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Need a challenge? Need something fun to do? Do you want to morn a character's death? This forum has a little bit of everything. Writers wanted and any pairing is welcome.
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Hello! Follow the form below. :)

Pen name (if possible a shortened version of your pen name.):

Favorite character:

Favorite pairing:

Favorite color:

A random fact:


Pen name (if possible a shortened version of your pen name.): Griffin

Favorite character: Henry

Favorite pairing: Prince Charming/Snow White (I had been starting to like the pairing: Emma/Huntsman Then they killed him off!)

Favorite color: orange

A random fact: I have a cat.

12/13/2011 . Edited 12/13/2011 #1

Pen name: LittleTayy

Favourite Character: Regina/Evil Queen

Favourite Pairing: Emma/Regina (SwanQueen, Remma)

Favourite Colour: Purple

A Random Fact: I was an extra on the show Terra Nova.

12/13/2011 #2

That's cool. :)

12/13/2011 #3
Pen name: JustWriter2 Fav OUaT character: Emma Fav OUaT pairing: Huntsman/SherrifGrahamm~PrincessEmma/EmmaSwan RandomFact: The actress,' who plays Emma, obsession with Harry Potter freaks me out a little even though I myself like the series. Did I forget to list anything; I'm doing this from my phone? -jw'chan
12/14/2011 #4
FavColor: green
12/14/2011 #5

You forgot nothing. :)

12/14/2011 #6
White Shade

All right, White Shade is my name, and I am a major fan of Rumpelstiltskin. It made me upset when ABC spelt it wrong on the character poster, but I'll get over it. Look in the Grimm's collection of fairy tales people! Get it right. Anyway, I've already been in the process of writing a story called Once Upon a Deal, if any of you know of it. It is my pride at joy at the moment, seeing as though everything else in my life can just be called organized chaos. I greet all of you, and I am happy to be a part of a smaller forum.

12/14/2011 #7
Okay so, I am TudorGurl43 and I am a major fan of Regina/ The Evil Queen. I love The Huntsman/ Sheriff Graham and The Evil Queen/ Regina as a pairing and will NOT read anything unless, unless it is a story about Regina that doesn't have her paired with anyone (no Remma for me guys, sorry.) My favourite colour is red. When I went to Atlanta, Georgia with my school (only Canadian school there), we were performing Fiddler on the Roof (I was Hodel) and the adjudicator (who is a broadway choreographer) told me I would be exactly the person she would choose for Hodel. Oh and I'm a bit of a Harry Potter freak :D lol
12/15/2011 #8

Hey guys! My name is gurlmarauder

Favorite character: Snow White

Favorite Pairing: Snow White and Prince Charming, of course!

Favorite Color: Blue

Random fact: I'm a certified scuba diver.

12/16/2011 #9
White Shade

Welcome to the forum guys! I'm White Shade. As you can probably already guess my favorite character is Rumpelstiltskin.

I always wanted to learn how to scuba dive. That's really cool. :)

12/17/2011 #10

Pen name (if possible a shortened version of your pen name.): Incognito

Favorite character: Graham (I died a little inside when he did)

Favorite pairing: None, currently (Charming was so close! Then he stupidly went and got his memories back.)

Favorite color: Blue

A random fact: I loved the movie 'The Tourist' and doesn't understand why other people didn't.

12/19/2011 #11
White Shade

I liked that movie...hmm, I wonder why so many people don't. Well, I'm one of the few that do! Welcome to the forum, Incognito...hey that's the name of my cell phone. Ha! :) I'm White Shade, but if you wish to shorten it, White is just as good.

12/19/2011 #12

Hi, everyone! :D

What was the Tourist about again? It sounds very familar to me.

I mainly go by Griffin. :) It was my first choice as a pen name but it was unfortunately unavailable. :P

Best of luck to all of you!

12/19/2011 . Edited 12/19/2011 #13

Pen Name Rose

Fav charcter Mr.Gold/Rumplestilitskin (I can't spell that. xD)

Fav pairing none

Fav color PURPLE!


1/29/2012 #14
Pen name: Lex. :) Favorite Character:  Mary Margaret. Favorite Pairing: Pretty much exactly what Griffin said. Snow White/Prince Charming and Emma/Huntsman. Favorite Color: Blue or purple Random Fact: I'm learning French right now. 
1/30/2012 #15

Me too! Comment t'allez vous?

1/30/2012 #16
StoryBook Heros
Pen Name:Logie Favorite Charater:Mary Margaret Favorite Pairing:James from BTR and Mary Margaret Favorite color:Green Random Fact:I like BTR and act like Logan from it when I dont even relize it
1/30/2012 #17
White Shade

Welcome to all the new people! It's fine about the spelling of Rumpelstiltskin. The 'l' and the 'e' were supposed to be flipped but I guess it's acceptable as an alternate spelling. I prefer to spell it how the Grimm Brothers did, but I'm not going to lash at such a frivolous thing.

Anyway, my name is White Shade, though feel free to shorten that with White. My favorite character is Rumpelstiltskin, and Robert Carlyle in general...I love him.

1/31/2012 #18

Pen name: Whitey

Favourite character: Rumplestiltskin and Ruby (Little Red Riding Hood)

Favourite Pairing: Rumplestiltskin/Belle

Favourite Colour: White or Silver

Random fact: I'm a very loveable Tiger

2/13/2012 #19
White Shade

Hello to another Rumpelstiltskin fan! I am White Shade, though you may shorten that to White if you like. I am so happy of all the Rumpel fans we are gaining. I knew I wasn't the only one who loves Robert Carlyle. Welcome to the forum, Whitey.

2/13/2012 #20

Pen name: Blooper Lover

Favorite character: Rumplestiltskin!!! :D

Favorite pairing: Rumple/Belle

Favorite color: Blue

A random fact: At my school my friends who are obsessed with Once Upon A Time gave everyone a character and I am Rumplestiltskin! *insert creepy Rumplestiltskin laugh* :D

2/19/2012 #21

Rose, if you love Hunger Games like i do then you NEED to read Once Upon A Hunger Game! It's amazing!

2/19/2012 #22
White Shade

Welcome to the forum Blooper! I am a Rumpelstiltskin fanatic as well! Loving all the Rumpelness around here. Enjoy the forum. Oh, I am White Shade by the way, though you may shorten that to White.

2/19/2012 #23

Pen name (if possible a shortened version of your pen name.): Tiffani-Amber or any variation you prefer

Favorite character: Emma and Henry

Favorite pairing: Charming(David)/Snow(Mary M) & Rumpelstiltskin(Mr. Gold)/Belle

Favorite color: Orange :)

A random fact: I love animals & have lots of pets. :)

3/1/2012 #24

Welcome! XD

You may call me, Griffin. (Griffinesque is quite long and I would have chosen Griffin but someone had already taken it. :P )

3/1/2012 #25
Pen name: Gwen Favorite character: Gold/Rumple Favorite pair: Rumbelle Favorite Colorado: gold Random fact: I'm also a Lostie
3/14/2012 #26
White Shade

YES! More people who love Rumpelstiltskin. I love this. Welcome to the forum Gwen, it's nice to meet you. I am White Shade, though you are free to shorten that to White.

When you say you are a Lostie, I think that implies you like Lost, no? Please correct me if I'm wrong. This would explain the spark of interest you had to watch Once Upon a Time. Well, that makes sense in my head anyway. Nonetheless, feel free to explore the forum and talk to us. We're nice people. :)

3/14/2012 #27
Pen name: OnceUponAKatreen Fave character: Mary Margaret Blanchard Fave pairing: Snow/Charming, Mary Margaret/David Favorite color: Green Random fact: I'm in a band
3/15/2012 #28
White Shade

Hello Once! I am White Shade. Feel free to shorten that to White. Welcome to this awesome forum where you can rant about anything and people will probably respond :) That's cool that you're in a band. Gotta love Snow White, she's so epic sometimes.

3/15/2012 #29
Oh wait... you can shorten my pen name to Kat or Katreen. Oh well :D
3/21/2012 #30
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