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Tally@Ariana Shay has seen him already?

*runs after her* Ariana, wait!

Josie@Tally *skips after her wanting to see the show with her eyes closed of course because Dominic taught her*

4/29/2012 #5,971
jalan atthirari anni x3

Katelyn@Ariana: how have things with you been?

Owen@Morgan: I know that... I think I'll do it tomorrow. (or whenever fleur gets here)

4/29/2012 #5,972

Mason@Shay: So I heard you two got married.

4/29/2012 #5,973

Ariana@Tally: Yep.

So let's go.


Ariana@Katelyn: Pretty good, the girls are growing up so fast, seems like only yesterday I was living here.


Morgan@Owen: Good luck, man.


Shay@Mason: Yeah.

4/29/2012 #5,974

Mason@Shay: Cool.

I almost got married...

4/29/2012 #5,975

Shay@Mason: To who?

4/29/2012 #5,976

Tally@Ariana *follows after her, dress bouncing and pony tail swinging her flats clacking down the hall*

Josie@Ariana So, Ariana, was Mason all googly eyed for Tally-kins over here? *giggles*

Tally@Josie If you don't stop it I'll lock you in a closet for a month. *glares*

Josie@Tally *grins over at her* You know you love him, don't deny it.

Tally@Joise One more word and I swear I'll do it.

Joise@Tally Mason. *says quickly skipping ahead of her*

4/29/2012 #5,977
jalan atthirari anni x3

Katelyn@Ariana: well, I have my phone so if you need me for anything, just give me a ring.

Owen@Morgan: thanks. *smiles*

4/29/2012 #5,978

Ariana@Josie: Well his mouth hit rock bottom when I told him she was alive.

And you shoulda seen the look in his eyes when I said she got married!

4/29/2012 #5,979

Ariana@Katelyn: Thanks, Katie~

Morgan@Owen: See you later.

4/29/2012 #5,980

Mason@Shay: Um... Amaryllis. We didn't really work out, though...

4/29/2012 #5,981

Shay@Mason: Seeing anyone now?

4/29/2012 #5,982

Mason@Shay: Yeah.

4/29/2012 #5,983

Shay@Mason: *slowly*

Does she have a name?

4/29/2012 #5,984

Josie@Ariana *skips up to her grinning*

Oh really? Tell me more~ *winks*

Tally@Both *catches up to them and shoves them both*

God dammit, will you two stop it already! *glares*

4/29/2012 #5,985
jalan atthirari anni x3

Katelyn@Ariana: no problem. *smiles* thanks for everything Ariana.

Owen@Morgan: bye. *walks away*

4/29/2012 #5,986

Mason@Shay: Her name's Ilse. She's, uh... great.

4/29/2012 #5,987

(Why did he say it like that? ewe)

4/29/2012 #5,988

(Because it's a very awkward subject to talk about with your ex's husband.)

4/29/2012 #5,989

Ariana@Josie: But, man, kid, I can see what your mother saw in that boy.


@Tally: He's right around the corner*

Shay: *hears them and turns*

Here they are.

*hugs Tally, kissing her lightly and leans against the wall in front of Josie*

Hey, Jos.

4/29/2012 #5,990

Mason@Tally: *stands up straight* Tally... *looks her up and down, as if assessing if she's real or not*

4/29/2012 . Edited 4/29/2012 #5,991

Tally@Mason *swallows just kinda looking at him her eyes wide*

Josie@Shay If only I had some popcorn...

*smirks over at him*

Tally@Josie *glare of death*

Josie@Tally *puts hands up defensively and walks over to Mason*

@Mason Good to see you again, Mason.

*motions to Tally* She's nervous.

4/29/2012 #5,992

Shay@Josie: I'll go pop some for us.


4/29/2012 #5,993

Josie@Shay *mouths* Get butter too~

Tally@Shay *hits him*

4/29/2012 #5,994

Mason@Josie: *looks over at her* Josie... Wow, you've grown.

*looks back to Tally*

The feeling is mutual... *gulps nervously*

4/29/2012 #5,995

Tally@Mason *steps in front of Josie*

Hey Mason... how are... things?

4/29/2012 #5,996

Mason@Tally: They've... been rough. But I'm still alive, so that's good. *smiles awkwardly*

4/29/2012 #5,997

Shay@Josie: *whispers*

You can practically feel the tension.

4/29/2012 #5,998

Tally@Mason *smiles, holding back a laugh*

Well, I'm alive too and that's good also.

Wow, so much in common~

4/29/2012 #5,999

(Maddie: are you aware of the situation in D2???)

4/29/2012 #6,000
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