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Feel free to introduce yourself here, et cetera. :D

12/12/2011 #1
Wrath of Carcosa

It is...9:27 AM here. You?

12/12/2011 #2

6:34 now. AM.

12/12/2011 . Edited 12/12/2011 #3
Wrath of Carcosa

Ok so you're three hours behind me. I'll remember that.

I has posted in the OC topic! Guess who it is. *evil smile*

Also, I shall be on again around 12:30 my time (9:30 yours)! HALF DAY TODAY :D AND TOMORROW

12/12/2011 #4

Yup. Pacific Time.

I saw! And of course she has the green light. Gogogo!

Probably won't be on then myself, but maybe in the afternoon...

12/12/2011 #5
Wrath of Carcosa


Sweetums :3

That's fine, I can busy myself until then :D I got stuff to take care of as well. That Oblivion picture didn't go through e.e I have to make a new one.

12/12/2011 #6

Oh? He live in Seattle?

I saw its conspicuous absence earlier... too bad. I look forward to seeing it, though!

12/12/2011 #7
Wrath of Carcosa

I am writing you something for your special day. e.e I hope I'm getting Nicholas and Etzel right.

He lives in San Francisco. Nevermind then o.o

12/12/2011 #8

O_O No shit? Hooray! I'm sure it will be awesome. Thank you, Josh!

Close enough. -_-

12/12/2011 #9
Fallen SkyAngel

so whats the plot for the stories?

12/13/2011 #10

Um... I haven't decided yet! I'll make a Planning thread and if you have any ideas you can post them there.

12/13/2011 #11
Kitty Bane

Alec!!! Go make Francis's profile!!!

12/13/2011 #12

I will, I will -_- Just not yet. I gotta catch up with other stuff first

12/13/2011 #13
Kitty Bane

hehe ok! :D

12/13/2011 #14
Perfect Anomaly

HI peeps! Wynter here.

12/13/2011 #15
Kitty Bane

Hi Wynter!

12/13/2011 #16
Perfect Anomaly

Hi! Are any of your charries open?

12/13/2011 #17
Kitty Bane

well, I was accepted but Genie told me to wait, she was going to post something on two of the forums so I had something for Kitty to do.

12/13/2011 . Edited 12/13/2011 #18
Perfect Anomaly

oh ok then

12/13/2011 #19
Kitty Bane

but if you go to Modern time.....if that's where your characters is, then you should be able to put her in.

12/13/2011 #20
Perfect Anomaly

yeah Wynter's there

12/13/2011 #21
Perfect Anomaly

hopefully brb

12/13/2011 #22

I'm on Modern with someone available now. She could come across them.

12/13/2011 #23
Perfect Anomaly

My braces hurt. :(

12/13/2011 #24

I used to have braces. It wasn't fun when they got adjusted.

12/13/2011 #25
Perfect Anomaly

-nods unhappily-

I'm thinking of changing my avatar. Why do you guys think?

12/13/2011 #26
Kitty Bane

I like your avatar, but if you'd like to change it *shrugs* I've never had braces, but they look like they hurt.

12/13/2011 #27

They really only ache when you first get them on or when they're adjusted.

Well, your picture is pretty... but I can't really tell what it is.

12/13/2011 #28
Perfect Anomaly

My avatar is of White Phoenix, but there's six of him because in Qin's Moon, his ultra attack thingy is the Six Phoenix Dancing Illusions (rough translation, sorry) When there's six of him.

12/13/2011 #29

Ah. You know, I think I might change my avatar too-- I'm gonna do something completely out of character for me today :3

12/13/2011 #30
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