Nikita: The Days After Division
Nikita, Michael, Alex, Owen and Birkhoff have successfully taken down Division in this RP. Amanda is locked behind bars for good and Percy is dead, along with the black boxes. Although one threat is gone, another remains and has gained power: Gogol.
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Newfi Girl

Here, you can discuss whatever you'd like relating to the Nikita series. All opinions are welcome, but please no over the top arguments. Although I'm a Mikita shipper, Malex and other shippers are welcome here as well!

Also, feel free to post links or describe any Nikita FanFictions that you'd like others to check out! I'd be happy to read and review on any story!

Also, one last thing! I'm having a great time writing my current Nikita FanFiction, but one more chapter and it'll be finished. It's called 'The Final Defeat'. There will be a second story continuing from 'The Final Defeat' that I'll be working on and I have another story with one chapter posted called 'A Massive Betrayal', but I'd like to start on other projects as well. I'd like to write things that you all would be interested in reading, so please give suggestions and I'll get right to work on the stories. I can do one-shots, but so far I've only written multi-chapter stories. Please give suggestions! I love to write for the fun of it and to keep y'all entertained! Thanks so much everyone!

12/27/2011 #1

I wish I could write fanfiction. I wrote a bit years ago... but can't find the focus for plotty fics now, which is a shame because they are my favourite type. (And I am adoring the concept and writing of your fic, by the way, thought I should say). Not read many on this site, however, but the ones I have read have certainly shown what I do and don't like about them. Actually, the only think I don't like are OC's which are the main focus... but that translates over to every fandom, actually xD My favourite fics are the ones with Birkhoff actually represented well in... so a long plotty fic with him as a basis would be great to see, if you were looking for ideas xD

12/27/2011 #2
Newfi Girl

Okay, I'll definitely be thinking up a good fic to write with Birkhoff present through all of it! I do my best to portray his unique attitude, so I hope I'm doing alright! Any particular setting you'd like to see? Like before Nikita came to Division, during, while they are all working together against Division, or after the agency is taken down? I can also incorporate Gogol into the plot if you'd like! Just let me know and if you want, I can just wing it.

I'll also be working on the last chapter to The Final Defeat and the sequel to it at the same time, so it might take a while for me to get everything written and posted, especially when school starts back and tennis season bogs me down! I'll try my best though to be pretty consistent with writing and posting. Thanks for your support!

12/27/2011 #3

Man, my mind is actually buzzing with things I would love to see. A backstory perhaps, though the setting like in this RP is an awesome idea. One thing I have been tempted to write myself is a little story or insight into just why Birkhoff was actually allowed to get away with that attitude. Or perhaps involving Amanda... Gotta love those two togethr (I mean, Fair Trade was just the best episode, in my opinion, but their interaction in Kill Jill back in season one was also amusing xD). I'm rambling now, sorry.

My favourite fics are usually based off missing scenes, or alternate scenes from shows. Like Aftermath and A Phone Call from a Friend, both by CSI Haylz (Yep, finally a rec from me xD). Another little one shot I adore is Birkhoff's Ten Rules for Living with Spies by Small-Wonders. It's funny xD And I loved the last chapter of your fic as well! xD

12/29/2011 #4
Newfi Girl

Oh! You just gave me a great idea! I'm going to fill in the scenes where Nikita gets Birkhoff back to the house after Amanda tortures him. It'll probably be a one-shot just because it's going to take place between scenes. I might drag it out and make it a few days that she's taking care of him though, we'll see. I'll let you know when I've posted and what it's called.

12/29/2011 . Edited 12/29/2011 #5

I saw it and squeeed, seriously did xDD

Btw, I can drop Birkhoff into the RP whenever he's needed, didn't want to break up the Mikita love going on xD

12/29/2011 #6
Newfi Girl

Haha, just drop him in whenever. He can stop by their room. Apparently he's supposed to pick them up and they're all going to dinner haha. And I'm glad you liked the story! :)

12/29/2011 #7
Newfi Girl

Hey guys, I'm thinking about writing a long fanfiction to follow Nikita's whole life before Division, starting off when she is with her foster parents. Should I?

12/30/2011 #8
That sounds like an awesome idea.
11/30/2012 #9

I got some ideas for Michael/OC fics but I'm nervous to get to work on them because of the strict Mikita and Malex pairings :P lol

8/19/2013 #10
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