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OC-centric forum where the worlds of the mundane, the Nephilim and the Downworlders collide. Chroniel, Angel of Time, is meddling with the threads that bind together the multiverse. Who will be able to put a stop to her machinations before the fate of all Creation is altered forever?
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FUCK this computer. Fuck it down the throat with a mace. What kind of name are you looking for?

6/4/2012 #151
Wrath of Carcosa
o_o sounds painful. And something German or Polish. First name might be Heinrich.
6/4/2012 #152

Meyer? Czeslaw? Wulfenbach? Lijewski? I'm not sure if that last one is Polish or not...

6/4/2012 #153
Wrath of Carcosa
I like Wulfenbach :3 it fits. HIS SKIN WILL BE PURPLE.
6/4/2012 #154

Woot! I'm looking forward to this guy.

6/4/2012 #155
Wrath of Carcosa
Me too--his personality is much different than my other villains you've seen.
6/4/2012 #156

Hi, I'm curious since this RP looks interesting, is this open to anyone? Just checking because I'd hate to make a character and then be told it's a closed RP. XD

6/10/2012 #157

Certainly it's open! Go ahead and make a character profile-- you can make as many characters as you please-- and I'll check it out ASAP. We'd love to have you! Thanks for asking!

6/11/2012 #158

Hey guys . . . Haven't really RPed here, so can someone explain, please? I'll attempt to keep up. :)

8/10/2012 #159

There are three different settings in three different years, and the fallen angel Chroniel is meddling in each one to try and start a war which we have to thwart. That's the general gist, really.

Dante and Blackburn are in the Victorian thread, and we have a special surprise for them in store...

8/10/2012 #160
Wrath of Carcosa

We do?

8/10/2012 #161

Is it okay if I kind of forget the characters I already made and make a new one?

8/11/2012 #162

Of course! I'll take them down for you and you can go ahead and post your new profile.

8/16/2012 #163

Hello? Anyone on?

2/15/2013 #164
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