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OC-centric forum where the worlds of the mundane, the Nephilim and the Downworlders collide. Chroniel, Angel of Time, is meddling with the threads that bind together the multiverse. Who will be able to put a stop to her machinations before the fate of all Creation is altered forever?
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  • Don't dictate what happens to other people's characters without their permission. (For example: "X struck a blow to Y's windpipe, snapping her neck and killing her instantly.") This is called godmodding, and nobody likes it. If you want to negotiate for significant effect on a fellow player's character, talk to the player one-on-one and decide the outcome ahead of time.
  • Keep your roleplay posts in third-person, past tense. Use formal grammar/punctuation/spelling, ect. If you need to, type out your post in a word document with spell-check before posting, or use a browser that has built-in spell-check. We want our postings to be easy to read and accessible for everyone.
  • Keep chatting in the Off-Topic Chat thread. Feel free to add OOC posts in ((parentheses)), but please don't make non-story posts on the roleplay threads, or unrelated posts anywhere. No Spam! Spam will be deleted.
  • Please wait for a moderator's profile approval before putting a character into play. If you wish to use a canon character, please PM Fanless or Wrath of Carcosa with a sample paragraph of how you would write the character on the forum, as well as your view on the character. Severely OOC applications will not be accepted.

If you've read this, comment with the last letter in each bullet-pointed paragraph and "I accept the rules!" in the Off-Topic Chat thread.

Good job! Have a funky song to celebrate with.

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  • All forum posts must be suitable for teens.
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  • All forum abuse must be reported to the moderators.
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