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OC-centric forum where the worlds of the mundane, the Nephilim and the Downworlders collide. Chroniel, Angel of Time, is meddling with the threads that bind together the multiverse. Who will be able to put a stop to her machinations before the fate of all Creation is altered forever?
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Somewhere in a place many mortals would call deepest Hell, there is a sphere of perfectly isolated existence. There a beautiful and terrible figure reposes, spinning her webs, ever waiting for the chance to break into the world that she both hates and desires so much to control.

She is vast and majestic, with bare skin of deepest black and eyes of magnificent light. Her wings span galaxies.

She is Chroniel, and as the mists of time part before her touch she reaches into the threads of destiny and tugs. Ever so gently. But enough to alter the fates of many-- or just one important one...

5/15/2012 #1

Bringing herself softly back from the year most humans call 1943 A.D., Chroniel sits back and smiles small and bleak. She's done her work for the moment. Gotten things rolling. Soon enough events will begin to spin on their own, all cogs and wheels in the great clock of the universe, and they'll start spinning to her tune.

5/22/2012 #2

First 1943, now 2013. How quick the years pile onto each other! And how easy it is to push them aside. Chroniel reaches fingers into the loom of space and time and pushes the threads aside, spying through the warp and woof. Where is the best place to strike? Where will her pawns be now?

8/28/2013 #3

There they are.

8/28/2013 #4
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