the room, so that's one of her preferred places. She walked to the door, but her hand faltered at the handle when she heard... Was that a baby?!... She yanked the door open, and found a toddler -maybe about three- sitting and crying in the host club room.
6/26/2012 #3
Versa Deveraux
The toddler had soft black hair and teary red eyes. He sat in a pile of clothes similar to a certain assasins. He had a little bruise on his forehead and was an adorable sight to see.
6/26/2012 #4
I Was ChibiNeko
Ehron walked over to the baby, wondering if it was a prank pulled by the twins, or some shpiel from Tamaki. But, looking closer... "VICE?!?!"
6/26/2012 #5
Versa Deveraux
The baby looked tearily up her still crying and held his forehead. ,"owwie" the mini-vice whimpered.
6/26/2012 #6
I Was ChibiNeko
Ehron turned to gush. "I LOVE KIDS!" she picked up baby Vice and twirled him around. "...Oh. Um. Right..." She put him back down. "Okay... Let's see... You need clothes, first off..." then she faltered. "Wait... HOW AM I SO CALM ABOUT THIS?! MY FRIEND IS A BABY FOR FUCK'S SAKE!" she paced.
6/26/2012 #7
Versa Deveraux
Little vice whimpered and held his ears. "TOO WOUD!"
6/26/2012 #8
I Was ChibiNeko
Ehron stopped yelling. "Sorry!" She was melted by the adorableness of the baby... Er, Vice... Her thought process turned awkward for her, so instead she picked him up, and tried to find logic in her own mind. Failing, she asked baby Vice a question. "Vice... How did you... Get this way?"
6/26/2012 #9
Versa Deveraux
He tilted his little head with a cute confused look when he saw a curse doll and reached at it gurgling. "DOWWY! Wan' dowwy!"
6/26/2012 #10

"...What the hell's going on?" Amour asked, entering the room.

6/26/2012 #11
I Was ChibiNeko
Ehron obliged, handing baby Vice the curse doll. Wait... Curse doll... Nekozawa! Shit, what did Vice do to piss HIM off?! Ehron's mind was racing.
6/26/2012 #12
I Was ChibiNeko
Ehron acknowleded Amour. "Well, Vice is a baby now, as you can probably see by examination, and I'm pretty sure it's Nekozawa's fault, seeing as baby Vice has taken an interest in curse dolls."
6/26/2012 #13

"Makes sense." Amour nodded. "I should probably give Nekozawa hell for this, but it's freakin' hilarious." she giggled.

6/26/2012 #14
Versa Deveraux
Vice saw Amour and gasped. "Pwetty! Pwetty!" He said poonting and hugging his doll, which had a note attatched to it.
6/26/2012 #15

"Hell yeah I am! But what's this...?" she trailed off, taking the note.

6/26/2012 #16
I Was ChibiNeko
Ehron held on to baby Vice, and peered over Amour's shoulder to read the note.
6/26/2012 #17
Versa Deveraux
Note- vice, you were saying how much you hated that you didn't have a good childhood so i'm giving the chance to have one. Have fun. Umihito. Vice saw his brother enter behind amour. "Dada!" He giggled reaching to him
6/26/2012 #18

"Huh?" Tamaki asked "Who is-"

Amour, having what she thought was a brilliant idea, spoke up before anyone could answer truthfully. "Hey Tama! So, this is probably pretty important and someone should've told you earlier, but Haruhi gave birth last week and she says the kid's yours! Happy parenting!"

6/26/2012 #19
Versa Deveraux
Vice was squirming in ehrons arms trying to get to Tamaki and fell hitting his head and bursting into tears. 'OWWWWWWWIIIIEEE!"
6/26/2012 #20
I Was ChibiNeko
Ehron looked at Amour. "No. That is a TERRIBLE idea, Amour. Think hard about Tamaki as a parent for a sec." she turned her arms so that Tama couldn't reach for Vice. "I am, however, slightly tempted, because when I walked in, he didn't call ME pretty..." she glared at Vice, but soon found she couldn't stay mad at little kids for long.
6/26/2012 #21

"Wha- bu- I- and-" Tamaki stuttered. He started eroding away, but came back to earth when he heard Vice crying. He immediately picked up the infant, going into mushy-parent-I-don't-even-know mode.

6/26/2012 #22
Versa Deveraux
Vice hiccuped, his little body shaking as he cried. "Huwwwwtts dada!!" He whimpered crying more as a bump the size of a big marble grew on the infants head
6/26/2012 #23
I Was ChibiNeko
Ehron walked over to Tamaki, gently (yeah right, would have been easier with a crowbar) took Vice back, and said "Tamaki, you aren't a parent. This is Vice."
6/26/2012 #24
Versa Deveraux
Vice cried louder "WAN' DADA!"
6/26/2012 #25

"But Amour said-"

"Messing with you is fun." she interrupted with a smile.

"But how did this-"


"Can I-"

"No, we don't want him to be even more messed up than he already is."

"Stop doing-"

"But it's fun!"

6/26/2012 #26
Versa Deveraux
Vice bit ehron until she dropped him and he crawled quickly to his 'dada' and reach up to him.
6/26/2012 #27
I Was ChibiNeko
Ehron bent down and whispered to Vice. "If he was your dad, then you would be a messed up kid. He can be your uncle... Amour is your aunt... I will be your single mother!" Ehron struck a Alex Armstrong-like pose.
6/26/2012 #28

Tamaki grabbed chibi!Vice when Ehron struck the pose and declared "I'll be the best father in the world!"

6/26/2012 #29
I Was ChibiNeko
Ehron pouted. "But if I'm his mom that makes you my husband! Awkward!"
6/26/2012 #30
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