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five college students meet on a roller coaster that takes them to the world of Dungeons & Dragons where they meet a Tiefling Rouge and their sadistic Dungeon Master

1/8/2012 #1

*Isn't nin the dungeon master?* *Also when is the barbeque you're going to?*

1/8/2012 #2

*Well when you get back I'll probably be sleeping...and tricky won't be here till much later.*

1/8/2012 #3

Kate was smiling as she walked the amusement park, looking for a fun ride. She needed a break from her art.

Jerry was waiting in line for the rollercoaster. He was bored out of his skull. That was when Kate cut in front of him. He smiled. Well, well. The college flirt just got in front of him. He began to plot a trick to pull on her.

1/8/2012 #4

Lara was in line behind Jerry. Not only was she one of the more popular girls but she was also foreign with an obvious accent. Not to mention she was an amazing acrobat. Definetly a girl worth the effort.

1/8/2012 #5

Jerry chuckled as the idea came to him. He pulled out a plastic spider smiled. He put in kates hoody and took a deep breath to prepare for the simple joke. He hadn't noticed the exact people around him being as he was waiting for the coaster but this would teach her for cutting.

1/8/2012 #6

Lara rolled her eyes at him. "A spider? how stupid." Lara thought.

1/8/2012 #7

He chuckled and as the line moved tapped Kate on the shoulder. "Um, I think you have a spider on you."

Kate chuckled and said, "I know. Terry is my pet. Don't mind him though he does like love bites." She was hoping this would get Jerry to worry for his own safety even though she was bluffing. She had learned enough about men to know how he thought.

Jerry got visible chills and smiled weakly, "I'll keep that in mind."

1/8/2012 #8

"You really thought a spider would work?" Lara said "American's." She said with abit of annoyance..

1/8/2012 . Edited 1/8/2012 #9

He spun around and said quickly without missing a beat, "We all fear spiders. Some people even fear plastic. I don't get it but they say it kills someone's mom." He scratched his head and smiled at her, walking backwards with the line.

1/8/2012 #10

"You american's only have 3 deadly spiders." Lara said. She personally had no fears *that i'm aware of.*

1/8/2012 #11

"And you. You are a first class idiot. You shouldn't have the most fatal of snakes in america as a pet." Lara already didn't like this dumbass.

1/8/2012 #12

Jerry's eyes were no longer full of joy. "You are just a straight up wet blanket, aren't you? I am willing to bet you are a vulcan or some shit like that. You definitely aren't from here."

1/8/2012 #13

"They don't even sell those kinds of snakes in pets stores, how in god's name would you get one?" Lara said.

1/8/2012 #14

"No you just picked a really lame prank." Lara said. "Try something more creative." *what the hells a vulcan?*

1/8/2012 #15

(Star trek. They are all logic, no emotion)

He sighed, "Well, I am a class clown but good pranks take planning. I can't just pull an amazing side splitter out of my ass within five seconds like I did the spider."

Kate chuckled, "You boys are so easy to predict tho. I knew what you were doing right away."

He facepalmed, "Well, I guess that means true revenge will have to happen. Just watch yourself. I am master of pranks."

1/8/2012 #16

*Oh no she's very emotional*

"Well what's that crawling up your shirt." Lara said...and sure enough something was crawling up his back.

1/8/2012 #17

(I know wulf.)

1/8/2012 #18

(The spider was a bluff. It doesn't exist so unless you have something else planned...)

1/8/2012 #19

*I actually do have something else planned...this is what Lara considers a prank.*

1/8/2012 #20

Jerry froze. Was it Terry? Was Kate's spider now going up his spine? He readied his hands to strike moving slowly so as not to startle whatever the hell that was.

1/8/2012 #21

Whatever it was clawing up his back...like some kind of vermin.

1/8/2012 #22

btw ninja there be a fight scene on cards of the heart

1/8/2012 #23

He seemed to relax. He liked rats. He braced his body as he waited patiently for it to get to a place where he could reach it.

1/8/2012 #24

The rat stopped crawling up...and crawled down his pants.

1/8/2012 #25

He immeadiatly brought his hands down to protect from access to the crotch and shook the rat out his pantleg.

(I have had this actually happen so don't say it didn't work.)

1/8/2012 #26

*Nah I'm fine with it.*

the rat fell out of his pants and scurried away. Although while Lara laughed at him. "and that is how you pull a prank on somebody."

1/8/2012 #27

Jerry nodded, "Yeah, and If I hated rats, that would have been a million times funnier. You see, I don't care if I look like an idiot, unlike you."

1/8/2012 #28

"Yes but the look on your face when you didn't know what it was, was priceless."

1/8/2012 #29

Kate chuckled, "That's because he thought it was my spider. He should know better. True predators make their prescence known by striking." She laughed psudo-evilly.

1/8/2012 #30
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