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(( #threesome ))

8/28/2013 #121
Kitty Bane

Max jumps on the bed, putting Dante between him and Alex, "Hm, I think we should keep these like this." He said, stretching out.

Alex smiled, already looking close to sleep, "Sounds like a great idea." He mumbled.

((There always has to be a threesome)

8/28/2013 . Edited 8/28/2013 #122

((heLP also sorry this took forever, I am doing billion thing))

Tugging off his shoes, Dante curled up, trying to take up as little space as possible. "Well... I'm glad I could help."

8/28/2013 #123
Kitty Bane

((Time jump to when they're waking up? Or some other situation...)

8/28/2013 #124

((Whatever works for you :

8/28/2013 #125
Kitty Bane

((Maybe we could bring in Kitty and Francis in? And somehow have them end up with the three of them or something?))

8/28/2013 #126

((Yeah, good! I'm gonna be super slow, sorry))

8/28/2013 #127
Kitty Bane

((Thats okay, I'll probably not be very good tonight...)

It was the next day, or night seeing as they were nocturnal, and Alex found himself curled around Dante with Maxs arm reaching all the way around Dante to rest against his side. He lifted his head slightly and found that the other two were still asleep, he sighed and dropped his head back down.

Kitty smiled as she and Francis walked along a few shops in town, "What a beautiful city, I'm glad we came here."

8/28/2013 #128

"S-so am I." Francis looked curiously through one of the windows at a display of parasols. "It's r-really nice. M-much more s-so than th-the last place w-we visited, I th-think."

Dante, still curled into his ball, made a sleepy sound and burrowed into Alex's shoulder.

((Ugh. Sorry, can't manage tonight, too distracted.))

8/28/2013 #129
Kitty Bane

Kitty nodded, "Is there anywhere you'd like to go, Francis?"

Alex felt Max's hand grip his shirt and knew he has waking up, so he nudged Dante, "Dante, wake up."

8/31/2013 #130

Francis smiled up at her, "I d-don't mind. As l-long as w-we stick t-together, I'll go anywhere."

"Mmn?" The vampire grunted, stirring slowly. He'd curled up in a messy ball in the bed as if trying to make himself less conspicuous, even in sleep.

1/16/2016 #131
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