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Firestorm Nauralagos

Here is information on the worlds of the Spiral. The same rules apply here that apply in the other threads: No swearing, and no being nasty to other people.

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Firestorm Nauralagos


Well, most people know at least the basics of Wizard City. You start off in Golem Tower, where you have to fight two of Malistaire's draconian henchmen. You then go to Unicorn Way, and then to Olde Town, where you are instructed to defeat Lady Blackhope. After defeating her, you go to Triton Avenue, where you help Susie Gryphonbane find her lost brother, Artur, who has been kidnapped by the Harvest Lord.

After Triton Avenue, you stop, unless you have either crowns or a subscription. (I wish they'd at LEAST let you finish Wizard City ...)

The second place you go is to Cyclops Lane, where you speak with a stuck up, self centered Conjurer named Nolan Stormgate. He thinks that you aren't qualified to be in Cyclops Lane, like several other students that were apparently helping him once. He sends you to the Dark Cave to look for a Runed Skull; the other students were too scared to go inside. After finding the skull, Nolan sends you to fight some trolls that are causing trouble. After fighting them, you find a note from a cyclops to a person named "M." Nolan reads it and finds out that the cyclops's have kidnapped the students that had been helping him before. He has you take the note to Cyrus Drake, hoping that the professor will do something to help the students. Instead, he has you get his laundry for him! When you remind him that the students have been kidnapped, he sends you with a note to Headmaster Ambrose. Apparently, the note says that Cyrus wants you expelled from Ravenwood! Ambrose tells you that you and Nolan must find a way to rescue the students. Nolan has you get a pass from a warhorn (or a minotaur) to get into General Akilles' lair. Since he has to follow the cyclops code of honor, Akilles must fight you if you challenge him, and if you win, he must release the students. You beat him, and he releases the three students: A Diviner, a Conjurer and a Thaumaturge.

The last of the three streets is Firecat Alley, which I will explain in the next post.

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Firestorm Nauralagos

In Firecat Alley, you first speak with Private Quinn. He is a friend of the fire elves, and is concerned that they've missed a meeting with him. He sends you to Fireglobe Theatre to check on them. When you return, he tells you that he thinks the elves are cursed, and sends you to collect three of their arrows, which you bring to a retired Alchemist named Gretta Darkkettle. She sends you to get a charred knife from a magma man, and then she discovers that the elves have been cursed by a banshee. Private Quinn tells you that Bastilla Gravewynd, a banshee, lives in Forlorn Tower, and you go defeat her. Once you defeat Bastilla and take a lock of her hair, you return to Gretta, who makes you a potion. Private Quinn tells you to defeat six fire elves and their leader, Prince Alicane Swiftarrow. Once you complete the quest, the elves are freed from the curse and promise to guard against it.

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Firestorm Nauralagos

Once the three streets are completed, you return to Headmaster Ambrose, and he gives you two quests. For the first one, he sends you to Olde Town, and he wants you to fight a ghost named Foulgaze who lives in Sapphyra's Tower. Foulgaze has stolen the key to a tower where Headmaster Ambrose keeps his private records. Ambrose needs to access those records to confirm his suspicions about who's been causing trouble in Wizard City. (Not meaning Malistaire; Ambrose thinks that someone else is responsible, someone answering to Malistaire.) Once you defeat Foulgaze, you return to the Headmaster, who looks in his archives and confirms that Lord Nightshade the Wraith is causing the trouble. He sends you to defeat Lord Nightshade in Stormdrain Tower, which is in the Haunted Cave. When you defeat Nightshade, he drops a journal and a skeleton key, which you take to the Headmaster. The journal has a few words about a door under the waterfall, which is where Ambrose sends you next. The waterfall is the one in the Commons, which is right next to the Rainbow Bridge. (Bridge to Unicorn Way.) The skeleton key unlocks the door under the waterfall, which has the Death School symbol on it. When you enter the door, you enter Nightshade, which is where the Death School, Tower and Tree fell after Malistaire tore them away from Ravenwood. Inside the Death School, you talk to Dworgyn, a hunchback who used to be Malistaire's assistant. He is the new Death Professor, and can teach all of the Death spells. Once you talk to Dworgyn, you return to the Headmaster, who sends you to Krokotopia.

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Firestorm Nauralagos


This is the second quest given by Headmaster Ambrose once you complete the three streets. He sends you to talk to Private O'Doyle in the Shopping District, who then sends you to check on his niece Mindy Pixiecrown, a Thaumaturge doing research in Colossus Boulevard. She's worried about a problem on the street, which is ice-based: Gobblers. (I suggest you Google a picture; they're ugly little things. xD) The Gobblers are a strange race that just showed up in Colossuss Boulevard, and they've been eating everything. Literally. The buildings, the food, and possibly even people, although that detail is ... erm ... skirted over to keep the game a child-friendly game. xD Evil Snowmen were summoned to drive out the Gobblers, but they've only made the problem worse. She has you defeat five Gobblers and three Evil Snowmen to try and get rid of them, but they don't leave. You then have to collect six stinkweed, which are flowers growing in Colossus Boulevard, to make a potion to try and get rid of the Gobblers' hunger. You then have to defeat four Gobblers to give them the potion. When the potion doesn't work, she has you go speak with the Gobbler king, to try and make a deal to get him and the Gobblers to leave. The king gives you a decree, saying that he wants to take over Wizard City, which he intends to rename "New Gobblerton." Mindy sends you to the Headmaster, who tells you to defeat 2 of every kind of Gobbler, and then defeat two of the king's advisers, the Barons Greebly and Rotunda. You go speak with the King again, and he agrees to have his Gobblers stop eating so much.

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