Crybaby? In a forum? No way! But yes!
Hey so this is my first Crybaby forum, so be nice again? lol but this time, I'm gonna have some help!
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Red Queen Megz

Here's the list of Canon's available:


Allison Vernon-Williams: iLuvJohnny

Ramona Rickettes:

Belvedere Rickettes:


Pepper Walker:

Wanda Woodward:

Mona "Hatchet-Face" Malnorowski:

Milton Hackett:


Lenora Frigid:

Don't have a real ideal sheet for OC's so make one up for your own XD be sure o have the esentials.

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Red Queen Megz

Name: Evanna "Evy Woodward-Stone

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Square or Drape:Drape

Appearance:Dark brown curly hair, Piercing blue eyes, slim slender body.

Personality: Typical Drape attitude. Short tempered, Teasing, outgoing, Snippy, energetic.

History: She used to live near Romona and Belvedere until her parents split and she had to move. She was dating Crybaby at the time and soon had to leave him once the divorce was official. They had small tiffs here and there but were always able to make up. Then the night before she had to leave they got into a huge fight and she left without saying a word. Now she's moved back in with Wanda and she's back in the gang, not knowing Crybaby still loves her.

Other:Tattoo on her lower back and one on her neck.

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Red Queen Megz

Oh you suck big Time XD lol ok but idk how we're gonna do this one now XD

12/19/2011 #4

XD me either, we may have to wait for more ppl..

12/19/2011 #5
Red Queen Megz

Lol I'll emp people if you help me XD and I meant this *Poins at Charry sheet*

12/19/2011 #6

What is emp? XD sorry I'm so stupid...I'm a bit slow...

12/19/2011 #7
Red Queen Megz

lol T didn't work TEMP. And I have a charry that's after Crybaby too XD lol we'll have fun with this.

12/19/2011 #8

lol what's temp? XD sorry...

12/19/2011 #9
Red Queen Megz

Take Charrys until someone officially wants them XD Temp= Temporary.

12/19/2011 #10

XD ohhhhhhh WHY AM I SO STUPID??

12/19/2011 #11
Red Queen Megz

Lol just post in the rp goober XD take anyone you have to to keep the RP going.

12/19/2011 #12

lol kk but just so you know, I suck at this movie lol I've like only seen it once

12/19/2011 #13
Red Queen Megz

lol no worry I'll help you

12/19/2011 #14

Name: Shawnna Evans

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Squre or Drape: A bit of a square, but that changes when she she moves in with her cousins

Appearance: Waist length, wavey, auburn colored hair, with red highlights & bangs that frame her heart shaped face. Pale skin with a beautiful complexsion. Dark green, cat shaped eyes, a tiny, upturned nose, & full red lips. She also has her toungue pierced & a tatoo of a white dove on her left shoulder. Shawnna has a tiny, petite frame, but curvey.

History: Shawnna has lived up in New York untill her dad got laid off at his work & moved to live with her cousin cry-baby & his sister peper.

Personality: Quiet, shy, sweet, kindhearted.

Extra: Shawnna got a tatoo of white dove when she was 13 in honor of her mother, who had when she was 7.

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awe thanks :)

12/26/2011 #17

So just come in whenever you want :)

12/26/2011 #18

Can I be wanda?

11/1/2012 #19
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