The Clockwork Era: An Infernal Devices RP!
A world in which the supernatural roam right under our noses and demons come from other dimensions to...Do whatever it is they do...Who's left to save us but the shadowhnter! C'mon in and Join the Clockwork Era!
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april doll

(GAAAAH *Turns into total nerd in 3...2...* OMIGOSH IT'S JUST SO AMAZING I LOVE ROBIN AND BATMAN AND KIDFLASH AND OMG YOU GUYS MUST WATCH IT!!) (And what about a Mortal Instruments RP? It's like this...Except takes place in current time:D )

6/28/2012 #481
100 Doge Army

(*moar blank stare*)

6/28/2012 #482
Candy Cane County

(Good for you.)

6/28/2012 #483
april doll

(*Slaps Chris* Snap out of it!:P)

6/28/2012 #484
100 Doge Army

(I can barely understand what THIS RP is about. XD Doubtful I'll understand this other one.)

6/28/2012 #485
april doll

(It's the same thing, you'll be fiiiiiine, *Waves off nonchalantly*)

6/28/2012 #486
100 Doge Army

(I won't be fiiiiiine)

6/28/2012 #487
april doll

(*death glare* Yes you will, silly! *Joker Laugh* :D)

6/28/2012 #488
100 Doge Army

(.__. I'm hated nao.)

6/28/2012 #489
Candy Cane County

(Don't worry I love you.)

6/28/2012 #490
100 Doge Army

(You said you hated me. .____. Gonna hurt myself now. Bai.)

6/28/2012 #491
april doll


6/28/2012 #492
Candy Cane County

(That's mean. Don't you know I can feel your pain?)

6/28/2012 #493
100 Doge Army

(I back. .____. Fell down stairs)

6/28/2012 #494
Candy Cane County

(I could tell.)

6/28/2012 #495

(Oh my gosh, wow, there isn't even a point in this anymore lol I'm like reading all the comments and cracking up and the pure hilarity of it all.)

7/7/2012 #496
Candy Cane County

(There has to be a point. I just don't know what it is.)

7/7/2012 #497
april doll


7/11/2012 #498
Candy Cane County
7/12/2012 #499
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