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Character lists, so we don't getc onfused.

Sat: Yosuke, Naoto, Yukiko, Adachi, Nanako

El: Souji, Kanji, Chie, Dojima

(I'll add the rest once we decide, I guess?)


Adachi Touru hummed to himself, staring up into the lifeless fog that blanketed the small, quiet countryside town. It was peaceful--nice, in a way. If he didn't think about it too much. He liked the city, though, and to tell the truth, he missed it. There, it was so easy just to lose yourself in the crowded city streets. But it's not like there was anything really wrong with Inaba, so far. It was just... boring. The crimes here, if they existed at all some weeks, were just petty little things. Trespassing, shoplifting, the occasional threat of violence.


Nothing compared to what he was used to dealing with.

Sighing wistfully, he fingered the gun in its holster at his belt, and jumped when someone placed a hand on his shoulder, spinning around, eyes wide.

"...Oh, heh. Sorry. I, uh, thought you were... someone else," Adachi excused himself, finishing the sentence rather lamely, rubbing the back of his neck as his face flushed an uncomfortable red in embarrassment.

He'd been noticing that a lot more, actually--he's started thinking about crime a lot more, and now when anythings urprised him, he just went staright to the flight or fight reflex, but that's just silly, because it's just the gas station attendant, and even though he still can't really tell if it's supposed to be a guy or a girl, and that mint green hair is just ridiculous, the man, or woman, he supposes, still enstills a deep feeling of uneasiness and danger in him.

It smiles. The hair on the back of Adachi's neck stands on end.

"That's alright. Welcome to Inaba," it says, and extends a hand, which Adachi stares down at for a moment, apprehension knitting his brow together, but shakes her (he's decided the voice is more feminine than anything else) hand--and suddenly he just feels very sick, but maybe he's just coming down with something. It probably doesn't mean anything. Detective Dojima had the stomach flu the other day, didn't he?

"Can't understand why anyone would want to move here, though," she continues, and shrugs, releasing Adachi's hand. "Sometimes you just wish something interesting would happen, especially for a police detective like you. Almost hoping for a murder case, right? Just hope someone dies, then you won't be so bored, huh?"

And Adachi doesn't really have a response to that, because really--she's right. But she shrugs again, muttering something about getting back to work, and Adachi was left alone.

He stuffed his hands in his pocket, and glanced over hsi shoulder for teh gas station attendant, but she had disappeared, and all he could see was his shadow now, slowly being devoured by the fog.

He looked skyward again, thinking.

"A murder, huh?"

(Okay, maybe skip to Souji arriving at school, or...?)

12/8/2011 #1
The Elder Swear

(Skip to him arriving at school, eh? Sure, why not! I actually like that better than the train station thing. Uh, I guess I'll be the teacher for now, just to make this easier!)

As per usual, Morooka sensei, King Moron to his students, started class by slamming his hand down on the desk and screaming obscenites. "Shut the hell up, you little brats! Keep your damn hands to yourselves! I see that Hanamura, don't make me come over there." Leveling the class with a glare, he gave a slight ave of his hand to the open door.

When nothing happened, he rolled his eyes. "Get in here, ya' dipshit! Class is starting, just cause it's your first day, don't think I won't mark your ass late!"

A tall boy with gray hair quickly entered the class and bobbed his head at the teacher. "Sorry, sensei." He stopped next to Morooka's desk and looked over his future classmates, face relatively blank and composed.

"Well, tell 'em your name, dumbass," Morooka offered when the new comer said nothing for several seconds.

"I'm Seta Souji. I'll be here for the rest of the year." Souji's gaze moved about the room, pausing for just a second on a boy with a large set of headphones draped around his neck. Lips quirking slightly upwards, Souji let his gaze linger for just a second before moving on. "I hope you don't mind me joining your class."

"Alright, alright, we don't need your damn life story. Now put your eyes back in your head! I see you eyeing Satonaka!" Morooka punctuated his sentence with another hand slam and a finger pointed directly into Souji's face, only an inch or two away from his nose.

The girl in front of the interesting guy huffed indignantly and turned bright pink. Her hair was far too short to hide behind, so she settled for glaring at the teacher and shooting Souji a semi-apologetic look.

"Alright, now take a chastiy belt and siddown!" Shaking his head disaprovingly, Morooka grabbed a piece of chalk and began transcribing his rant onto the chalboard instead. "Takin' up my valuable time, damn horny teenagers..." he muttered under his breath, but not very quietly.

Blinking, Souji shrugged and found the girl, Satonaka, waving him towards the empty spot next to her, which happened to be just in front of... Souji smirked to himself as he took the seat, maybe Inaba could be interesting after all.

(Gluh, I don't really like this post... meh, I don't want to get too much into Souji's head, because he just... it doesn't seem right with his character to examine him like that. I dunno... blah, need to sleep...)

12/8/2011 #2

Hanamura Yosuke rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest and sinking back into his seat at Morooka--or Morookin, King Moron, as their class joked--ranting, possibly for the eighth time that week. Or was it the ninth...? No, Yosuke was sure it was more than that, but he'd lost count and in retrospect he supposed it wasn't really that important anyways, so he settled instead on studying the back of the new kid's head, yellow-hazel eyes fixed on the grey bowl cut in front of him.

...Okay, that was just weird. Why the hell would a high schooler have silver hair? Granted, his own hair was a nice shade of red, but his dad said his mother was from America or England or something, he doesn't remember, but it's not like he knew her anyways, so he tries not to think about it too much.

But still. Silver. Was he like, prematurely gray or something? One of Yosuke's uncles was like that, but even he probably wasn't grey in high school.

Yosuke sighed, fiddling idly with his headphones, and, with a quick glance around to make sure no one was watching, he quickly scribbled a note on a piece of paper torn out of his notebook, and crumpling it into a ball, discreetly tossed it onto Souji's desk.

Sorry bout King Moron, he acts like that to everyone. I'm new too, I just transferred at the beginning of the term. Hanamura Yosuke.

12/9/2011 #3
The Elder Swear

Souji blinked at the paper that suddenly landed on his desk. A slight glance over his shoulder told him where it came from, which only served to peak his curiosity. A note from interesting boy already? He glanced up at the teacher, who was currently drawing some sort of diagram about the reasons why all of them were going to hell. Hmm, he probably didn't really need to pay attention to that.

As casually as possible, Souji uncrumpled the paper and scanned it briefly. A small smile tugged at his lips. Giving "King Moron" another quick glance, Souji jotted down a response, recrumpled the paper and tossed it over his shoulder.

Oh, I don't mind, at least he didn't kick me out of class for having hoodlum hair or threaten to call the retriement home and tell them that I had escaped. This is not even close to the worst class introduction. Nice to know someone's more friendly here. I like your headphones, Hanamura.

Souji had briefly considered asking if there was anything fun to do around Inaba, but that might sound as though he was hitting on him. That would have made for an extremely awkward first conversation, so he had decided against it. There would be plenty of time for that later...

12/9/2011 #4

Yosuke fumbled catching the ball of paper, and winced as it hit the floor, reaching frantically for it in case Morooka didn't see. He'd just managed to snatch up the piece of paper when a loud voice erupted form the front of the classroom, and Yosuke's heart sank.


Flushing a rather deep shade of red in embarrassment, Yosuke was miserable and wishing nothing else that that he could die right there and then, because he knew what was coming next.

"Sop passing your goddamn love letters to Seta! Maybe it's a good thing no girl'll look twice at ya, ya horny bastard! Now get back to work and stop interrupting my class!"

Too mortified to even protest, Yosuke just sunk lower and lower in his seat, staring down at his knees resolutely.

12/20/2011 #5
The Elder Swear

Souji winced mostly in sympathy and partially due to the teacher's volume. Okay, so maybe passing notes in class wasn't super mature of them, but the only one who had interrutped class was Morooka, Souji was fairly sure he and Yosuke had been flirting at a reasonable level. No, not flirting, just casually passing notes. He could write love letters that were so much better than that.

After a moment of thought, Souji began doodling in the margin of his notebook and positioned himself so it would be clearly visible to someone behind him. His drawing skills weren't hugely impressive, but he was good enough to draw an exaggerated stick figure that resembled the teacher, overly large teeth included, and a speech bubble saying "Repressed hory bastard, bluh, bluh."

(There should be a "Someone got killed, now go home" announcment soon...)

12/20/2011 #6

Yosuke, however, was too focused in attempting to fade into his chair to notice Souji's (presumed) attempts to make him feel better.

It was just downright humiliating, for starters. Sure, he'd been called out by Morookin before (everyone had, so he wasn't the only one), but the other times had been because he was doodling abstract pen drawings over his class notes or texting Chie under his desk.

This was different.

"Hanamura! Seta!"

Yosuke jumped, eyes wide as he stared up into the face of his teacher. He had obviously caught Souji doodling or something, because as Yosuke watched he had torn a piece of paper out of Souji's notebook, waving it aroudn menacingly.

"I've damn well had it with you two! Get out of my class, you ungrateful--"

Yosuke didn't need to be told twice, because before Morooka could finish his statement, Yosuke had grabbed the strap of his bookbag in one hand, and Souji's arm in the other, near pulling him out of his seat in a mad sprint to the doorway, the teacher's shouted insults chasing them all the way out of the room.

He was so going to fail this term.

12/21/2011 #7
The Elder Swear

Souji barely had time to blink before Morooka had magically appeared next to him and, rather rudely, torn his lovely drawing from him before he had even properly finished it. A bit surprised, he stared up at the teacher, not noticing the movement behind him until Yosuke had grabbed hold of his arm.

Grabbing his backpack as best he could given he only had one free arm, Souji allowed Yosuke to pull him from the classroom. As soon as they were clear of the room, Souji ducked his head, eyes covered by his hair, shoulders shaking silently. Couldn't laugh this close to the door, must look ashamed, must look ashamed, he coached himself. Hopefully an onlooker would mistake his laughter for supressed tears.

Still, he knew his uncle probably wouldn't be too pleased, getting himself kicked out of class only minutes after sitting down. Shoulders still shaking slightly, Souji blew a shaky breath out his nose. "Some first day," he mumbled.

12/21/2011 #8

Yosuke just groaned, burying his face in his hands as he fell against the wall opposite the classroom.

"This is bad," he concluded, dropping his hands to his side and letting his head flop back against the wall with a nasty-sounding thump.

"Dammit, I'm sorry," he said, still sounding flustered and embarrassed. "If I hadn't dropped that stupid paper... and it's your first day, too. Dammit," he swore, taking a step away from the wall and crossing his arms over his chest. The redhead made brief eye contact with Souji for a moment, before looking away. "A-and just so you know, Morooka was totally off-base! I'm not... well, y'know... g-gay or anything!"

("Have I mentioned I'm straight today?!")

12/21/2011 #9
The Elder Swear

Looking up from his shoes, Souji shrugged as a small smile slipped on to his face. "Don't worry about it, I probably tossed it weird. Actually, it's kind of nice to be out of there."

Pausing, he frowned slightly as his uncle's words about not getting into trouble circled around in his head. Shrugging again, Souji hefted his backpack onto one shoulder. "He would have ended up kicking me out at some point or another, probably for the best to get it out of the way early." He grinned slightly at the last bit of Yosuke's stammered assurance. "The thought hadn't even crossed my mind. I barely know you anyhow, best not to start making assumptions like that first thing."

Souji held out a hand. "Maybe we should try this again, I'm Seta Souji."

("And I'm not really all that straight, will that be a problem?" Oh how I love "Have I Mentioned I'm Heterosexual Today?")

12/21/2011 #10

A little apprehensively, Yosuke took his hand, shaking it weakly, before slowly pulling back, sighing and grabbing at his headphones with one hand in an absentminded gesture. The other hand reached into his pocket to pull out a battered yellow iPod, switching it on to read off the time.

He groaned.

"We have like... an hour and a half until Morooka's out of there," he informed Souji, glancing up at him as he shoved the yellow rectangle back into his pocket. "D'you wanna go whet a soda or something to kill time?"

(I'm thinking the announcement that someone died and they should go home happens in your next post or something?)

12/21/2011 #11
The Elder Swear

Souji found himself shrugging for what must have been the millionth time that day. "Sure, where to?"

Honestly, he would have been okay with just leaving and not coming back for the rest of the day. Those first few minutes in class had been more than enough to assure him that Morooka's style of 'teaching' would not resonate with him in any way shape or form. Oh well, at least an hour and a half of freedom would be better than nothing.

With a hiss and a crackle, the intercom flickered to life, broadcasting a neutral female voice through the ancient sound system. "All teachers are to report to the faculty office immediately. Students are to remain in their classes until informed otherwise. No one is to leave the premises unsupervised."

Frowning, Souji watched as several teachers left their classrooms, all looking more than a little confused. He turned to Yosuke, feeling very out of the loop. "Does this usually happen?"

(Uh, the go home announcement should be next post... or something...)

12/21/2011 #12

Yosuke frowned, his brow furrowing. "No, it--"

But he was cut off by the intercom buzzing to life again, another message playing out through the system, and though the sound quality was horrible, Yosuke inwardly reflected, the message was clear enough.

"Please disregard the last message. All students will head directly home. I repeat, all students will report directly home."

Yosuke sighed. "Something bad," he finished, eyes connecting with Souji's just as the rush of students from their classroom separated them, a cursing Morooka shouting after them.

12/21/2011 #13
The Elder Swear

Meeting Yosuke's eyes, Souji raised a curious eyebrow as a mass of students flooded past. Not wanting to lose track of the first interesting classmate he had met, Souji did his best to push his way through the crowd and managed to end up close enough to Yosuke to get a hand on his shoulder as they were forced towards the doors by the rush around them. So much for this being an average first day.

"Sorry," he muttered as the students behind him forced him a bit closer to Yosuke than he intended. As it was Souji was barely able to keep himself from just falling into Yosuke. Honestly, he was uncomfortable enough as it was. "Sorry, I'm not the biggest fan of crowds," he admitted quietly, doing his best to remain calm.

It wasn't that Souji didn't like people, but too many of them at once just made everything loud and confusing and it never seemed like there was enough air, and, wow, were the walls getting closer together? Unconsciously, he gripped Yosuke's shoulder a bit tighter than he meant to and mumbled another apology as he tried not to panic.

(Claustraphobic!Souji, meh, I just like the idea of him having to cling to Yosuke for one reason or another... tee hee... I may give him a couple other quirks that force him to hang around certain people more than strictly necessary.)

12/21/2011 #14

Yosuke's eyes widened at this, and making a split second decision, grabbed Souji's arm and pulled him out of the crowd and into the doorway of an empty classroom.

"Shit, man, you okay?" he asked, sounding rather concerned, one of his hands having found its way to the small of Souji's back, the other rubbing soothing circles into his arm. "I totally understand id you wanna wait for the crowd to die down--uh, my mom, she used to get like this, so I'm okay in a crisis, even though I don't really look it," he said sheepishly, as if he felt the need to explain himself. "Seriously, don't have a panic attack on me."

(...Can Yosuke be the first one Souji instinctively clings to? Because if they're with the rest of the group, it would be fantastically awkward. I'll have to find some excuse for Yosuke to cling to Souji, too!)

12/22/2011 #15
The Elder Swear

Nodding, Souji mumbled another apology. "Should be okay in a minute," he said, voice barely audible. "Sorry about this." Turning, Souji ducked his head, and was briefly tempted to use Yosuke's shoulder as a pillow, but thought better of it, turning his focus to getting his breathing back under control.

Yosuke's comments did manage to bring a small smile to Souji's face, his hand alighting on Yosuke's arm. "Don't be so hard on yourself, most people start panicking more than I do when this happens." Actually, his breathing was starting to go back to normal much more quickly than usual, something he was almost disappointed about for once. That still didn't mean he wanted to go back out in the crowd... or pull away from Yosuke.

"Staying in here would be good," he mumbled. Souji turned his smile to Yosuke and squeezed his shoulder. "Thanks, sorry you have to deal with this. It's really... sweet of you, Hanamura."

(Definitely! I may also give him a terrible sense of direction so he might have to ask Yosuke to walk him home, completely platonically of course, since, you know, Souji doesn't know his way around very well....)

12/22/2011 #16

Despite himself, a red flush spread over Yosuke's cheeks, and he immediately let go of Souji, taking a cautious pace back,a s if he had some horrible tropical disease that Yosuke might catch if he stayed close for too long.

"Y-yeah, uh, s-sweet, man?" he stammered, turning an even brighter shade of red and forcing out an unconvincing laugh. "Isn't that kinda... kinda g-gay? Y-you're not uh... y'know... r-right?"

No. No, of course he wasn't. That was ridiculous! Souji hadn't been creepy to him or been, god forbid, hitting on him or anything, right? Yosuke wasn't very good with this type of thing. Anyways, Souji seemed perfectly nice and normal and totally okay and non-gay. Because it'd be a shame if he was, as Yosuke kinda liked him. Not in a gay way, or anything, definitely not!

But really, a small voice whispered, somewhere in the back of his mind, making him feel totally embarrassed and ashamed of himself, would it really matter if he was?

The answer, if he paused to think about it, was no.

12/26/2011 #17
The Elder Swear

Souji raised an eyebrow. Breathing finally back to normal, he leaned against the doorway and tilted his head, frowning slightly. "I wasn't aware saying that you were doing something nice and that I appreciated it was gay."

He felt just a tiny bit dissapointed with Yosuke. Mostly because Souji usually hoped that people were more openminded, but he couldn't help but feel a tad rejected. Not that he had been planning on trying anything serious just yet, of course.

Shrugging, Souji blew a breath out his nose and looked away from Yosuke, not really wanting to meet his eyes. "If it makes you feel better, I'm not gay, and just for the record, I'm sorry if it seemed like I was... hitting on you, or something." He shrugged again. "Really, I was just trying to thank you for being so nice to me."

It wasn't a lie. Souji was not gay. Gay and bisexual are two totally different things, thank you very much.

Glancing out into the hallway, Souji found that most of the students had left. Slowly, he glanced back at Yosuke. "I think I'll be alright now. Sorry for making you uncomfortable, Hanamura," he said, and his tone was genuine if a bit subdued.

"I should probably go..." Souji trailed off a bit uncertainly. He should head home, but he sort of had a little problem with that. There might have been a reason Nanako walked him to school that morning.

(I think I might wait for Yosuke to recover a little before Souji asks is he could walk him home...)

12/26/2011 #18

(asjdflalf I had no idea what to do for this reply.)

Feeling absolutely awful by this point, Yosuke tripped after him, catching Souji's arm in his grip.

"No, wait! I didn't mean... look, I'm really sorry. That was stupid and I dunno why I said it. What I was gonna say is that..." and he trailed off for a minute, looking a little unsettled by the conversation, but the reassuring smile on his face was genuine, "it's all okay, dude. As long as you don't go makin' out with other guys in front of me, it's cool, man. It was a jerk move, and I'll try not to be such an asshole in the future. We good?"

12/26/2011 #19
The Elder Swear

(That's fine, I was mostly just trying to set it up so Yosuke would try to get him not to leave.)

Souji blinked at Yosuke, more than a little surprised by his sudden shift in attitude. A small smile appeared on his face and he had to work not to laugh. "We're good. I'll make sure to remember that if I ever.... feel the need to make out with another guy, it won't be in front of you."

He let a slight laugh out and let the smile spread to a grin. "I meant it, Hanamura. I'm not gay, and honestly, I'm not looking to find someone to suck face with right now. Honestly, I'd rather just make a few friends first," Souji admitted, grin growing a bit shyer.

Reaching out, Souji clapped Yosuke's shoulder. "We're good. Uh... could I ask you a favor?" He added as his prior dilema came back to him.

12/26/2011 #20

"Gotcha," Yosuke said, winking, an easy smile settling on his face. "Not gay. Just a couple of straight dudes getting all wroked up about nothing. People keep telling me I need to stop overreacting, but I guess now they're right, haha," he said, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Anyways, what did you want to ask? Lose your way home?" the redhead joked, playfully elbowing him in the side. "I don't think my bike is big enough for both of us, people might think we're gay," he finished, exaggerating the last word mockingly, as if it were some big scandal.

(Yeah, funny story, Yosuke did offer Souji a ride on his bike in the game...)

12/27/2011 #21
The Elder Swear

(I remember that, it was beautiful! Well, Yosuke seems homophobic, but only at really random times, and almost never where Souji was concerned.)

Laughing again, Souji nodded. "Don't worry about it." He stopped himself there because the next words out of his mouth were almost going to be that Yosuke's over reaction was very cute, but that probably wouldn't go over well.

At Yosuke's joke, Souji chuckled sheepishly and scratched his head. "Actually, I was wondering if you know where Ryotaro Dojima lives? I'm staying with him and, uh, I don't actually know how to get there..."

Fumbling in his pocket, Souji pulled out a rumpled piece of paper. "This is the address... but I don't exactly know my way around." He paused to laugh at himself. "I'm terrible with directions. I actually needed my little cousin to walk me to school today and I almost got us lost a couple times anyway."

12/27/2011 #22

Yosuke just shook his head. "Dude, you are hopeless," he informed Souji, and laughed, swiping the paper from his hands.

"Yeah, I can walk you there, it's not too far from here. But you have to learn your way around at some point, the last time I left my bike at the school it got spray painted pink," he explained, and handed the paper back to Souji. "But I'll make an exception for you. Now let's go if we wanna get out of here before it gets dark," the redhead added, rolling his eyes and heading for the stairs.

(Bleh, short reply. Skip time or no?)

12/27/2011 #23
The Elder Swear

(Time skip sounds good, when to? Argh, hate that I don't really have anything to add here!)

Nodding, Souji quickly moved to fall into step with Yosuke. Maybe things would work out after all.

"Thanks, I really appreciate it," Souji said, clapping Yosuke's shoulder as they headed for the door.

As far as first days went, this one hadn't been all that bad. Actually, he might even start to like Inaba. Still, he couldn't stop wondering why his first day had ended so early. What had that announcement been about? Probably just some kid sick with a weird flu or something. Not like anything really interesting would happen, right?

12/28/2011 #24

(Adachi and Dojima, you got it.)


The fog made Adachi restless.

Well, to be completely fair, it made him restless. He'd read up on it, on the internet in his spare time, this--this thing that he had inside of him. There were things called triggers, which, aptly named, triggered a switch from one personality to another. Adachi guessed his was the fog. It wasn't entirely unusual, or unpredictable, actually, because he'd always hated the fog. It limited your field of view, fell over your nose and mouth like a thick blanket, made him feel entirely too trapped in, like he was having a panic attack or his anxiety disorder was coming back twofold after years and years of being rid of it.

He hated the feeling.

The other him, the shadow--well, he loved it, reveled in the feelings.

Before Adachi knew it, he was fumbling for his lighter in his pocket, a cigarette already ready between his fingers. He blinked, wondering when he had started smoking again, and dropped the lighter, watching in dismay as it slipped beneath the storm grate.

"Need a hand?"

Adachi spun around, finding himself looking down into the face of a young boy--probably high school age, though it was hard to tell in the lighting and teh dark shadows it was casting over the boy's face.

The boy lit his own cigarette, giving Adachi a wane smile as he held the lighter out. "Horrible habit, you know," he remarked offhandedly, taking a drag as Adachi lit his own. "But, then again," he said, looking Adachi up and down. "You probably need it."

And walks away.

It's another fifteen minutes before he remembers what he went out for.


"I brought coffee," Adachi saaid tentatively as he edges into the office, two cups clasped in his nervous hands as he moved towards his partner's cubicle, gingerly setting down one of the cups on the desk, perching himself on the edge of it.

"Some case, h-huh, Dojima sir?" he remarked casually from his vantage point down at the other police detective. "It's, um, getting a little late, y'know? Maybe we should just head home and work on this all tomorrow?" Adachi asked hopefully, biting his lip. "I mean, it's not like the evidence is going anywhere, h-ha!"

(Speaking of Batman...)

1/1/2012 #25
The Elder Swear

Dark eyes briefly flicked up to Adachi's too youthful face then right back to the ever growing file on the desk. Dojima turned another page only to realize he still had yet to process most of what had been on the other side. Maybe Adachi had a point, it was getting late... No, not with this, whatever the hell this even was. A robbery you could leave for a day or so, even a fight could be put off till the next morning, but not this.

Sighing, Doijima leaned back in his chair and ran a hand over his unshaven face. After a few seconds of sitting in silence and staring at nothing in particular, Dojima built up enough effor to lean forward for his coffee. Taking a sip he remembered that he partner would probably like a response at some point. Making a face as he always did when Adachi brought him coffee, though this was more to make the man paranoid than anything else, Dojima slowly looked up at him, glaring just a little.

"You know there's no way I'm going home tonight, so that had better be the last time it comes up." He paused, turning his glare to the file. "I can't leave this alone."

Honestly, he wasn't sure how any of the other officers could have either. A murder, a goddamn murder in Inaba. Sure, some of the other officers weren't completely convinced, "Could have been a suicide" they'd said, over and over again, more to reasure themselves than anyone else. They hadn't been on the scene, Dojima could tell, honestly he felt it more than anything else, this was no sucicide, but it sure as hell wasn't a normal homicide case either. Something just felt wrong about it somehow. Yeah, as a cop he was supposed to stick to the facts, but Dojima had learned to trust his instincts over the years.

Of course, that wasn't the reason he couldn't leave it alone. That reason was at home watching TV. Actually, if it hadn't been for that kid arriving when he did, Dojima would have been home with that reason as soon as possible.

Still, it was a bit cruel to keep Adachi up all night as well. Glancing at his young partner over his coffee, Dojima could already see how shaky he was. Poor kid had even been sick at the crime scene, he didn't deserve all this crap.

"Look, I'll probably be here a while, but you can take off if you want. The coffee shop doesn't stay open much longer any how, so you'll be pretty useless to me after that," Dojima said, lips quirking up ever so slightly.

He glared at another form that had been shoved at him earlier that day. Picking it up, he read it again and sighed before flicking it towards Adachi. "Plus, apparently we aren't good enough for this case. Some kid, a specialist or something, already got called in. Says he should be in tonight, I figure I might as well hang around in case he stops by. Not that he'll probably want my help, but I'm not about to just hand this over to a damn kid."

Shaking his head, Dojima leaned forward to begin reviewing the file for what must have been the thirtieth time. Propping one elbow up on his desk, he rested his head on his hand. "Seriously, if you want to get a couple hours of sleep, I won't stop you. Hell, I'll need someone around tomorrow to be conscious."

Really, the kid should get some sleep. Dojima knew for a fact he pushed Adachi to hard, but the guy just took it. Honestly, as far as partners went, Dojima knew he could have been stuck with much worse.

(Okay, Batman it is. Sorry, I've just been having a hard time writing the Joker lately...)

1/1/2012 #26

Adachi gave off a nervous laugh, and as he looked into Dojima's face he felt suddenly sick. The older man had been extremely courteous to him, as far as his experience went with past partners, and even though he liked to portray a hard exterior shell, Adachi could tell that he really did care--because Dojima was the type of person who cares too much, and Adachi supposed it hurt because at some point he had lost someone close to him? That he cared too much about?

(You pick these things up, being a detective.)

"Nah," he said, struggling in an attempt to brush off the offer to leave. And even as he said the next words, his heart fell, because damn it, Adachi was also one of those people who cared too much.

"Don't feel bad about it, maybe if we stay up we can get a lead on the killer before the kid gets here! What does a kid know about this stuff, anyways? We don't need anyone else, as far as I'm concerned," he paused, and his breath caught in his throat as he smiled, the next words by some miracle managing to sound genuine--perhaps it was because he really did mean them.

"If anyone can do it, it's you, sir."

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The Elder Swear

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Raising an eyebrow, Dojima looked at his partner again, eyeing him suspisciously. "Ya think so, huh? Well, I guess we'd better get back to it then." He took another sip of coffee to hide the smile that refused to be held back. Part of him knew the "don't show weakness" act was far to thin to really fool anyone and the whole thing was a bit stupid, but it was hard to break a habit.

Grabbing the file, he held about half the stack of papers out to Adachi. "Here, see what you make of that. I've been going through it all days, but a new set of eyes might help. Hell, I can barely tell it's the same language anymore. I'll grab you a chair, you're blocking the light," he huffed, trying to sound annoyed, but it mostly just came off as tired grumbling.

Still, he was not about to let exhaustion get the better of him. Plus, how would that look, letting sleep deprevation get the best of him? Sure he could grumble about being tired around Adachi, Dojima trusted him that much, but that new detective, if he ever showed up, would not get that to hold over him. Maybe it was Adachi's ridiculous praise getting to him, but Dojima was pretty sure they didn't need some kid's help.

No way, they could figure this out. Just the two of them.

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1/2/2012 #28

Adachi smiled nervously as he took the papers and the offered seat, and took a hasty gulp of his coffee. It was too hot and burnt his tongue, but he already had the beginning of a caffeine headache, so it wasn't really like he could complain too much.

Distractedly, he turned to the files. A tiny frown materialised on his face, his brow furrowed as he skimmed over the papers, but there was nothing there--he had been careful, had covered his tracks perfectly, but then, if anyone was going to find it out--

His stomach churned. Adachi took another scalding mouthful of coffee.

"Sorry, sir," he said at last, laying the papers down and laughing anxiously. "I just, uh, never really got used to this kinda thing," he lied flawlessly, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. "Murders always make me feel a little sick. I mean, gosh, what kinda sicko would want to do something like that? And in Inaba, too? I mean, it's not like Tokyo or anything, it's like everyone knows everyone. I keep feeling like we should have caught the bastard by now," he finished, sighing. The younger man wilted in his chair, propping an elbow up on Dojima's desk and gazing up at him with wide eyes.

Why was this so difficult?

(Okay, finally replied... man, I love these two...)

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The Elder Swear

Dojima nodded, easily recalling Adachi's reaction to the body that morning. Poor kid, no one needed to see shit like that, couldn't blame him for getting upset, honestly Dojima had been more than a little disturbed himself. Seeing that woman just... hanging up there like that, it would have unsettled the most seasoned officer on the force. He had a point too, what the hell was a murderer doing in Inaba?

Tossing down the paper he was vacantly reading over for the millionth time, Dojima frowned. "Ya think so, huh? Well, who ever did it, bastard covered his tracks damn well. Can't even figure out how they did it, no fingerprints, no trace of a goddamn thing."

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Dojima blew a breath out his nose. Glancing at Adachi, he raised an eyebrow. God, the kid looked like a sad puppy, it was both creepy and kind of adorable. "What the hell are you looking at me like that for?" he said gruffly. Not able to meet those damn huge eyes for very long, Dojima turned away and took a long sip of his coffee, definitely not burning himself at all.

Setting down the cup, he shook his head. "You've got one thing right though, makes no sense for this freak to be in Inaba. Whoever it is, I just want the bastard gone," he muttered, vaguely aware of how callous and jaded he sounded. Damn it, he was supposed to be the collected one, the kid shouldn't have to deal with his shit and this freak of a case. Glancing at Adachi, Dojima sighed and pressed a hand to his forehead. "Sorry, I'm just frustrated, can't ever remember having another case like this..."

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