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Where you just talk to people.

Because we need a place for randomness. =)

12/30/2011 #1

i like enchiladas! (srry if that's a little too random)

12/30/2011 #2

Nope. that's just the right amount of random. =)

12/30/2011 #3

then, YAY!

12/30/2011 #4


So, what did everyone get for Christmas / Hannukah / the Holidays? =)

12/30/2011 #5

books (though my parents apparently have no idea what i like to read, they got me lord of the rings, i HATE lord of the rings,no offense), clothes, shoes thats pretty much it

p.s. i celebrate christmas& 3 kings

12/30/2011 #6

my brother keeps trying to get me to read Lord Of The Rings but I don't want to.

I got a new phone, money, shoes, a new coat, chocolate and small stuff.

12/30/2011 #7

what kind of phone?

12/30/2011 #8

Ugh...Weddings.I'm nevering going to another one again.

12/31/2011 #9

samsung Galaxy Ace.

O.O What happened?

12/31/2011 #10

It made me so tired.I had to help decrite(sp),and then be the Maid of Honor,and take all the some back down.Yeah lots of work.

12/31/2011 #11

That sucks.

So, did everyone have a good New Year? =}

1/1/2012 #12
Wandering Jay

Oh, totally! I love New Year's! Every year, I sit on the couch with my dad and watch the ball drop in New York. And then afterwards, he insists on playing Auld Lang Syne on the piano.

What's your New Year's resolutions? I've got, like, 13 because I figure if I've got lots, I've got a better chance of making at least one come true, y'know?

1/3/2012 #13
shiksa goddess

I make however many the last two digits of the year are, for instance this year I made twelve.

1/28/2012 #14

forum revival because uh yolo

8/5/2012 #15
Cascading Rainbows

forum revival because uh fish

8/12/2012 #16

Hey, any1 go to TVTropes?

10/27/2012 #17
Happy Little Cats

i love tacos

7/1/2013 #18
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