witch and wizard rp of awesome sause
just another rp of the epic book witch and wizard by james patterson so plz join if you could :
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AlyKat 98

if you have some ocs you want to bring in come and go through the challenge of tell us about him/her




specices: (yes im alowing aliens into the rp :3 and maybe some animals if you want)


discuise: (if have one)


backround: (like there past and stuff)

other: (this is for additonal information)

and plz put down your character here with this list and have fun here :D

12/8/2011 . Edited 12/9/2011 #1
AlyKat 98

(im gonna add some of my characters if anyone is watching T_T)

name: aly

gender: female

age: 13

species: human

appearance: dark brown wavy hair, brown eyes covered by black pupils, taned skin, a blue t shirt that says 'chillin with my peeps' and has three peeps with sun glasses on top of the words, dark blue boot cut jeans, blue and white sneakers, and glasses with a purple frame

discuise: none

personality: random, weird, funny, likes to kick @$$ is both good and evil, trustworthy, loves kids, nice, tends to have anger issues, and quiet sometimes

backround: broke out of the new order prison and is looking for safty

other: her good side over powers her evil so she is nice

name: lin

gender: female

age: unknown

species: irken sir unit

appearance: a small silver robot with magenta eyes, a anttena with a magenta orb on top, a magenta rectangle in the middle of her chest, and two little magenta orbs that conencts her arms to her body.

discuise: a black cat with white paws

personality: sweet, innocent, random, and loyal

backround: a helper to aly in missions

other: loves her cupcakes

12/9/2011 #2

Name: Jenna Sophia DeLaney

Gender: Girl

Age: Sixteen

Species: Human/Witch

Appearance: Long red curls all the way to her ankles because they've never been cut, one emerald green and one violet eye, both flecked with gold, and always wears a New Order uniform.

Disguise: She likes to morph into anything. She usually goes out as herself, except with her violet eye disguised as green, but when it's time for the kill, she turns into a monster.

Personality: She first appears kind and sweet, but if you get on her bad side or she has been ordered to kill you, it's pretty much over.

Backround: Her parents died when she was young, before the New Order. In the orphanage, The One visited, and he sensed she had power rivaling his own, or she would when she honed it. He brainwashed her, though not completely, to work for the New Order and trained her to be a killing machine.

Other: May she be on the Council of Ones? If so, she is The One Who Instills Fear, for her reputation as a killer not afraid to get her hands dirty. She is completely loyal to The One now, but the child deep, deep inside her soul screams to be set free. She is also a curve.

Name: Michael Jacob Smith

Gender: Male

Age: Sixteen

Species: Human/Wizard

Appearance: Always-messy black hair and choclate brown eyes. He mostly wears dark colors, though not just black and dark blue and brown and colors like that, red and dark orange and stuff like that too, also always wears dark jeans. He has a spike bracelet around his right wrist.

Disguise: During raids, different diguises, depending on the raid.

Personality: Weird, though likeable and friendly. He can sometimes see far into the future, but he has never told anyone what he sees.

Background: His mother and father were distinguished as wiccans and killed immediately when the New Order took over. He escaped the New Order prison and joined the Resistance. He was friends with Jenna before she was taken away to an orphanage and before the New Order took over. He met her new, wicked self once after, and he was one of the only ones to escape with their life after facing her. He now wants to help her get back to her old self, as he has seen she is not completely brainwashed.

Other: He has a shape-shifting curve wolf named Gylph, who is his reliable companion. He is a curve himself.

Name: Gylph Smith

Gender: Female

Age: Two years

Species: Shape-shifting Curve Wolf

Appearance: White with gray tints and an especially fluffy tail and green eyes

Disguise: A pure white hound with a pink bow around her neck for scouting missions and visits to the capital.

Personality: Loyal and brave, you could trust her with your very life. She will always fight until the end, no matter what the end may be.

Background: Michael found her, abandoned, when she was just a pup, only a few days old. He nursed her back to health, and they have been best friends ever siunce, always sticking by each other. She discovered her powers when the New Order police came to arrest Michael and his family.

Other: Has a soft spot for pork and bones, like any dog. She can also talk to others through their minds.

Hi! I'm Kaori Koriryu, but you can call me Kaori (which means 'sweet frangrance') or Koriryu (which means 'ice dragon'), whichever you prefer. I am ready to help this rp on its way! Kaori Koriryu, reporting for duty!

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Alice Konzern
Name:: Isadora Lora Age::13 Species::human witch Looks::short, thin, pale, black hair, red eyes, goth Personality::bitter but sometimes sweet, mean, bipolor-ish, tough Bio::Isadora is a witch craft expert. She's extreamly good at it. Isadora loves writing. Almost nothing can stop her Other:: She writes nonstop. She loves cooking. She also loves music.
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AlyKat 98

apporved for both welcome :)

12/11/2011 #5
Thanks! Now... Hmm... Where is the rp topic?
12/11/2011 #6
AlyKat 98
Oh sorry bout that ^^; i will get it posted
12/11/2011 #7
AlyKat 98

i forgot to add one thing about lin she is a shape shifting robot she can change into anything

12/12/2011 #8

Name: A***




Appearance:Black hair, short, black skulled shirt, gray basketball shorts

Disguise: noneOther

Personality: A*** has a Leeroy Jenkins type personality

Backround:his home was invaded by soldiers at age 13, he escaped before they could catch him. he studied magic and destroyed all soldiers that tried to destroy him.

Other: two empty pistols( he creates bullets as a spell) Uses shockwave spell(says like a boss as a warning)

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