So, you want to write a story?
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Firestorm Nauralagos

Want to know how to write a parody? How about a tragedy/angst fic? Or maybe a romance story?

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Firestorm Nauralagos

The same rules apply here: No cursing, and please be respectful to others. Thanks! :)

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Naomi Hansen

Regardless of what kind of genre you want help with, reading other (preferably good) stories in the same category that you wish to write for is pretty much a sure-fire way to get a good idea of what you need to do, or at least help to start pushing you in the right direction. You don't have to limit yourself to published work, though - looking at other fandoms' higher quality fanfics can suffice, too.

As an added note, try taking a look at TV Tropes on notes regarding different genres - every article on that website is very informative. Copy the addresses below for their Parody (see also: Affectionate Parody), Tragedy, and Romance (Arc) pages to help get you started.

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Firestorm Nauralagos


This is my favorite genre to read and write. Unfortunately, there is a rather large lack of parodies in the Wizard101 fandom -probably because no one knows how to write them (or other reasons that I can't think of at the moment.)

Obviously, a very key part of a parody is humor. Any kind of humor works, really. I've seen parodies where the canon characters are so out of character, it's hysterical to read. I've read parodies where sarcasm is the main tool used to make the story funny. I've also read... THE MARY-SUE PARODY!!!! Those are awesome. xD

Like Naomi Hansen said, read other parodies if you wish to see what a parody looks like. There are no good ones from this fandom that I can suggest, but if you've read/seen The Lord of the Rings, that fandom has some of the best parodies on the entire website. XD

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I'm pretty sure lack of parodies in Wizard101 is due to the fact that there aren't that many actual characters, or at least character development. At least, that's probably why there aren't any with OOC character parodies.

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Firestorm Nauralagos


I'm not as familiar with this genre, so if anyone else would care to add on, please do!

According to Wikipedia, mystery is "a loosely-defined term describing a cluster of genres of fiction sharing common traits, typically focused on the investigation of a crime." Obviously, there must be suspense and lots of secrets- a mystery without surprises is lame!! :P Plot twists are also good. (and that's about the extent of my mystery knowledge :/)

Subgenre: Noir

This genre I know a tiny bit more about, since I've read a few noir books (one really good one is "You" by Charles Benoit. ERMAHGERD IT WAS SO GOOD.) The main difference between noir and mystery is that in noir fiction, the main character is NOT a detective, but rather a character affected by the crime in some way- a victim of the crime, a suspect of the crime or the actual criminal himself. This gives a whole new perspective to the scenario. (I always picture Jean Valjean and Javert when thinking of noir, although that isn't really what Le Mis is. That would be an interesting way to portray the relationship between the main character and the detective, though ...) The story's protagonist generally shows some sort of self-destructive quality. The actual legal system/political system/group in charge (such as the principal/teacher, in the case of "You") is generally corrupt, and lastly, there is rarely a happy ending to noir stories. The leader is corrupt, the protagonist is corrupt, they're all corrupt- this leads to a Lose-Lose situation. An interesting idea would be to throw in a character who is NOT corrupt (not necessarily the protagonist- maybe a best friend, cousin, that one nice teacher, whatever) and tries to keep his morals while living in a society where everyone else has a twisted conscience.

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The Dimenssionalist

Cool, thanks! So if my main character is a detective it can't be a noire? As for corrupt and self destructitve, got that. Seeing as the story will be darker than most wizard101 fics, I'll set the main character's age at twenty or thirty (that might be a first). Finally all I need are spell ideas. He's an equalibriest, a gear wizard (I take full credit of that name). I imagine their spells have a mechanical theme to it so I thought of: clockwork spider, mechanical man, gear dragon. That's it. Any ideas?

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Firestorm Nauralagos

@Dimenssionalist: Not a problem :3

That is correct, although there is definitely a lack of all types of mysteries (not just noir fiction) so anything you write in that genre will be a cool addition to le fandom xD

Don't the Pigswick wizards use the same types of magic as Ravenwood students? (At least in the game they do ... I dunno. It's been a while since I finished Wysteria :/) Maybe, instead of changing the spells altogether, you could have Pigswick students put their own spin on the Ravenwood spells- like maybe they have a different name and a slightly different appearance (faun vs satyr, if you know what I mean) In my series (the Firesong Saga) one of the characters eventually learns to create her own spells, but I could never come up with anything good, so I just took the preexisting spells and played with them a little. I dunno. Does that help at all?

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