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OC-centric forum where the worlds of the mundane, the Nephilim and the Downworlders collide. Chroniel, Angel of Time, is meddling with the threads that bind together the multiverse. Who will be able to put a stop to her machinations before the fate of all Creation is altered forever?
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Kitty Bane

Name:Abigail Marie Hall

Age: 17

Species: Werewolf

Appearance: Average height, about 5'6, with shoulder-length red hair and chocolate brown eyes. Her skin is fair, and she has an athletic body type.

Personality: shes very shy, and rarely speaks up for herself, not very confident with a low self-esteem. She doesn't currently have any friends, and always feels like an outcast.

Biography: She grew up being left out, at school, at home, everywhere. When she was bitten she was unable to find a pack that would take her, so she travels alone.

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Wrath of Carcosa

Name: Solas

Age: Some thousand years of age

Species: Second generation Greater Demon

Appearance: African skin, bright green eyes and black hair. She wears a green dress made out of vines and large leaves, and walks barefoot.

Personality: Solas is an indirectly violent demon. She couldn't really care less humans or anything else, only her plants, which she intends to spread across the entire planet at some point in time. Mess with her plants (or any plant in her presence, really), and she will unleash her fury on you in the most Hellish way she can come up with. Since her essence is connected to every plant on Earth, she can speak out of a plant, and when talking in person her voice echoes on itself, like the voice of a legion.

Biography: Solas is a daughter of Gaea, a first-gen demon who is the embodiment of the Earth. She was born from a mixture of Lilith's blood and Gaea's earth. She resides in a special place of the Infernal Worlds, a demonic greenhouse. She is summoned by Blackburn to assist him in constructing his weapon.

Other: To help differentiate the power of Greater Demons, I made a generation system similar to angels. First-gen demons are the most powerful, being the sons and daughter directly of Lilith. Second-gen Greater Demons are the children of first-gen, and so on. Gen five is the last Greater Demon level, after that it's just the lesser, dumber, more populous demons.

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All above are accepted, if I haven't told you already!

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Name: Francis Henry Codstone

Age: 17

Species: Vampire

Appearance: Francis has a slim, boyish build and vivid red hair, large worried green eyes and fair Irish skin. He is pretty-faced, almost girlish, and favors perkigoth/steampunk-influenced clothes.

Personality: Francis spends most of his time being painfully shy, self-conscious and needy, especially toward people who snub him. He is the quintessential shrinking violet for the most part-- except when the most important people in his life are threatened, in which case he immediately becomes more violent than "violet", and the unlucky opponent ends up on the floor asphyxiating in its own blood. He is incredibly loyal, braver than he gives himself credit for, and impulsive as well.

Biography: Francis grew up in Manhattan, and for a time lived as Kitiana Bane's adopted son. He has since been separated from her, though.


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Kitty Bane


8/10/2012 #65

Name: Amarea Le Blanc

Age: 15

Species: Shadowhunter

Appearance: Wavy, flippy ash-brown hair to her shoulders, a healthy complexion with dark freckles and dark brown eyes. Amarea is petite and perky-figured, and favors slightly boyish clothing like vests and ties. She wears her nails long and always painted, and almost always wears the same pair of shoes--her favorites, black Mary Janes with white cat faces on them.

Personality: Energetic and a little masculine, in that she is more brash and straightforward than most of her female peers, Amarea loves to be the life of the party and surrounded by attention both male and female. She likes a good adventure and making friends, and will spoil those she has rotten even if she's only just met them. She likes to be the dominant one in the conversation, but never seeks to be a control freak, and doesn't like too much responsibility.

Biography: Amarea's family is a "middle-class" Shadowhunter family who spends most of their time in the mundane world, occasionally taking calls but most of the time living as normal civilian folk. Her mother is Nephilim, her father mundane. She longs for the life of adventure that other young Nephilim lead, but her parents are reluctant to allow her to endanger herself. It was this that prompted her to summon a demon-- Rex Reignor, Demon of Passions-- and bind him to a family heirloom, warlock-made shoes created with binding spells and built-in pentagrams that allow the bound demon to travel freely without breaking its boundaries

Other: Amarea loves to cook, but is not terribly good at it. Her immediate family sent her to a classy mundane private school, but she often runs away or skips class on the pretext of "independent field research" (which usually just means exploring and wasting time).

Other: Theme song - Don't Say "Lazy" - Yoko Hikasa


Full Name: Rex Reignor

Age: ?

Species: Greater Demon of Passion (fifth-generation)

Appearance: Tall and elegant-featured, with fair skin and dark red hair and eyes. Rex likes to appear in opulent, not to say ostentatious, clothing in red and white, and will complain if he has to wear anything else, or is forced to give up his fur-trimmed cloak. No matter what else he puts on, whether real clothing or illusion, under Amarea's service he must always wear Amarea's boots, which are knee-high, of crimson leather and wrapped around with gold bands engraved with magical symbols.

Demon Form: King of Hearts, a crowned skeletal figure with hollow, glowing eyes and capelike wings much taller than the average human. (Rex can make his wings appear while still retaining human form, usually as small red bat-shaped wings no longer than two feet each.) His weapon is a crimson scepter tipped with a spiked heart-shaped mace ringed with blades, although he can also create heart-shaped grenades. The boots remain.

Personality: Dreamy and changeable, Rex can easily switch from passionate to depressed to jubilated in a moment's notice. He is much given to emotional displays and forming hasty attachments. Of course, being an emotion-ruling demon, he also has darker shades to his personality that are devastating when they are unleashed, and in these states he is nearly impossible to control.

Biography: Rex is a descendant of Asmodeus, Greater Demon of Lust.

Other: Rex gets cold easily, which is why he is so attached to his cloak, but he also gets overheated after not much physical activity. He loves sweets and desserts, the lighter and frothier the better.

Theme song: World Is Mine - Kaito

8/10/2012 #66

Name: Valentine Morgenstern (alternate)

Age: 36 physically

Species: Shadowhunter

Appearance: Younger and bonier than his canon/Shadowhunter Peril counterpart; dark-haired, keeps it short with only a few thin strands left long and braided, and a clipped goatee. Tawny, wide blue-green eyes that excel at broadcasting his emotions. He favors traditional black clothing, though at this point the leathers are long gone and he's resorted to wearing whatever he can find.

Personality: Changeable, obsessive to the point of desperate and often impulsive and violent. Much less levelheaded than his older, more familar counterpart.

Biography: Valentine hails from a parallel universe in which he wasn't killed by Raziel, but instead lost his powers and retreated, a self-imposed exile, to the streets of the mundane world where he could hide from the Clave and attempt to regain his strength. His last act of Nephilim power was to disguise himself, changing his distinctive looks to something less easily recognizable.

Other: Based on the alternate depiction of Valentine from the City of Bones film.

Theme song: "Pts.OF.Athrty" - Linkin Park

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Name: Remy Armbruster

Age: 19

Species: Half-faerie

Appearance: They stand at about 5'9", with an average, moderately muscled build, green eyes and floppy brown hair shaved in an undercut on the right side (and usually covered by large headphones). They favor nail polish and simple, comfortable, unisex clothes such as sweatpants and graphic tees with military-style boots, Converse or Doc Martens. The left side of their neck is tattooed with a vine design, as are their hands up to their mid-wrists and their ankles. They're bad at shaving, so are often a little scruffy.

Personality: Often comes off as curt and sullen, but is mostly shy and awkward and doesn't find expressing themselves verbally easy. Occasionally, thus, they might act out by lashing out at their surroundings when frustrated, but are rarely violent toward other people or animals. Remy prefers to observe rather than be the first to speak out, and tends to let themselves fade into the background rather than draw attention to themselves.

Biography: Remy was raised by their human father, a well-to-do writer and entrepreneur in whose bookshop they normally work in. Michel Armbruster made no secret of his child's heritage to them, even going so far as to write in references to the world of the Downworld races in his novels and his stories, although Remy always assumed it was a fairy tale to mask the loss of a deceased mother. Recently, Michel's always poor health had taken a turn for the worse, and he was hospitalized for an indefinite term. He left behind a book he had written especially for Remy, containing all that he'd learned about the Downworlders and Shadowhunters. Remy learned that their mother had been fey, and that she and Michel had been loved by the same Shadowhunter, who was responsible for binding the Greater Demon known on Earth as Arthur Lehrer to keep Remy safe.

Other: Remy is a genderqueer/agender boy who prefers "they/them/their" pronouns. Their powers include drawing energy/life force from living things, mutating plants or making them grow, control over carnivorous plants, and an affinity for natural poisons.

Theme song: "Cry Baby" - Melanie Martinez

Name: Arthur Lehrer/Λερναῖα Ὕδρα/the Lernaean Hydra (true name currently unrevealed)

Age: Unknown

Species: Ancient Greater Demon

Appearance: In his human form, Arthur is a tall, gangly, pale-skinned man with neat red hair, glasses and an affinity for dressy earth/fire-toned clothes. In his "dragon" form as the Hydra, he appears as a wingless serpent with many small legs and long-necked, finned heads.

Personality: Blunt, often cold and abuzz with suppressed temper, Arthur is a no-nonsense type who often tries to get away with the bare minimum of effort in his responsibilities (he is, of course, only doing his current job because the consequences are a far sight more distasteful). He can be selfish and aggressive, often vain, but when the circumstances move him he's capable of grudging sympathy as well. He's efficient at caretaking, just not affectionate. He's callous about most things, but can be very easily upset by things that remind him of the circumstances of his first death at the hand of a Shadowhunter he refuses to name.

Biography: Arthur is bound to Remy by the particulars of a contract with one of their parents, a powerful Shadowhunter who is presumed deceased.

Other: Arthur favors a long golden scythe, which he keeps in his Bag Of Holding-style wallet. He has the ability to regenerate limbs, poisonous blood, touch and breath, as well as breathing fire.

Theme song: "How Deep Is The Water" - The Dead Brothers

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