witch and wizard rp of awesome sause
just another rp of the epic book witch and wizard by james patterson so plz join if you could :
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AlyKat 98

suddenly lin goes to wake up aly. "uh what?" aly asks a little sleepy. "i know a way to get out of here." lin says and aly gets off of her bed and lin turns into her robot self and prys open the metal bars. "well i see your strengh has increased." aly says and carrys the small robot and goes out of the cell.

12/14/2011 #61

Michael felt cold grip him as he stepped out of the gates. Jenna was now watching him closely. She pointed a finger out into the streets. "Go back, and tell no one of your experience here. You are of no use to us." Michael was shocked at her harsh tone, but nodded numbly and began to run through the streets. He was free once again!

12/14/2011 #62
AlyKat 98

lin and aly walk around the prison in search.

12/14/2011 #63
When he was a few feet away from Jenna, he began to change. She was usin her magic to make him into a peregrine falcon! He lifted himself into the air on steady wings and decided to make a fly-by past the prisons, which, by now, were probably well-restocked.
12/14/2011 #64
AlyKat 98

aly and lin were still searching but had a few close calls on guards.

12/14/2011 #65
Michael, with Gylph also in falcon-form, peered through the bars of the cells. "Anyone we know?" Gylph asked.
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AlyKat 98

lin and aly found five little children that were sobing it looked like they were not brainwashed at all so lin anylized them if they had eaten any chocolate. luckly they havent even ate it aly and lin help them out of there cells and with that they all go outside without anyone seeing them and lin jumps out of alys arms and turns into a van and everyone goes in.

12/14/2011 #67
Michael shook his head and headed for Freeland. "Not yet. But who knows?"
12/14/2011 #68
AlyKat 98

(sorry for the long wait)

aly and lin make it to garfunkels with the children they found and lin goes back into her robot state. "well your sences were wrong this time lin." aly says patting lins head. "i know..." lin says glumly. "aw its ok lin how about we go find you some cupcakes." aly says trying to comfort her robot and lin puts on a bright smile. "YAY!!" lin shouts out and runs into the buliding with with kids.

12/17/2011 #69

As Michael's taloned feet touched the ground in front of Garfunkel's, he and Gylph transformed back. The wolf ran up to Michael and smiled. 'Well, that was fun.'

12/18/2011 #70
AlyKat 98

(sorry i had the internet on and off)

lin still in her robot form was eating ten cupcakes. "um lin i dont remember you having a stomache." aly says. "yes i do." lin says stuffing a cupcake down.

12/24/2011 #71

Michael spotted Lin and Aly. "Hey, guys, anything interesting happen to you?" he asked.

12/26/2011 #72
Alice Konzern
Isadora sits in a white room in a prison. She simply opens the door and leaves the prison. Strangely no one stops her. A few hours later, guards are searching the room. "She's gone" says one guard. Isadora sits in an oak tree miles away.
1/14/2012 #73

Jenna sat on the bed, flipping through the pages of an illegal book. The One knew she had it. He let her borrow it from his collection. It was her favorite book, a mystical tale of adventure and fantasy.


1/28/2012 #74
Alice Konzern
Isadora climbs down and starts walking. She's majorly surprised no one has caught her. She runs all the way to a deep dark forest and climbs another tree.
2/2/2012 #75
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