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The room on the other side of the door was nominally Peter's bedroom, but it was stuffed full of old and crumbling volumes. He stopped next to one pile atop a scuffed, well-loved old desk and ran his finger down the spine as if hoping one would slide out for him. "Look for anything with the word 'Phenomena' in the title, would you?"

6/4/2012 #121
Wrath of Carcosa
Jason nodded, and began skimming. Soon he found three: "Phenomena of the Downworld", "Biblical Phenomena: Mysteries of the Unknown", and "Human Phenomena: Research of the Mundane Paranormal". "I found these."
6/4/2012 #122

"Hm," said Peter absently, taking them and heading straight for the bed-- the desk was too cluttered at the moment, already deep in thought-- "yes, these'll do. Thank you. Here, take one. Look for anything you think significant."

6/4/2012 #123
Wrath of Carcosa
Jason took the Downworld book and began rifling through it. "What exactly qualifies as significant?"
6/4/2012 #124

"Anything to do with great ugly hallucinogenic shadows in the sky might do," said Peter a touch dryly, squinting at a blotted word. "Here, sit down."

6/4/2012 #125
Wrath of Carcosa
Jason sat gingerly, not taking his eyes off the book. "Here!" he said after a few minutes. "There's something--only a footnote, but--" He shoved the book under Peter's nose and read aloud. "'The existence of powerful energy bursts in the sky--similar to that of Aurora Borealis--hints to the existence or presence of something deeply powerful, possibly malevolent in nature.'"
6/4/2012 #126

"Nice to meet you, Veronica and Blaine," Joan said solemnly. She glanced at Veronica. "Hmm."

6/5/2012 #127
Wrath of Carcosa

"What?" Veronica demanded, as if daring Joan to try anything funny.

6/5/2012 #128

Peter leaned over to see the book, shaking his head impatiently as more hair dropped out from its careful tie-back; not many men wore their hair long these days, but he preferred having something to hide behind. "That I could have guessed. What else does it say?"

6/5/2012 #129
Wrath of Carcosa

"It ends there." Jason flipped through a few more pages. "It was only a footnote. Any luck with yours?"

6/5/2012 #130

Peter held up the book about Biblical phenomena. "So far, nothing. Oh--"

He froze. The pages had flipped open in his hand to reveal a color plate of a majestic figure against a background of clouds. The caption below it in small spidery capitals read: VISITATION OF AN ARCHANGEL.

6/5/2012 #131
Wrath of Carcosa

Jason angled his head so he could read what Peter was looking at. "You think an archangel is what caused that?"

6/5/2012 #132

"This certainly looks similar." He frowned, lowering the book so that they could both see the pages. "It says here that when angels appeared in the past, they often did so in gigantic form with some kind of accompanying atmospheric disorder."

6/5/2012 #133
Wrath of Carcosa

"Well, that fits."

6/5/2012 #134

"Indeed." The frown deepened. "It would. But couldn't there be another solution? Angels... well, they don't show up every day."

6/5/2012 #135
Wrath of Carcosa

"But it's good that one did, right? Angels are good," Jason said, looking hopeful.

6/5/2012 #136

Peter bit his lip.

"I don't know, Jason. The feeling I got from that... that vision, or whatever it was-- it didn't seem--"

The door crashed open in the living room and Peter jumped horribly, almost knocking over Jason; he'd thought he'd locked it securely.

"Darling!" sang a voice. "I hope you're home, otherwise I'm stealing everything you own!"

6/5/2012 #137
Wrath of Carcosa

"Who is that?" Jason asked, rubbing his head--he'd fallen out of his chair when Peter jumped into him.

6/5/2012 #138

"Trouble," muttered Peter, getting up and heading into the living room. There was some discussion, and after a moment he was back leading a shorter man by the elbow: a slim, pale young-looking man with unusually light hair and brown eyes, dressed for evening although it wasn't yet three.

6/5/2012 #139
Wrath of Carcosa

"Er, hello," Jason said uncomfortably.

6/5/2012 #140

Peter sighed. "Jason, this is a friend of mine, Etzel von Gerhart. He often drops in without warning. I think it's because he doesn't have enough to occupy himself with. Etzel, this is Jason Youngblood, a guest."

The pale man grinned at Jason with uncomfortable sharpness. "Well, hello there."

6/5/2012 #141
Wrath of Carcosa

Jason fidgeted. "Is--does he..." It was hard to ask Peter if Etzel knew about the whole Shadow World, so he settled for turning to look at Etzel and asked, "What are you?"

6/5/2012 #142

"Can't you tell? I'm fabulous!"

Peter's face developed an even more long-suffering expression. "If you're asking what I think you are, Etzel is a vampire."

Etzel gaped at him. "What on earth are you saying, dishy? That's a mundane! A mortal!"

"One whose parents were killed by a warlock, Etzel. He needs my help."

Etzel subsided and gave Jason an apologetic look. "He's right, you know. But I only bite when I really, really need to."

6/5/2012 #143
Wrath of Carcosa

"Right," Jason said, his eyes darkening slightly at the mention of his parents. "And I'm going to find him and kill him. But he's high up in the ranks of Germany. I only saw him once."

6/5/2012 #144

Etzel made a "hmm" noise, sliding a little closer to him. "What did this warlock look like, dearie? I know plenty of warlocks."

6/5/2012 #145
Wrath of Carcosa

"He didn't leave a lot of skin showing...he wore something that looked like it was once part of a Nazi uniform but he had customized it himself so that it was different form all the rest, and he had purple skin. He was bald. Orange eyes. Two horns on the top of his head. Everyone was afraid of him."

6/5/2012 #146

Etzel made a face. "Ugh. How horrifically clashing. And do you have a name?"

6/5/2012 #147
Wrath of Carcosa

He shook his head. "No. He was only there briefly. He led my parents away from me to another room." There was a scream, and a splash of blood across the window... Jason shook his head, trying to clear it. "I broke away a few days after that. The concentration camps," he added, realizing Etzel might not know what he was talking about.

6/5/2012 #148

((Facebook isn't working for me.))

Etzel's cheerful face became somber immediately. "I see. Well, he doesn't sound like anyone I've ever encountered. Peter?"

Peter shook his head.

6/5/2012 #149
Wrath of Carcosa

(Aw, okay! Wanna talk on PMs?)

Jason nodded. "It's okay. Thank you."

6/5/2012 #150
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