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White Shade

I have been very observant of the past few episode of Once Upon a Time, and I've noticed quite a bit that has me very excited about upcoming episodes. For instance: When Prince Charming goes into Mr. Gold's pawn shop, he stumbles upon a mobile, and Mr. Gold compliments on it. The mobile was the same one that hung over Snow White's crib for her unborn child back in the earlier episodes. So, he remembers a little about being Snow White's husband he just doesn't know it yet.

Also, Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin knows a whole hell of a lot. He knows how to manipulate but he wants Emma on his side. His spiting back and forth with the Evil Queen has spiked a great interest in me. He remembers, so his information is valuable more than anyone else's. The book Henry has was given to him by Snow White/the teacher (her reality name escapes my mind). Where would she get it? Probably Mr. Gold at one point. Just a guess.

The Evil Queen got her curse from Rumpelstiltskin. Who knows why he has such a thing?

So, here you can post things you notice, even if it's a subtle detail like Rumpelstiltskin drinks out of a modern day flask. Anyway, in case you notice anything in the episodes, post it here and if you like, and maybe we can tell you our guesses as to what it might mean or just things that make you want to see the next episode even more.

12/14/2011 . Edited 12/14/2011 #1

I keep thinking that Rumplestiltskin knows more than he lets on. All his little comments to the Evil Queen/Regina... Too many coincidences for me to count. Then if one considers the preview for the next episode the coincidences continue to pile up. I couldn't help but think that he set the fire.

Did anyone guess that Graham was going to die? I didn't. :P

12/14/2011 #2

The past episodes that I have seen him, Mr. Gold, in gave me the impression that it was his job to get involved with 'dark' magic.

12/14/2011 #3
White Shade

Mr. Gold may be dark, but I think he wants Emma to stop the Evil Queen's curse. Perhaps his reputation will be a little better. I don't know. I also had no idea Graham was going to die, and it never really dwelled on me because I didn't pay much attention to him until I was shown that he was sleeping with the mayor. That was pretty weird. I kind of wish I had now that he's dead.

Another thing I noticed is that Rumpelstiltskin is after magic wands from fairy godmothers. I wonder why. He gets one from Cinderella's fairy godmother and then he asked for a magic wand when dealing with the king. That was little odd.

Also, I just realized that if Emma can leave Storybrooke, any deal she makes with Rumpelstiltskin can be broken, because if what Henry says is true and no one can leave Storybrooke except her, then if she makes a deal with him and it turns out to be a disaster, she can just cross the boarder and make a new deal with Mr. Gold. That's what I call leverage right there. :) I'd be using that to my advantage.

He really is a mysterious character. Maybe that's why I love him so much. It's a love-hate relationship. I hate that he has to be so sneaky with everything, yet I love him because he spites the Evil Queen both in the modern world and the fairy tale one.

12/15/2011 #4
White Shade

And I feel like the whole show is for his entertainment. He really sets everything off, so it's kind of all his drama in a way. Which is awesome! He did give the Evil Queen the curse, so really it wasn't all his fault, but he is a tricky one. He plays an underground part, shall I put it, that is essential to the plotline. I love it!

12/15/2011 #5
I think Rumpelstiltskin is the whole core of evil in the show. I mean he is awesome I love him! But I don't think it is all Regina because she seems like she is almost very easily controlled by him. I also think that it is a possibility that Regina/ The Evil Queen may be the Miller's daughter from the Rumpelstiltskin story. It would make more sense on why she is so easily controlled by him. And her last name in the real world is Mills... Just an observation lol. Oh, and Graham isn't dead!!! At least I don't think so. If you go on IMDB it says Jamie Dornan is signed on for 22 episodes. Maybe he had a heart attack and went unconscious? He could be okay still! At least I hope! Did anyone else notice that Regina actually is capable of love? If she were truly evil, she wouldn't be capable of loving anyone but herself (lol like Voldemort :D). She is capable of loving Henry, I think he almost reals her heart every time he tells her she isn't his mother, and she loved Graham. When he broke off with her, she was very close to tears, you could hear it in her voice. And she really didn't want to kill him. She cried when she crushed his heart. I think the way it worked though was, he crushed her heart do she crushed his.... I'm going to miss him, I hope he isn't dead.
12/15/2011 #6

Oh how happy I am that you stopped by! :D That bit of information that you gave was lovely and it would be quite a twist if Regina was the Miller's daughter! Mr. Gold does seem to be a bit more evil than Regina. Every time her character seems to have a regular emotion (and actually shows it to people), I can't help but wonder if it is fake because the curse suposedly stole a part of her. I'm sure that the next episode will shed more light. :)

12/15/2011 #7

I think Rumplestiltskin was only ever after one magic wand, and that was Cinderella's fairy godmother's. The deal he made with King George was to find the location of gold fairy so that he can take it. I can't really say if he's good or bad. I think he's only after his own self-interest. However, he's so mysterious we don't yet know what all his motives are, like why he has such an interest in babies. What makes him so dangerous though is making all these deals leaves a lot of people in his debt, which gives him power over them. Not even the Evil Queen/Regina is exempt from that. She said she got the Dark Curse from him, but I don't think he, himself, created the spell; I don't think he's that powerful. Knowing him, he probably made a deal with someone else to get it (probably in exchange for giving them a baby, who knows?).

In Storybrooke, Mr. Gold's pawn shop seems to have a lot of connections to Fairy Tale Land, which is probably where Mary Margaret got the book to give to Henry. So I would assume he knows about the curse, especially with all of the hints he says. But I'm pretty sure Regina doesn't know that he knows, otherwise she'd do something about it and Mr. Gold isn't dumb enough to risk his life. The big question is, does he want the curse to be broken or not? What would he get out of it? Maybe that's where Emma's debt comes into play...

Also, I'm not so sure Emma can really leave Storybrooke as Henry thinks. In the pilot, she tries to leave but sees a wolf and swerves out of the way only to crash into the sign. Then, in the Cinderella episode, if you look closely Emma stops her car right before the city boundaries when she spotted Ashley's crashed car. It's really subtle and I could be wrong about that... But if no one is allowed to leave town, then how did Mr. Gold get Henry? I think it was stated that Emma had him over in Phoenix, so how did he end up in Maine? I think he knew exactly which child he was bringing to Regina, which also reaffirms my belief that he knows about Emma and the prophecy. It also seems like Regina may be in Mr. Gold's debt for his procuring Henry for her, unless she's already paid him for that that we don't know about yet. There's just so many questions surrounding his character, it keeps it interesting...

12/16/2011 #8
White Shade

I like this topic, and I'm glad the idea came into my head. Good observation about being the Miller's daughter! I'm a huge fan of the Grimm books so I can't believe I missed that. That's a good thing to consider. About the debt Emma owes Gold, that too is intriguing, and I think your main question, gUrl, is right. Does he want the curse to be over? Because right now, he has comfort in his life, and he wouldn't want that to end, or maybe he does. Who knows what's going through that guys mind?! I love him so much! Yes, I did notice those connections in his pawn shop, and Regina can't know all that Gold does, and if she did, I think she'd be severely pissed. (Excuse my language) I wonder how Gold tracked down Henry then when he was boy? I remember a conversation between Gold and Regina about how "finding Henry wasn't an accident was it?"

I know that Rumpelstiltskin wanted to know the child's name. The one of Snow White's, but how did he find Emma's son to give to Regina? It's all a lovely mess and I'm loving every second of it. :) He loves to spite people and he's very cocky about it too, especially as Rumpelstiltskin. I almost died laughing when he and the king were making that deal about bringing back the prince to slay the dragon.

OKAY, now I'm going to get serious. I'm sorry to those of you who may have looked on ABC's character posters, because Rumpelstiltskin is spelt WRONG! They spell it "Rumplestiltskin", which I understand because Rumple is real word, but PLEASE, for the love of fairy tales, look in a Grimm Brother's book! It's clearly spelt "Rumpelstiltskin." I know it's a minor switch of an e and an l, but it's embarrassing when it's spelt across a large poster and it's wrong. Even fanfiction knows how to spell it right! That was my rant. Thanks for listening guys! :)

12/17/2011 #9
Rumpelstiltskin is quite confusing, although perhaps more to you all than to me. I'd say that he has only one true motive and that it's involved Emma from the very beginning since he can see the future. All of his deals have led up to the creation of Storybrooke. The only reason he even intervened with Cinderella was because he knew ahead of time that he'd need it in order to gain a debt from Emma. He can demand anything from her, even her own Happily Ever After. He's either the dark sort of vigilante, darker than Batman, or he's the real villain of this story. Without him Charming and Snow never meet, the realms remain divided, Jimminy never becomes a wise cricket, and Emma doesn't exist. -JustWriter ^-^
1/4/2012 #10
White Shade

Oh wow! I just watched the 8th episode and it was amazing! It was all about Rumpelstiltskin. Still, that spelling is getting on my nerves because now it's been engraved into a dagger, which I was hoping to see in Mr. Gold's shop, but did not. Oh well. So anyway, I now realize that ultimately, Mr. Gold is there to help Emma, whether she knows it or not. He can definitely tell a desperate soul!

1/8/2012 #11

The eighth episode was extremely good. He kind of reminded me of a double edge sword that fights for Emma but harms her at the same time.

1/13/2012 #12
White Shade

Aw man! This is like, one of the most shocking things, it's almost pushing my boundaries a little bit. Now, they are dealing with Rumpelstiltskin's love life again. Yeah, you all know Belle from Beauty and the Beast? From my deductions, I have come to the sad conclusion that Rumpel and Belle are going to be in love and that the beast is him. This is pushing my boundaries a little. If this is right, and Rumpelstiltskin is "the beast", then this means the following:

1. Belle has died somehow down the road, unless this is a lie Rumpel told Baelfire.

2. Somehow they went from being rich to being poor, as in the story of Belle the beast is rather rich. UNLESS, this is after Rumpel and his whole curse thing, in which case Bae's mother would have already been dead and this is him moving on. (still don't know what happened to Bae anyway..hmm)

3. If the end deduction in number 2 is true, then number 1 does not apply.

This is kinda getting strange. I mean, I knew they had to blend the fairy tales, but seriously? Why Belle? Can't the beast be that mysterious writer? So many questions, and it kind of screws up my fanfic about Rumpelstiltskin. I am interested for Belle's reality character though. It is all strange. I wonder how she and Gold will react with each other too?

1/29/2012 #13

I know this was like 2 or three episodes ago but I noticed that before Rumpel became the dark one he had a limp, like he does in Storybrooke. But after he becomes the dark one he has a limp.

So maybe he isn't the dark one anymore?

1/29/2012 #14
White Shade

Nice catch! I thought something was up with that too. I think perhaps his magic might be very powerful and cause him to have no limp at all. I'm not sure, but those little details are fun to ponder.

OKAY, SPOILER ALERT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE: Rumpelstiltskin is apparently also the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. This I believe to be a great risk taken by the writers of Once Upon a Time. I know they must combine the fairy tales, but that was pushing my boundaries a little bit. However, because I love Rumpel so much, I've already accepted this. It has screwed with my fanfic however, but I think I've found a good way to get around it and still be accurate! Yes, I love it when things can fit perfectly into place. Anyway, back on track, I am wondering what is going to happen between Belle and Rumpel. I hope he doesn't kill anybody because I don't want to see him as an awful villain. He has his own category, and if he is a villain, well...he's not as bad as Regina/Evil Queenie so there XD.

If he is the beast, then it's just going to be a little crazy, although the writers also did the TV show Lost so I should know by now that things were going to get complicated. I didn't really watch a lot of Lost, but my family did. Rumpelstiltskin, why must your love life always be tragic? It's like I want to jump through the screen and say, "It's okay, I've created a character for you!"

But alas, this cannot happen. Oh well.

1/31/2012 #15
So I watched the show last night and absolutely loved it!! I had no idea how it would turn out with rumpy as the beast but I turned out great! He has become one of my fav characters! You can tell he still clings to the past and im sure has regrets but he just drowns himself in all this to hide it. He still loves Belle to this day! You saw how frantic he got when they stole the cup. I cried a few times for poor rumpy. Another question...did anyone laugh like I did when they saw ganston! Haha the way he looked in there and in disney's beauty and the beast, I was rolling on the floor laughing!
2/13/2012 #16

that theory holds merit, maybe Regina is the millers daughter and the secret that Snow White revealed that cost Regina her own Happy ending was the truth about who really spun the straw into gold

2/13/2012 #17
White Shade

I laughed at that too! I do admit I like the beast thing better than I thought I would. I liked the funny scenes when she asked him why he spins so much and then the curtain scene was adorable! His power does mean a lot to him though. I cried to Rumpel too. He loses everyone he loves and that is so depressing. The whole modern world and the queen finding out that he knows his real name...things are gonna get good!! Another thing, I'm sure Gold also has that dagger with his old name written on it, so I'm sure that if he did forget who he was, I think that would have unlocked his memory.

Mr. Gold has a giant-a** house! I didn't see it until yesterday, but wow I love it! I wanna live there. I think the Evil Queen is cruel to hide Belle though, away from everyone else in the modern world. I think she'll break out soon. Gold has to find out eventually. He's gotta. I mean, I will cry if he never does. He needs a happy ending...and in the meantime a hug!

Well, I think it's safe to say when he said he "lost his son" I think it means he died in war or he ran away. I think he went to war, but you know that's just me. That is so sad!

What I was hoping for at the end though was for Emma to come back in, see the cup in his hands, and then question why he went through all that trouble for a cup. I thought the writers could have made that hilarious.

The beginning, I almost died laughing when he said, "I got your message. Something along the lines of 'help! help! We're dying. Can you save us?!" And then they offered him gold. I laughed then too. "I make that."

Rumpelstiltskin is an interesting man. I can't wait until I send my letter out to Robert Carlyle. I've been meaning to do it, and I got to do it soon.

The deductions for this episode: First I suppose I could point out that Rumpelstiltskin obviously knows there was more to Belle's "death" than we think he does.

Secondly, I'm not sure this takes much deduction but I could TOTALLY tell that their kiss was movie fake. Like, it was so obvious to me. The passion was there, but I'm not sure the angle was right on that camera. I squeaked nonetheless :)

Finally, Gold has a lot of stuff! He's gotta put that tea cup somewhere a bit more safe. I would have thought he'd have done so in the first place. Wherever he has the dagger, he should put the cup there too.

2/13/2012 #18

I totally agree White i found the begining part HILARIOUS!!! "Help! Help! We're dying! Can you save us?" I was laughing SO much! I went around saying that all day at school the next day! I also loved when Gaston gets turned into a rose! Like Rumple just snaps his fingers and he's a rose!!! I loved it! Also I had no idea they spelled Rumpelstiltskin wrong! Thanks for notifying me of that! Also what is Emma gonna say when she comes back and Gold has a teacup? He didn't have that when he went in! I wonder if Emma got Gold icecream like he asked when she left to get icecream with Henry. I hope he gets icecream! He deserves icecream after everything he's gone through!!! Will he ever get his well deserved happy ending!?!? I'm going to cry my eyes out if he doesn't!!!

2/19/2012 #19
anyone think that when red hopped on the horse with the prince she was protecting his back so he wouldnt get hit XD anyway this episode to me was a little blah, but had to be done for plot purposes. I really dont like the way David has been lately especially with the whole 'affair' thing and not saying the truth. I liked though that after when emma drank the water she got the book back 'what was lost is found' I wonder about the tree though has it been in any other episodes. I know I have missed at least two for sure.
2/19/2012 #20

I just had the thought, what if Mr Golds cane is Rumpelstiltskins cursed dagger. It would be his way of ensuring that his greatest strength and weakness is with him at all times

2/22/2012 #21
White Shade

That would be interesting, but I'm not sure if actual objects can be transformed. Like, it could because of magic, but the tea cup didn't change form at all. I thought the cane just replaced the stick Rumpel had for his limp until he became the Dark One. I do agree that the cane is an amazing touch to Mr. Gold though. He could be faking the limp, but I doubt it. I could go into this metaphorically, but that would be assuming I'd like to write a book about that right now. It's a good thought though. Personally, I think the dagger is wither one of those drawers in the back room of his pawn shop or it's very secure in that giant house of his.

A thought I had about the new episode coming never-too-soon enough concerning Ashley's disappearance. I think we all know why she may have disappeared. I think the Evil Queen can only temporarily replace her from Storybrooke, or she's locked in that place where Belle is now. Poor Snow, she'll clearly be blamed for this, and I loved Mr. Gold's face in the commercial. It said to me: "I have an idea about it, but I didn't do it...maybe." Just to screw with me! Well, anyway, that's my observation. Mr. Gold and Emma for sure, can track her down if she's still around. It's what Emma does, and Mr. Gold...they make the best team EVER.

2/23/2012 #22

I wonder how many fairytale items/possessions made it into Storybrooke, there is the teacup, Snow Whites wedding ring, The Puppets of Geppeto's parents, Jiminy Cricket's umbrella (upsized)

2/28/2012 #23
White Shade

The mobile, Snow's casket (well, broken but still there), take a look at the pawn shop of Gold's. Those creepy dolls are still there (I swear they follow Rumpel everywhere he goes), and the genie lamp. It's sitting by the dolls in the pawn shop. I think it's all around, it just takes a few eyes to spot everything. The apple tree too.

2/28/2012 #24
I love looking around the pawn shop & Rumpel's castle! There's so many little things from other episodes in there, such as the puppets! Another thing I noticed after seeing Skin Deep for the third time, that cashier in the store where Gold and David go to sneezes! Is that guy Sneezy the dwarf?!? I was wondering why they added a random sneeze! Is he the dwarf?
2/28/2012 #25
White Shade

Yes he is! I saw that one too :) I can't wait to see Grumpy, and I wonder where Bashful and Dopey are?

2/29/2012 #26

Was anyone else surprised by the twisted logic used to have Belle fall in love with the 'beast' it was such a cute story though and I can't wait to see what Rumpel will do when he finds out the Regina is hiding her down in the basement of the hospital. What are your thoughts??

3/1/2012 #27

I was certainly surprised by that twist in the story line.

I can't help but wonder what kind of revenge he would want after he finds out that the Queen lied and kept her captive.

3/1/2012 #28

I would have to laugh if he said a snide comment like 'Go jump off a bridge...Please.' lol.

3/1/2012 #29

Ohhhhh! That would definitely be a brilliant way for him to get rid of her! XD

3/1/2012 #30
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