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Mutants, the supernatural, the paranormal. Not the usual fare for an average police force. That's where X-Factor comes in. Come inside, pick a favourite character, and sign up for the Marvel Universe's Number One Mutant detective agency.
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Hey all, I've made this thread so that we can chat about our shared interest in X Factor and X Men, and so that we can all get to know each other. It's also here for general chit-chat.

I'd like to start by asking what we each all know about about MARVEL, X men and the like. :)

12/29/2011 #1
Ink and tea-leaves

Heya, I'm Ella. I've watched all the X-men films and read the comics, but I haven't seen the cartoons. This is going to sound like one of those 'lets go round in a circle and say our names' type thingys, isn't it? ;)

12/29/2011 #2

Heh, I realised almost as soon as I'd posted this thread that it sounded like one of those things!

So sorry about that - I just wanted to build up a group dynamic? That probably sounds ever worse!

Hopefully we can avoid sounding like alcoholics anonymous...

I'm Max and I'm a massive X men nerd, with a particular liking for X Factor itself.... Oh dear. At least we don't have an object that we have to pass around in order to speak.

12/29/2011 #3
Ink and tea-leaves

X-addicts anonymous? ;D That pretty much describes us! Oh dear...

12/30/2011 #4

Oh hello ^^ and before I forget Happy new Years! if you read this after midnight in your timezone. Ah I am mostly into the original 616 X-Men, though I do know a fair deal about the Ultimate universe version. I hope that answers the quesion. 0.0

12/31/2011 #5
Ink and tea-leaves


1/1/2012 #6

Happy New Year guys, Hope it's a good one.

1/1/2012 #7

For a while, the forums seemed to be down, as in no one could post in them.

It seems like they're working again now, so if you were having trouble posting, you should be able to now.

1/28/2012 #8
Ink and tea-leaves

Yup, s'all good. :)

1/29/2012 #9
Alex Wilder

So... what would the RP be like? some kind of superhero thing or more of a mystery themed investigation? I'm guessing the latter since we've elected to contain this in the x-factor branch of the x books. If it is a mystery, we could do it with three people. just doing one small team of investigators might work better so that people don't go crazy with finding evidence (what the hell else can you do with a mystery?). I'd love if someone could take monet or wolfsbane but characters can always be added later. I think the problem with this rp is that many might not be familiar with the characters. I see the only other regular here has elected to take angel salvadore, and I don't think she's even in continuity anymore... (house of m robbed many mutants of their abilities).

1/30/2012 #10

My thought was to run the RP in story arcs, similar to how most comic books go. The first arc would be Madrox getting people together for the group, and chracter interaction. Each character could think up their circumstances, and depending what those are, conflict or mystery could be introduced.

I'm thinking that the RP should go for the investigation style, since we have the X-Factor general theme. But as to continuity, we won't be following official proceedings. We can use what we want from the official storyline, but this will mainly be a re imagining in whatever way we like.

I too would love to see characters like Siryin, Rictor, etcetera. But we can always bring in new characters if we get new members. My thinking on this is that we could wait a few days - maybe a week - and hope that new people join in, and if they don't, then we start. At least two more people would be nice, but we'll see how it goes.

That said, if any of you know any other people who might be interested, be sure to let them know and get them involved.

1/30/2012 #11
Ink and tea-leaves

In all fairness, we've waited a good two or so weeks, maybe more. If people were going to join right now, they would have already done so. When we start posting more, more people will see the forum, so I suggest that we just start. I'll be happy to take Wolfsbane but I only really want one Cannon, so its either her or Angel. Also, van we make OCs?

And I actually think that it will work best with 3-7 or so people - too many and we'd loose track of a clear investigation, which doesn't matter for a general RP, but does for this...

2/1/2012 #12

That sounds pretty good to me, I suppose the time for waiting is over.

With regards your playing Wolfsbane or Angel, it's really up to you - you're perfectly free to play whichever you want in my book :)

As to OCs, I guess they'd be okay - so long as they're not too far gone on the Mary Sue spectrum. I'd like it if we didn't bring any OCs on to the main X Factor team, at least not until we get further into the RP.

We will probably have to create some OCs in order to fill up/advance the plots, so it's fine really.

Your 3-7 estimate sound good. I was hoping for around six people anyway, so hopefully they'll join in later.

I'll go ahead and make the main game thread as soon as I can, but it would probably be good to get an idea worked out of where each character will be located at the start.

2/1/2012 #13
Ink and tea-leaves

Kay, coolio. I'd rather go with Angel if thats ok, just cos I know her character better. I was thinking of maybe having an OC who was involved in the investigation, possibly through the people who contact them about it, then joins the X team afterwards?

2/1/2012 #14

Sounds good to me .

2/1/2012 #15

Right, I'll step up the game thread tomorrow, so that Alex has a chance to see what we've sent, and so that we can all do some planning as to how we start.

2/1/2012 #16
Ink and tea-leaves

Sure, and maybe make an OC thread?

2/2/2012 #17

I have created both new threads. I'll post in the game thread in a while, I need to get some man-work done first.

2/2/2012 #18

Threads are up there, and I've posted in the game one. I've only really been able to check my emails properly today, since I've been busy. But I guess you guys have been too. :)

2/7/2012 #19

Something just occurred to me: I had intended for Jamie to be in America when I posted, but I assume because of her background, Monique would be in the UK?

If this is the case then I wonder if we'd need to move one or other of the characters - but I guess it depends on what your (Ella's) plans for Angel or Monique are.

2/8/2012 . Edited 2/8/2012 #20
Ink and tea-leaves

Hmmm, could Jamie be in the Uk of a visit or something? That would explain why he woke up so absurdly early - jet lag!

2/8/2012 #21

I like your thinking!

I'll go post in a second or two.

2/8/2012 #22

Hey, sorry it took me so long to post back. I've been up to my eyes in revision this week. My posting might be a bit sporadic from today onwards. But should be around for most of today.

2/19/2012 #23
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