The Flaming Dragon, A Bakugan RP
20 years after the events of Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Naga returns. He is trying to Summon an all power Bakugan called," Doragon Kuchiku-Kan,". Kids soon discover his plans. They plan to defeat him, like the brawlers. Question is, are you up to help? Can use existing Bakugan: Not any of the brawlers. Can create your own.
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"You are?" Hassil said. "And why should we trust you?"

3/20/2012 #91

"it's about time you showed up ky"rei spoke as the boy in question came out

"sorry rei,air traffic"he smiled

3/20/2012 #92

Hassil just looked at the boy. Then he hid Artemis under his jacket. "So, you claim to want to help?"

3/20/2012 #93

"yep"he smiled

3/21/2012 #94

Hassil nodded. Then he looked around. "It seems quite peaceful here" he said.

3/21/2012 #95
Hikari Oji Jemuzu to Kaichi

" Agreed." James said. " But we never know... Ky, right? Can you tell us a way out of here? we were just abut to go on a lookout, well, Me and Hassil were staying here." Segreton jumped. " James, we're missing the show!" James looked a him puzzeled before he picked up Segreton and flicked him away. "Getting out of here is better than watching Bleach just so you can rant about how cute Ichigo and Rukia are!" He yelled. Segreton... blushed? " I-I-I- I do nothing of the sort!" " Riiiiiiiiight."

3/21/2012 #96

"Follow me"ky spoke as he got on atmos

3/21/2012 #97

Hassil held Artemis in his hand, the bakugan being asleep. "Artemis..." he whispered sadly. "What went wrong?" Then he looked at James and Ky, nodding, before he released Subterra Manion and got onto it.

3/21/2012 #98
Hidden and STDSD in our Flames
Chrishyia looked at the brawlers around her- yeah, when they got out of wherever they are, they were all going to meet up. She then yawned. " Well, I'm tired, so I want you guys to let me know what happens while I take a nap. " She unleashed Strike Fighter and climbed on his hand. " Let me know when I'm needed, because If I miss a brawl and you guys need help and you don't tell me... You'll be in trouble." She then closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
3/25/2012 #99

Hassil lost track of time. Minutes, half an hour, it didn't matter. But sooner than even Hassil had expected, Artemis seemed fresh again.

"What went wrong, Artemis?" Hassil asked, "Outstanding Terra Firma usually works flawless."

"I do not know, Hassil" the bakugan replied. "I do simply not know. It came as a surprise to me too."

3/25/2012 #100

"Bakugan Brawl Darkus Hynoid!"suki unleashed her bakugan out

3/26/2012 #101

Hassil looked around. "What was that?" he said.

3/28/2012 #102
Hikari Oji Jemuzu to Kaichi
James was on gaurd and threw out Falconoir. " What is it, Hassil?" He asked quietly.
3/28/2012 #103

Hassil looked around, then at James. "It's nothing" he said, "I just thought I heard something suspicious."

4/1/2012 #104
Hikari Oji Jemuzu to Kaichi
James nodded. " Ok Hassil. " He said to the boy. Then he looked at his Bakugan. " Falconoir, stay on guard just in case." The Bakugan nodded.
4/1/2012 #105

Artemis then unfolded and released herself into her real form. "I'll help too" she said.

Hassil nodded. "Just do not overwork yourself" he said.

"I won't, dear" Artemis said, then looked at James. "It seems Hassil has already found a friend in you, James" she then added.

4/1/2012 #106
Hikari Oji Jemuzu to Kaichi
James smiled. " And I in Hassil. I give my thanks to you, Artemis. Even when you're not in top condition, you try to guard us. I owe you for that. " James looked at Hassil. " You are taking a big risk having Artemis out like that. Perhaps an ability in which she has extra protection? That way she won't get hurt as easily if we are attacked."
4/2/2012 #107

"I wouldn't let her out if she wasn't willing to" Hassil said, then nodded. "Defensive abilities are always in my sleeves. I am ready to pull one if necesarry."

4/2/2012 #108
Hikari Oji Jemuzu to Kaichi

James smiled. " Alright then. I hope we can leave sooner so we can brawl. Of course, when Artemis is better." He said.

4/3/2012 #109

Artemis nodded. "Although I am not in my best shape, I can still guard for you" she said, looking around.

4/4/2012 #110
Hikari Oji Jemuzu to Kaichi

James nodded and looked around. " All right, Artemis. Hey, Rei! Are we there yet?" He said looking around for an exit.

4/5/2012 #111

Hassil looked around. "Nothing to see" he said.

4/6/2012 #112

rei looked forward"no,we still have ways to go"she told him

4/6/2012 #113

Hassil then looked up at Artemis. "Think you can fly?" he said.

"For you, I'll give it a shot" Artemis said, before she let down a hand for Hassil to jump onto. Then, she took to the sky.

"Don't exhaust yourself" Hassil said, as he crawled onto Artemis' shoulder.

4/8/2012 #114

Suki sniffed around before becoming serious"Bakugan in the city,no brawl,it's a wild rage in the bakugan fields"she spoke before turning to the confused boys"Living where I live; you pick up a few senses"she smirked and ran off incredibly fast

4/8/2012 #115
Hikari Oji Jemuzu to Kaichi

" And where exactly do you live, Suki?" James asked with a smile. " Wardington? Bayview? Bakugan City?"

4/8/2012 #116

Suki smirked again and put a finger to her mouth"That's my little secret"

4/8/2012 #117
Hikari Oji Jemuzu to Kaichi

James looked at her. " What? It's not like I'm gonna stalk you. But I see what you mean. So I'll tell you guys where I live in case you want to brawl." He said

" You sure James?" Segreton asked. James nodded. " Positive. I live in Bakugan City. You'll find me by looking under Preyas's Bridge. I spend alot of time there. Or I'm at the Shrine of Haos. Where the statues of Tigrerra, Nemus, Aranuat, Wulfurio, and Reptak are and Haos brawlers brawl. I should be in the top ten. Then you'll be able to locate me."

4/8/2012 #118

"You are from there too?" Hassil said. "You should try visiting the Gorem Shrine. It is quite fascniating when you do not live there to see it all the time. And even though you live there, it's almost if you can see new pathways every day."

4/9/2012 #119
Hikari Oji Jemuzu to Kaichi
" Yeah," James smiled. " Living there is amazing. You could move there and be there for only a day and have already more than 50 brawl requests. And how they thank Bakugan is quite amazing too. Maybe one day they'll have a statue of us up there."
4/9/2012 #120
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