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A world in which the supernatural roam right under our noses and demons come from other dimensions to...Do whatever it is they do...Who's left to save us but the shadowhnter! C'mon in and Join the Clockwork Era!
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april doll

Character sheets! *Note read the rules before posting here! I will know if you didn't







Area of origin:





12/11/2011 #1
XxThe Vampire KingxX
Name: Nikko Swannleice

Gender: Male

Age: 16


Personality: Nikko is surrounded by an unsettling air. Not much is known about him, and he is quite mysterious. He delights in talking in riddles and offering answers to questions, with other questions. What has been deduced is that he is a flawless lier, and isn't above having ulterior motives for what seems like kind actions. He keeps many secrets of himself and his past well guarded, though he isn't what you would say introverted, he is like a Swan, to proud to care really, only doing things if they serve him well.

Species: Shadowhunter

Area of Origin: He was born on a country estate in England.

Backstory: Nikko grew up in the lap of luxury. He was pampered, coddled, and spoiled. He got whatever he wanted, in exchange for him behaving. His parents were very politically connected Shadowhunters, and he had the weight on his shoulders to live up to the reputation of being a Swannleice. He excelled very far and fast in his training, though he always found the time to draw pictures, which were, and still are, very good. His para-Nevermind, its not important....*looks around suspiciously*-ever since that day, he has lived at the London Institute, gaining himself the reputation, the Black Swan. A reputation that very much precedes him.

Strengths: He is very fast and agile. He is the picture of grace in combat, and his favorite weapons are two, black lace fans that have razor edges that he uses as a buzz saw. He also uses small black throwing knives that resemble feathers, only strengthening why they call him the Black Swan.

Weaknesses: Though he is the epitome of grace, speed, and stealth., Nikko isn't necessarily the strongest Shadowhunter around, and is rather useless with larger weapons, such as axes, broadswords, and maces.

Other: He wears a silver sapphire locket, that only he knows what's inside.

'Black Dahlia' by Hollywood Undead

12/14/2011 #2
april doll

Accepted! :)

12/14/2011 #3
april doll

Name:Chasity Blackhearts


Age:17 going on 18

Appearance:She red rose hair that falls around her in gentle curls reaching her mid back, she almost never puts it up, finding that being a terrible hassle and doesn't bother to do anything with it other then untangle it's usual mess. She has ivory skin, and her cheeks always have a slight flush to them. She has large, doe like, soft brown eyes with gold flakes that are set off by her hair color. She's taller than most and slender.

Personality:Chasity is quite stubborn and doesn't like listening to other people when it comes to making a decision. She is not the most sane person and is very adventerous, even when it's with something she most definetley shouldn't be doing. She can be a bit of a flirt at times, but is never really serious about it, ever. She's outgoing and almost never is at a loss of energy, she looks at everything with loads of optimism, though when she's in a bad mood she contradicts herself and answers everything with loads of sarcasm.


Area of origin:Idris

Backstory:She grew up in Idris for a good deal of her life before moving to new york, upon arrival her parents were murdered by a great demon whom had been trapped in a pryxis for sevreal years and wanted to take his anger out on any near Shadowhunters. Without any family in America, and no willing family in idris, she was forced to take residence in the New York Institute. Now since she's nearing the age of Adulthood, the head of the Institute has allowed her to have a change of scenery and move to the London Institute, which is where she is in the process of moving to now.

Strenghts:She's swift and agile, an amazing sword fighter and at close combat.She's a people person as well, and can easily make friends and have them be very trusting towars her.

Weaknesses:She is terrible at lying and being stealthy, which kinda defeats the purpose of being a shadowhunter at times.

12/14/2011 #4
XxThe Vampire KingxX
So, can we start rping?:)
12/15/2011 #5
april doll


12/15/2011 #6
XxThe Vampire KingxX
Fantastic:) shall I start?
12/15/2011 #7
april doll

Knock yourself out, haha:)

12/15/2011 #8
100 Doge Army

Name: Leonhardt DeLayfayette

Gender: Male

Age: 17


Personality:Very playful, optimistic, and enjoys knowing things when people don't know he knows. He'll gladly share a joke or ten (thousand), and can be very social when you say the right things. He's very outgoing and enjoys company. Any kind of company... Well, almost any kind. He enjoys reading and sneaking around. He will sometimes grow depressed when left alone.

Species: Shadowhunter

Area of origin: A place he refuses to speak of.

Backstory: Originating from somewhere in the Middle East, Leonhardt trained himself at an early age on how to hunt, kill, steal, etc. He managed to escape a nasty demon that wanted to have a little blood bath of sorts, and escaped to the French Institute by some form of luck and determination. He's nearing adulthood, and thus the head of the Institute allowed him to move elsewhere- namely, the London Institute. He speaks with a mixed Arabic/French accent due to his time in France.

Strenghts: Stealth, book interpretation, and getting a laugh from people. And being confusing.

Weaknesses: Being kept at a range, using heavy weaponry (heavier than that sword), and trying not to talk to someone. Or take his eyes off of a book.

Other: He prefers his daggers over a seraph, though he'll use his when he needs to.

12/19/2011 #9
april doll

Tsk tsk...someone didn't read the rules or forgot.. Anyways, by all other means Approved!

12/19/2011 #10
100 Doge Army

I just don't have a favorite song. XD It keeps changing every day.

12/19/2011 #11
april doll

Lol, ok, I have another character that can interact with yours, she just isn't on the sign up. Go to the streets one:0

12/19/2011 #12
Turn Me On Nicki Minaj and David Guetta . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Nevada . Her real name is Vidia Winter DeLaBlanca (Know one knows it) . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gender: Female . ~~~~~~~~~~~ Age: 17 . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance: She has Snow white hair with a tint of a cold blue. It's wavy and down to her shoulders but sometimes she puts in a pony tail. It is a beautiful combination. Her eyes are icy blue and seem to be glittery as they sparkle in the sunlight just like snow does. Like all Faeries she has an Unnatural Beauty. She has a statuesque figure, and wears a ice blue/white dress, with ice white boots. Her lips are blood though. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Personality: Unlike most Faeries who are mean, she isn't all that bad. At times when she feels threatened or is captured she's bitchy. However to her friends she chill. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Species: Winter Faerie . ~~~~~~~~~~ Area of origin: Winter Court - Tir Na Nog.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Backstory: She grew up in the court a the daughter of a high member of the Unseelie court. She seemed to find the dull days of politics and such in the court boring and decided it was time to go out into the world of London, curious of the Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Also she could be exiled from faerie for her rebellion. Trained in Magic and Fighting since she was little she has a natural flow to it. She dreams of becoming partners with a Shodowhunter because that's where all the action is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Strenghts: Manipulation, Magic, Fighting, Talking Fast, Confusing the hell out of people. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Weaknesses: Extremely Loyal, Hard headed, Won't Back Down From a Fight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Other: **Questions: What Weapons Do Faeries Use?** ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copy Rights on Back Story Go to You Goddess. xD
12/19/2011 . Edited 12/19/2011 #13
april doll

Approved! Umm, swords mostly, and daggers, bow and arrow, nothing Iron however because you know thats very bad for them haha.

12/19/2011 #14
Can She use daggers and Bow and Arrows? xD Do I just Jump in or What?
12/19/2011 #15
april doll

Yup, go ahead, we're in the streets.

12/19/2011 #16
Candy Cane County

(Oh look, more people who read these books, yey!)

Name: Victoria Emel Nightshade

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Slim figure, flat auburn hair, icy blue eyes, thin lips, slightly upturned nose, average height.

Personality: Quiet, speaks with her fists, enjoys wandering alone, to get away from her life, and only speaks to people when they start speaking to her.

Species: Nephilim

Area of origin: London, England

Backstory: Her father died when she was young and her mother left her with the Institute, to live in Idris. She grew up alone and got more shy while she got older.

Strenghts: Hand to hand combat skills, and she is good at, escaping, traps(?)

Weaknesses: She is easily attacked, if shocked, and has little skill with longer weapons.

Other: I've failed(??) and uhhh, Hurricane, by Panic! At The Disco.

2/19/2012 #17
april doll

Approved!:D Welcome!

2/19/2012 #18
april doll

((These are the characters I've been using that I've neglected to post a sheet for :P))

Name: Jason Jaques Chevalier

Gender: Male

Species: Werewolf

Age: 17

Looks: He has very very light blonde hair that is always adorabley ruffled, it falls into his eyes from time to time when he's running or not paying attention, he barely ever even attempts to style it in any ways since it seems to do that itself. He has large eyes the color of a cloudless sky on a summer day, they're quite strang from time to time it seems as if theres a gold ring around them, there always seems to be a sparkle of energy or anger in his eyes..He's a complicated person. He has very pale skin and high cheek bones, with a light pink flush in them. He's tall and almost always towers over the people he meets along with his strong build he would be intimidating if it wasn't for the fact that he resembled an Angel so much. But, if he REALLY wants to scare someone he can put on his angry face and it will be all good:)

Personality: He's how you say...Silent but deadly. He doesn't pay much attentionn to others unless they make a whole ordeal about it. He gets annoyed alot, and it's clear on his face though he doesn't do much about it. He has some anger issues, and he tries to restrain losing his temper and the only way he can do that is by not talking to anyone, though it can get very lonely. He is yet to find someone her can stand yet much less "love" though he does have a fondness and admiration to certain people. He is very stiff most of the time, and remains impassive for a majority of the time, he seems kind of half hearted but if he is really needed and it is dire, he will be able to help.

Background/history: When he was much younger, he was a pick pocket, living on the street trying to make ends meet. He was 10 when he got bitten and it changed him much more then just the obvious reasons. He got taken in by the pack in London which might have been the best thing that ever happened to him, there he belonged and he was able to live a comfortable life.

His pack, those around him, noticed there was something wrong with him not to long after he joined, he wasn't able to feel pain at all. Not that he couldn't feel emotional pain (he held that back) but it was pysical pain, they didn't know what caused it bu refused to shun him for it. For a long time Jason thought that how he was like was normal, not having much social interaction, but he eventually figured it out for himself and tries to keep off the subject.

Him and Candycane go waaay back, but mostly it's a love/hate relationship, he is postive that he hates her, she is postive that she loves him. Frienemie's as she calls it, after a while. It began when she robbed him when he was still a pick pocket, and it went on since.


Name: Caty "CandyCane" Elliot

Gender: Female

Species: Halfie (Half fey)

Age: 17

Looks: Red rose hair, snow white skin, large green eyes like spring grass and the sparkle of dew. She wears striped tights and petticoats most of the time.

Personality: Bubbly, outoging, a bit of a flirt, she's not afraid to speak her mind and can be extremely stubborn at times.

Background/history: Nothin yet...I'll think if somethings..

2/19/2012 #19
Candy Cane County

Name: Whitney Ahkern

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: White-blonde hair that is cut short, golden brown eyes, spindly limbs, and a short nose, full lips, slightly tanned skin

Personality: Curious, crazy, sweet, intellectual.

Species: Vampire

Area of origin: Athens, Greece

Backstory: (ohno I fail at these...) She was, errr, born, and, raised, and, bitten. And then she decided to EXPLORE. :P

Strengths: vampire strength, book smarts, knowledge of an area.

Weaknesses: Curiosity killed the, yeaahhh.. and noth(I think I made that word up. :)) training

Other: I kinda, failed at this one... :d

2/21/2012 #20
april doll

lol ApprovedCuriosty killed the cat, satsifaction brought it back!

2/21/2012 #21
Candy Cane County


2/21/2012 #22

Name: Hazel Hemming

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: Green-brown hazel eyes (hence the name) Dark brown hair with light brown highlights from being in the sun often. She wears her hair up. She is tall, and has tanned skin.

Personality: Hazel has lived most of her life in the woods of Idris making her unaware of most Victorian propriety. That being said she does try to be really proper, though most of what she has read about high society is outdated. She's timid around shadowhunters because of the harsh treatment the werewolves receive in Idris, but mostly she doesn't like being treated wrongly and can lash out if needed.

Species: Werewolf

Area of origin: Idris

Back story: Hazel was born a werewolf to the leader of the werewolf pack in Idris just on the outskirts of Alicante. Her father is a bit zealous in trying to form good relations with the shadowhunter community. Though Shadowhunters have killed many of their kind he has taught her not to hate them. He has sent Hazel to study and become friends with the shadowhunters in London. She doesn't really trust Nephilim though.

Strengths: Although Hazel comes off shy and timid she is actually quite headstrong. She just doesn't speak her mind often.

Weaknesses: Hazel is usually very unsure of herself meaning that she doesn't trust her own decisions. Having lived in wolf form for most of her life she has difficulties controlling her change. She is usually unaware if her werewolf parts come out like paws or ears or her if her eyes change. This usually makes people uncomfortable especially in a big city.

Other: My favorite song at the moment is Settle Down by Kimbra :)

4/1/2012 #23
april doll


4/2/2012 #24

Fame & Riches, Rehab Bitches by Jeffree Star ft. Breathe Carolina and Louis Vuitton Body Bag also by Jeffree Star ft. Matt Skiba

Name: Fate Hampton

Age: 122

Gender: female

Species: warlock

Area of Origin: A coastal town in Greece

Appearance: Fate has waist length curly brown hair and tan skin that came with living in Greece. Her deep purple, cat-like eyes and retractable claws are what set her apart. She typically wears the classic Victorian-era dress. She adores the purple silk ensemble and has many duplicates of the outfit in her wardrobe. The only weapon she carries on her person, is a diamond tipped dagger that she picked up on her travels through Asia. She is tall for a woman, standing at a surprising 5'8" and her tall willowy stature is one that radiates authority

Personality: While she is usually a calm, loving, and care-free person, she exudes authority and knows it. She is a smooth talker and her beautiful and elegant aristocratic features get men spilling information in seconds. Her one secret desire is to get married and have children, but she knows this can never be and accepts it, choosing instead to dote on children and teenagers alike.

Strengths: She is a powerful magic user able to command the element of fire which is helped by her never ending patience and control.

Weaknesses: She is easily ill and extremely allergic to peanuts. This is often used against her by enemies and she was once almost killed when a foe shot peanut oil on her. (fortunately she survived, but that is not relevant) If the oil touches her skin or if she even breathes in the fumes, she has an immediate reaction.

Backstory: She was born in Greece and grew up there. At the age of twenty-one, she decided to abandon her coastal home in favor of travelling the world. Having grown up with a wealthy family (her father being a lesser-demon and her mother an aristocrat), she had enough money to take a boat to the bleary harbors of England. Once there, she disguised herself with a glamour. There, she began courting with a man named Sebastian deWolfe. She stayed with him for about eight months and fell in love. Unable to take the pressure of him not knowing her secret, she told him who she really was. In a fit of rage in disgust, he called her a monster and stabbed her in the lower stomach. Left bleeding, she was soon found by a fellow warlock named Magnus Bane. He took her in and healed her wounds. She soon learned that would never be able to have children due to the injury and swore to never love another man. For the next hundred years, she traveled the world and wound up back in England. She purchased a large estate with her inheritance. She now takes odd jobs and delights in throwing balls for other Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike.

4/9/2012 #25
april doll


4/10/2012 #26

Name: Arianne Blufire

Gender: Female

Age: Sixteen Years Old

Appearance: Shoulder length, jagged white- blonde hair, a delicate heart shaped face, wide, bright amethyst purple eyes, define eyebrows, thick dark eyelashes, tall and willowy.

Personality: Sarcastic and witty, though most of the time sweet and fun. She loves games and is very curious. She has a good sense of humour but is very self concious and sometimes modest. She is also a loyal and trust worthy friend.

Species: Nephilim

Area of origin: Chelsea, England

Backstory: Noone knows who she is

Strenghts: Loyalty. She is very loyal to people she cares about

Weaknesses: trust, She trusts people to easily

Eyes Open, Taylor Swift

6/15/2012 #27

Name: Miranda Branwell

Age: Seventeen

Gender: F

Appearance: Miranda has deep, emerald green eyes that seem to have something mysterious in them, wildfire red hair that falls down to her hips in insane curls (think like Natasha Romanoff in Ironman) and wears pants, a billowy white shirt, boots, and her hair down. She looks a little like a pirate, and has the smirk of one.She can be all fussy with her hair and clothes and look all fancy when she wants to, but usually chooseses not to. Usually has red lipstick and black eyeliner on.

Personality: In a word, she is outspoken. She doesn't cry a lot and has this idea that unless she trusts the person and they trust her, tears are a sign of weakness. She squeals when she's excited, and is a force to fear when she's angry. She's really good at getting revenge. Caressa insults and pulls down people who she knows can take it, and takes others under her protection if they can't. And when she protects someone, they are protected. She's usually funny, protective, happy, and teases people a lot. She is really stubborn, hardworking, and has her own outlook on life, which is basically "Life sucks. Live it." She's a bit of a tomboy, but she's okay with her girly side. Most of the time. She's very sarcastic, but also is empathetic, though she doesn't show that side of her to most people. Confident, independent, and very loyal/loving. To some, she's the obnoxious outspoken girl. To others, she's an annoying Shadowhuntress who needs to be taken down. To the rest, she's a friend. She can be very, very insensitive at times. Doesn't rely on others to do things for her. However, beneath all of her obnoxiousness and attitude and protectiveness, she's very wounded inside. She's been through a lot, and isn't sure who to trust. One more thing-she is a bit of an insomniac. She's very bad at getting to sleep, and if she's not in bed, she's up on the rooftops. She's extremely cold when she needs to, has no qualms about killing.

Background: Since she's Henry's little sister, she's basically grew up in the Institute.

Species: Shadowhuntress.

Skills: Stealth, intelligent, blends into shadows, killing, fighting, singing-she has a haunting voice, cooking-though she doesn't look it, can fight with most any weapon, lying

Other: She has a bad habit of propping her boots up on the table.

By the way, my favorite song... All About Us by Owl City and He is We

6/21/2012 #28
april doll

Omigoodness! Sorry I haven't been on this forum in forever.

Both are Approved

6/28/2012 #29

Yay, thanks. Which of the threads should I start in?

6/28/2012 #30
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