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KT Franco-O'Brien

For Fleur, Claire, and the other drama people to RP out their drama..

Or so I'm told :P

Ask them!

6/18/2012 #1

I walked in.

The room was a disgusting pale orange color.

I wept.

6/18/2012 #2

*points accusingly* FLEUR DID IT! :3

6/18/2012 #3
XxAccount InactivexX

Episode 1; Season 1;



I step off the plane; my sunhat guarding me from the harmful sun. I glance around; this having been the first time, since I was a young-faced stripper, that I had set foot in my hometown. I glanced around; when...*Dramatic gasp*


Fleur's the main character; b*tches XD)

6/18/2012 #4



6/18/2012 #5

Can I be the antagonist?!?!

6/18/2012 #6
shekh ma shieraki anni


bleh nvm hannah already called it)

6/18/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #7


6/18/2012 #8

Can I tell you guys a story from my child hood? :3

6/18/2012 #9
shekh ma shieraki anni

(can we be bitchy bffs then?)

6/18/2012 #10

Hell yes! You can be my dog :3

6/18/2012 #11
KT Franco-O'Brien

( This sounds so entertaining o-o )

6/18/2012 #12
XxAccount InactivexX


# 1: My idea!

# 2: I always play the main-girl!

# 3:

This b*tch says so XD)


You can be creepy antagonist twins XD)

6/18/2012 #13

I was stretched out on the beach, listening to the dramatic sigh of the ocean.

I wept.

I thought of my husband who had died in the navy.

I wept.

I ate a croissant.

Then wept.

6/18/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #14

Can I be the b*tch who freaks out when she doesn't get her way?

That'd be easy for me ;3

6/18/2012 #15
shekh ma shieraki anni

(yay!! :))

6/18/2012 #16
KT Franco-O'Brien

( Can I play sommeetthiinngg? Plleeaasseeee? :3 )

6/18/2012 #17
XxAccount InactivexX


You have to play love interest # 1; have him sneak up on my girl; whom he hasn't seen since he was a playboy who liked to visit strip-clubs XD)

6/18/2012 #18
KT Franco-O'Brien

( What's the plot line? lol )

6/18/2012 #19

NO! *shuns Katie*

6/18/2012 #20
XxAccount InactivexX


You can play more than one XD




You can play my charrie's best-friend XD

Sassy, or cynical...your pick XD)

6/18/2012 #21
KT Franco-O'Brien

( Katie: *Cries in a corner* )

6/18/2012 #22

Fleur- And his name is? XD

6/18/2012 #23
KT Franco-O'Brien

( Why not both? lol XD )

6/18/2012 #24

FLEUR! The Charrie list:


Protagonist's stalker/lover: Claire

Racist: Katie


Hannah's b*tchy friend: Julia

6/18/2012 #25
XxAccount InactivexX

(My character is: Fleur Isabelle Delacour.

She was once a stripper who earned lots of money when her father struck oil out west.

But he died; shot by an assassin (Zoey)

Who my character fell in love with when she went to claim the money; but came back to her home-town; where she sees her old crush.

Then the evil people come in and YEAH IT'S A DRAMA XD)

6/18/2012 #26
XxAccount InactivexX

(Claire: Clark XD)

(Katie: Ooh, good idea ;D)

6/18/2012 #27

So I'm the old crush? XD

Can his name be Johnny? That seems dramatic xD

6/18/2012 #28
shekh ma shieraki anni

(my character: Julia Eden Sykes (yeah i love the wanted now)

used to be sweet and innocent

turned into a b*tch after she got lost in an amusement park when she was 5 (yes this happened to me but i didnt become a b*tch)

and then met Hannah and has been bffs ever since :))

6/18/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #29

(My Character is: Hannah Eliane Mazursky (Mah-zoo-ski

She is an alcoholic who lost her husband to diabetes while he was serving in the navy. Her best friend (Julia) has drinking parties with her on the beach.

Her daughter (Abby) is best friends with the local racist (Katie)

She then meets a male prostitute (Maddie) Whom she decides to teach about the wonders of Buddism.

6/18/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #30
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