Harper's Island RP?
I'm on a multi-fandom RP site and am looking for canon Harper's Island characters.
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If you didn't pick up on this already, I'm looking for canon Harper's Island characters for a RP. This is for a place that is multi-fandom and has hundreds of other characters - so it's not just Harper's and the plot isn't similar to the show. I play Trish Wellington, who got pulled into the forum just after she was stabbed. Thanks to Remy Hadley (from House MD), she survived the stab wound. Her memory isn't serving her well due to the amount of trauma from the island, and she is pretty sure that everyone is dead. (And, hey, most people are.) Fortunately, one can be pulled into Pandora's Box at any point from a fandom, so any character you would want to play is fine - no matter when they died in the show. Trish is currently the only Harper's Island character in Pandora. She spends the majority of her time with Sam Winchester (Supernatural), who has told her he would protect her if Henry or Wakefield were to ever show up. She has given up hope on ever seeing any of her friends again, and I've been searching for a few months now for people who would be willing to play anyone from the show.

If you're interested, my contact info is in my profile. The site is active with literate RPers and the site-wide plot is absolutely fabulous. I couldn't do it justice by trying to describe it here, so I will talk to you more about it if you contact me.

Thanks, Cammie

12/9/2011 #1
Joseph Haney

Well, you've peaked my interest. What can you tell me about this?

12/9/2011 #2

Hey! D'you have AIM? I'd be more than happy to tell you about the site's main plot and link you to it!

12/10/2011 #3
Joseph Haney

I'm not sure what AIM is, so I'm going to say no, I don't. Is that going to be a problem?

12/11/2011 #4

Nope. I sent you a private message instead. :)

12/11/2011 #5

any way you can pm me too?

12/13/2011 #6

Sent! :)

12/14/2011 #7
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