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Got this idea from a favorite author of mine. In this forum, you can write requests on Idolmaster fanfics you'd like someone to write, or write a fanfic on someone's request yourself! Wanna know more? Take a look inside!
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Konnichiwa, minna! (Hello, everyone!) ^_^

This is a place where you can post Idol Challenges. Anyone is allowed to post a challenge, and anyone can respond, no matter how many responses there already are.

How do these challenges work, exactly? You start by thinking of an idea for an (Idolmaster) fanfiction you would like written. Then you post the idea here, and anyone can respond to your challenge. RESPONSES cannot be posted here. Responses are actual fanfics that were inspired by a challenge.

All challenges MUST have titles. It doesn't have to be anything great, it's not a real story title or anything. The titles are just so you can tell different challenges apart.

More about responses to challenges: Responses are just normal fanfics responding to a challenge. They would have their own title and summary and everything, although you can include in the summary 'Response to (.....) challenge by (.....).

Challenges can be as simple as something like, "I want a ToumaxOC story that takes place before Touma became an idol," to way more complicated stuff involving requirements such as certain characters or pairings that must be included, or things that should not be in it, or anything else you want. Just remember to add a name to your challenge.

If you want people to notify you when they respond to your challenge, you can include something like: "I'd like anyone who responds to my challenge to PM me to let me know, if you don't mind."

Absolutely anyone can create challenges, and respond to other people's challenges. Or your own challenges, too, for that matter, if you wish. You can post as many challenges as you want, and anyone can respond to anyone else's challenge; it doesn't matter if there's already a response.

But THIS topic is strictly for CHALLENGES only. There's another topic for you to post the title of a story you wrote responding to a challenge on this topic. Or if you want you can PM me with your story title and pen name, along with the challenge title, and I'll add it to the list myself.

That's all you need to know for Ink Challenges Posts. DISCLAIMER: RULES AND ____CHALLENGES IDEA CAME FROM Goldenrose704. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

Ganbatte! (Good luck!)

12/6/2011 #1
Cinderella Girl626

Can you make a story about Yayoi and Chihaya on a shopping trip or something for the studio? Or maybe it's a dinner party and they were chosen to get the food. Just have them interecta nd have a good time and stuff and have some fun.

I don't care about the title.

12/6/2011 #2

Challenge Title: Touma x My OC

Okay, my OC's name is Ehime Murakami, and this is her history:

Two years ago, she was just like any other girl at her school: squealing at cute boys, obsessing over ultra kawaii and pink stuff, and excited about wearing high heels. Then she met Satoshi. They eventually liked each other, and went out. After a while, Satoshi transfered schools and kept in touch with Ehime. One day, Ehime's friend was heartbroken after being dumped by her boyfriend (who is Satoshi's friend). Seeing how hurt her friend was, she decided to tell the guy off. Just to ** Ehime, he told her that Satoshi would do the same thing; in fact, he was "going out" with someone at his new school. Not usually gullible, Ehime kept calling Satoshi's new number, but he wouldn't pick up (he forgot to give her his new number). She then believed her friend's ex and wrote to Satoshi that she's dumping him before he dumps her (Okay, I'm starting to think I'm sounding stupid). She then decides she looks acts too gullible that she could easily be hit on, soo she changes from girly, to preppy sporty-boyish. Days later, Satoshi wrote back to her that he understands her doubt in him and wrote that they should move on because of easy misunderstandings over long-distance, and that he's afraid he won't be there and make her happy in times when she needs him. He ends with an "I loved you very much.", leaving Ehime crying, angry at herself and confused. Since then, she kept in touch with Satoshi as friends, but she started hating boys because of their common flaws: how confusing they are at times, how they just toy with girl's hearts, and why they obsess over things they like in such a weird way (like obsessing over sports). She decides not to change back (to a girly girl) to her old self to be more strong and intimidate looking, but cannot change that she is really sensitive.

She gets into Namuko Pro (765 Pro), and eventually meets Jupiter and hates Touma, but I want them to end up together. Main requirement is: Touma HAS to fall for Ehime and vise versa, but being both tsundere, it will have to progress slow.

If you have any questions, need more info about Ehime or the plot, or want more about what I would like to happen (I'll PM my ideas to you, anyway) PLEASE! PM me!

12/6/2011 #3

Pairing: Hokuto x Yoshida (my oc)

Genre: romance/humor

Title: whatever you want

Plot: Hokuto tries many times to ask Yoshida on a date, but she rejects him every time. Hokuto tries ridiculous ways to get her to go out with him. They end up together at the end. Add some Touma x Takane or Shouta x Yayoi or any other couple if you would like. ^_^

info about my oc-

Name: Yoshida Miharu

Hair/eye color: black dyed red at ends/purple with flecks of electric blue

hari style: sraight, goes to upper back, bangs cover right eye

Personality: mischievious, prankster, matchmaker, acts a bit like Shouta, energetic, stubborn, pushy, confident, jokingly conceited, tom boy

Clothing style: punk/rocker chick/lolita

Well, I hope whoever replies to this will enjoy writing! Arigatou!

12/16/2011 #4
Alice Baka
I want a haruka x chihaya fic i takes when haruka stay in chihaya place genre : romance, humor title : lovely night (lol)
1/30/2012 #5

I have a challenge in mind. A story about Makoto and Yukiho that focuses on their relationship together as best friends, and also having an adventure along the way.

Title: The Search for The Producer

Summary: After spending the morning practicing with everyone at the studio, Makoto and Yukiho spend the rest of the day hanging out together, and by the end of the day, Yukiho invites Makoto to spend the night at her place, and gladly accepts the invite. The next day, When they head to the studio, they find that the Producer has gone missing, and when he has an important meeting to attend to in three days, Makoto and Yukiho work together to find the Producer so that he can attend the meeting. If he doesn't, it could spell the end of the 765 Pro.

Genre: Friendship & Suspense

If anyone can respond to my challenge, and write this story, I'd really appreciate it.

2/6/2012 #6

Could someone make a story of my OCXTouma please?

Genre: romance/humor

Title: whatever you would like

The plot could be that Touma gets into a bet with Hokuto and Shouta saying that if he couldn't go on a date with one of the idols from 765 Pro and give her a good time, then he would have to pay each of them 2,000 yen and do an embarrassing act. The date could be whatever comes to mind.

My OC's name is Mallory Satonaka, she is 16 years old and has short dark brown and brown eyes.

Her personality is kind, nice, brave, smart, resourceful, can be a bit blunt on things, mean when she needs to be and willing to help people if they need it as well as giving attitude if necessary, loves exercising and shopping for new clothes.

Her image color is Palatinate Purple.

Her favorite food is creme puffs and sweet crepes, has never had a boyfriend and is a bit bitter at 961 Pro due to the lies that they say about 765 Pro.

If someone does take my challenge, please let me know :)

6/9/2012 . Edited 8/27/2012 #7

Bit ambitious here but I am thinking about the creation of a crossover story between The Idolmaster and some western TV show or novel series or perhaps and Idolmaster's spin on the TV show

Doesn't really matter what the title or genre of the story is but it has to crossover with a western TV show. Some I had in mind are:



The X-Files

Hannah Montana

Harry Potter

Doctor Who


High School Musical

CSI (any show in the franchise)

NCIS (tricky but I think it can be pulled off)


Those are some ideas perhaps you can come up with your own

I hope this type of story is worthy of being a challenge and well I was thinking about writing it but I don't mind if someone else writes it

6/27/2012 . Edited 7/12/2012 #8
Hi. I would like to post a challenge. Touma/OC (Hotomi Tsukino) Touma is 21 in this and Hotomi is 22. Hotomi is a young popular manga artist; the manga is called EdeN (Anyone know the reference of that name?) They share an apartment. Touma walks into her manga studio room in the apartment and finds a h*** doujinshi she made about them and she walks in on him reading it. P.S. They haven't done it yet.;)
10/26/2012 #9
Bad one

There is a massive lack of Haruka/Chihaya fanfiction so would be nice to see an addition.

A bit more action is welcomed but otherwise I'm fine with any positive story or one shot

11/3/2012 #10
Hi I'm Brianna can you please do a Makoto/Oc story for me please as she was an idol but the challenge is how to get them together and talk to each other more.It's a romance/humor story. My OC Name: Brianna Age: 16 Appearance: beautiful shoulder length light blonde hair light blue eyes. Wears a sky blue heart hairclip on the right side if her hair Outfit: wears a short sky blue one shoulder dress with black leggings and blue heels. Sometimes a sky blue one shoulder top that shows her stomach and a sky blue skirt with black leggings and blue heels Occupation: Idol Birthday: July 28 History: Brianna is a new girl at 765 production. She is nice really sweet kind respectful helpful talented beautiful popular(nice kind) caring smart and flexible. She gets along with everyone. She is best friends with Makoto, Miki, Chihaya, Hibiki, Azua, Yukiho, Hakura, Ami and Mami, and Kotori. She has been singing her whole life. She is very close with Makoto but they don't talk much. She is talented in singing dancing only in breakdancing ballet and hip hop and a skilled fighter. She does all her work. When she is free she practices on dancing and singing more. She is outgoing so she hangs out with her friends too. She is really fun to hang out with. She likes to cheerlead as well at school. She is head cheerleader and she puts some of her dance moves in her cheer. She is also hard working.
6/30/2013 #11
Title: The New Girl!*
6/30/2013 #12
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