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A world in which the supernatural roam right under our noses and demons come from other dimensions to...Do whatever it is they do...Who's left to save us but the shadowhnter! C'mon in and Join the Clockwork Era!
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april doll

Title says All! :)

12/12/2011 #1
100 Doge Army

(No institute for me? XD)

12/19/2011 #2
april doll

It was mid day and the streets of London were busy as ever as people came and went. Most of them took uniform appearance, it was a chilly day, rain was expected, the men had their hands in their pockets, head down, as they hurried to whereever they were going. Women gathering their skirts as they went from shop to shop.

Overall the crowd was very dull, atleast it was to Caty, who stuck out as a sore thumb with her bright red hair. She tried keeping to the shadows, her hands discreetly slipping into pedestrians pockets to pull out money.

(Haha, I just don't have a reason for Candy to be in the institute just yet)

12/19/2011 . Edited 12/19/2011 #3
100 Doge Army

(XD Works. So when ya get one, I get to go into the institute, right? XD)

Leonhardt sighed slowly as he looked up at the sky, hang the clothing he wore. Such a dull day in a dull city... He slipped through the crowd expertly, muttering to himself in French.

12/19/2011 #4
april doll

(Yes, yes you can)

Candycane spotted another victim, Leanhardt, he was certainly strange looking to her, he didn't seem to fit with the usual crowd out at this time. She caught bits of his murmuring,tourist?No, something different,Shadowhunter?Yes, that must be it. She grinned triumphantly.

"Well, well, what a delight!" She exclaimed hopping up infront of him and dropping a puckish curtsey, "Caitlyn Elliot, and may I say how very honored I am to make the aqquantince of a Shadowhunter." She said with a smirk and trickster drawl.

12/19/2011 . Edited 12/19/2011 #5
100 Doge Army


Leonhardt regarded the girl slowly, running himself through what to look for in someone. "... Leo. Ma'am, if you're looking for something of value on me, you aren't gonna find anything."

12/19/2011 #6
april doll

She laughed, "what do you take me for sir? A thief?" She took a step back in mock horror, "Well, I am appalled! Such lowlife, wouldn't you agree? I would never make a mockery of the law, sir, never." she giggled hopping around the passing people and slipping out more money as they passed.

12/19/2011 #7
100 Doge Army

Leo sighed slowly. "Come now, ma'am. I was once a thief in Constantinople... Er, my bad. Istanbul, whatever you want to call it." He muttered, crossing his arms. "I did the same exact thing you are."

12/19/2011 #8
(How do I get involved. ? xD)
12/19/2011 #9
april doll

((Just bump into us or something, Caty is a seelie fey so that could be an opening:D)

"Yes! It's quite fun isn't it? Espcially when they find out they have no money left," She giggled again, which caused a few suspicious glances from passerbys.

12/19/2011 #10
100 Doge Army

Leo smirked slyly and chuckled. "I also just spewed a lie there. I never stole from anyone in Constantinople. Thanks for sharing, though."

12/19/2011 #11
(Kaay. :D) Nevada passed by, Caty and Leo.
12/19/2011 #12
april doll

She looked at him, her eyes like a fox, "Well of course you didn't sir, you're a shadowhunter, you're too proud." She spoke with all seriousness then went on to giggling again.

12/19/2011 #13
100 Doge Army

Leo chuckled lightly and nodded. "Well... Okay, maybe a few thousand bucks. Nothin' too big... So, anyway, Caty. D'ya know where the institute is?" Was that another Fae... Fa... Fuck, I can never say it.

12/19/2011 #14
Nevada stopped dead in her tracks she looked at Leo, "Your a shadow hunter?" her voice was cold as snow.
12/19/2011 #15
100 Doge Army

Leo glanced over at her, shivering ever so slightly. "Yes, ma'am. My name is Leo... Might I have the honor of knowing yours?"

12/19/2011 #16
april doll

Candy watched curiously, hands behind her bacl and head cocked to the side.

12/19/2011 . Edited 12/19/2011 #17
She was about to say something but then stopped, she smiled, "Nevada." Nevada extended her hand, her touch was colder than her presence.
12/19/2011 #18
100 Doge Army

"Eh... Excuse me for not taking your hand, Nevada. It seems a little, eh... Cold." Leo scratched his chin curiously, glancing over at Candy quickly. Shadowhunter? Yes, no? Maybe so? Hope so. Maybe she knows where the institute is...

12/19/2011 #19
Nevada looked at Caty, "Well Your defiantly not from the Winter Court."
12/19/2011 #20
Nevada put her hand down, she blew in the direction of Leo, it chilled, "I'm Not That Cold."
12/19/2011 #21
100 Doge Army

Leo shivered involuntarily and looked around. "Eh... My apologies, Nevada, but I gotta... Go find the Institute here. Business, y'know? Eh... See ya later, then?" He rambled on before walking along the street again.

12/19/2011 #22
april doll

She smiled brightly, "A proud member of the seelie, it's a pleasure," she dropped another curtsy and looked up at Leo, "Sir? You were saying about the institute? It is not to far off, it's the great church with spirals you see there," she pointed in it's genereal direction.

(I forgot to mention, that the institutes are churches, so they're safe from demons and vampires, theres a sanctuary on un hollow ground that vampires can go in tho)

12/19/2011 #23
"Bye now, it was a pleasure meeting you but some of the acquaintances I've had were better but in some way it was still funny." Nevada said to Leo, in a fast tone. She looked at Caty, "Seelie. Well can I come along?"
12/19/2011 . Edited 12/19/2011 #24
100 Doge Army

"Oh... Ah, merci beaucoup." Leo nodded to Caty before heading off in that direction. Such a nice girl. Too bad she didn't know I had cash on me I didn't really need... Oh, well.

12/19/2011 #25
april doll

Caty stopped spinning around, "Oh sir wait! Force of habit, do you want your money back?" she called after him.

12/19/2011 #26
100 Doge Army

"Nah! It belongs to some rich bastard in Constantinople." Leo called back, waving with a free hand. "He didn't need it, so you can put it to good use!"

12/19/2011 #27
Nevada waited next to Caty, "What brings you here?"
12/19/2011 #28
april doll

"Alrigh-" She was cut off as a blur sped past her taking the money out of her hand, she cursed under her breath, "Dammit Jason!"

12/19/2011 #29
"What was that?" Nevada asked.
12/19/2011 #30
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