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The Forum for The Celestia vs The World. No longer accepting Mainstream OCs as of April First, 2012. But stick around! Chatting, Role-Playing and even Custom Card making is available. Why leave empty handed, right?
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Xen Kenshin

Well, I figured that this was manditory to create...

1) All of the rules of FanFiction are in effect on this forum.

2) Plagirism will not be tolerated.

3) If you notice a mistake (say i spelled 'plagirism' wrong) don't make a huge fuss about it, or try to intentionally hurt someone's feelings. That, too, will not be tolerated.

4) I'm not a huge fan of profanity and neither is this website, if i read the Terms of Service right. Try not to use more than two or three of the 'major' vulgarities in a single post. This also applies to racism, sexism etc...

5) If you feel that I have neglected or forgotten something, please, let me know! (although this is more of a request than a rule)

6) Show respect to others, the forum and most of all, yourself.

7) Please consult every thread and learn the appropriate rules of each category. The OC deck thread explains what your character's deck can and cannot contain, the OC Submission thread has an extensive explanation of the OC submission process... etc...

DISCLAIMERS: DO NOT EXPECT YOUR OC TO WIN EVERY DUEL (Both in the RP and the story) That would go against the 'No god-modding' policy here.

ALL OCS THAT ARE APPLIED will be evaluated thoroughly by myself and staff and their owner will be sent reviews privately for clarification and or revision.

OC DECKS follow an adjustable 'One Of' rule. This means unless the cards effect calls for card multiples (Masked Dragon, Slash Draw etc...) you can only have one copy of that card in the deck. This creates a larger possibilty for creative and unexpected combinations that will make duels more exciting. Besides, I am trying to inspire some more Original/Custom Cards.

You will only be given ONE WARNING prior to your banning/removal from this forum. This rule is absolute.

REMINDERS: Do check the ADMIN UPDATES thread every now and again for important information regarding the forum.

12/6/2011 . Edited 1/2/2013 #1

Template to what? How to run the forum? I can't type up a procedural document to give a guide on every case you may come across; but there are essential things anyone should know when running a forum... Since this is a discussion forum: remember that activity will be on and off (fluctuating with your updates).

First and foremost: A discussion/chat thread is REQUIRED. Fans of your story(ies) could come together and discuss their thoughts, possible outcomes, hypothetical situations, and whether they think the story is getting better or not - most likely just discuss things they'd love to see. But honestly (and sadly) many of the applicants for OC stories like this are... Less than desirable. But I'll sure a few brave souls will venture to this forum!

-Of course you still need to provide a link for easy access to your readers. The very top of your profile is easiest; be sure to place in BIG BOLD LETTERS in your next chapter where it is!

Second: Custom cards are tricky to judge. You both need a good sense of anime cards versus real life - a 'balanced' card is not always ideal though! Tilting toward 'weaker'/'situational' or 'OP' can be good things since your story is a controlled environment. I can post some of my cards to give examples if you'd like. I'm placing emphasis on this because I KNOW 90% of the YGO fanbase enjoys nothing more than drowning someone in custom cards. Dear god do they...

Third: Remember that as admin - the originator of the forum - you hold the power of a tyrant. What is most important is not to flaunt it. Socialize with members a little (if you can find time), let them get accustomed to you; but still remain the figure of authority. It becomes easier as time goes on. Your moderators should be people fully capable and trustworthy of executing duties given to them without orders or being questioned later; acting Independently. If an argument breaks out - be sure to put your foot down and stick to your decision until the other party regains a calmer state of mind. The WORST thing to do is use logic against someone angry (composure goes out the window).

Fourth: ... Enjoy yourself. Don't take everything on here too seriously. Otherwise you'll drive yourself mad. ^^;

12/15/2011 #2
Xen Kenshin

While I support having everyone support one another, we do have to understand that this is a place for people to post their original characters, cards, etc... in confidence and security. I'm not speaking only of plagiarism, but also about trying to force your ideas onto someone else. While I am highly doubtful this would happen, it still needs to be known that this will not be tolerated, nor will any other forms of abuse. Abusers will be barred from this forum and, depending on the severity, reported to the authoritative personal of

Because only Maximilian Pegasus can steal people's souls and have the bodies do whatever he wants.

3/4/2012 . Edited 10/22/2012 #3
Xen Kenshin


The rules for this Forum and the rules of Fanfiction are always in effect.

The basis of the RP rules and regulations can be summed up as "The Three C's".

1) Communication: We need to discuss the plot and coenciding events. We need to plan duels. We need to make witty and sometimes snarky one liners.

2) Consistency: Because even if we had ten thousand people willing and able to RP and a flawless script, no progress would be made if every one vanished after a post or two or failed to follow up.

3) Congress: Everything has to be in moderation, including some things that you may not like personally. We, as a group, will decide upon plot and after that, those involved with the current scenes will have to take responsibilty into their own hands when it comes to progressing the story (Administrative procedures and uty will always be in effect and up to myself). And, just to be clear about this now, don't expect your character to win every duel they're in.

5/4/2012 . Edited 10/22/2012 #4
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