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Mutants, the supernatural, the paranormal. Not the usual fare for an average police force. That's where X-Factor comes in. Come inside, pick a favourite character, and sign up for the Marvel Universe's Number One Mutant detective agency.
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Since it seems to be just the three of us so far, I figured I might as well start moving things along, To that end, I decided to create a character claim thread.

Once we've finished here, we can move on to plotting out the RP's events, and then begin!

So, as to the characters: really, any from the X-Men universe are okay by me (I'd rather not have any OCs, yet). Since the current X-Factor series is based around a detective agency, it would be good if the character we pick could fit that kind of setting (ie: it's unlikely we'd find Professor X, Magneto or the Juggernaut throwing it all in to investigate the paranormal).

As for myself, I'll be playing Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man). (( ))

I hope that all makes sense.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions, but please address them in the OOC chat.

As to the character choices, just posting the name and powers (with a wiki link) should be fine - unless they're more obscure, in which case, some of their details would probably work.

1/3/2012 #1
Ink and tea-leaves

Can I have Angel Salvadore? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBeh2P7Rdic&feature=related

1/3/2012 #2

Fine by me.

Also, I should have said before: since this won't be "official" MARVEL continuity, you should all try and think up a sort of "Most recently" for the character, ie: what they've been doing/where they've been up until the events of the RP. (I reckon the first part should involve Madrox putting a team together - that might help.)

1/4/2012 #3

We're going to need a couple more people before we can get this up and running.

So please post in if you haven't already, and if you know of anyone else who might be interested, feel free to bully them until they agree to join in!

1/12/2012 #4
Alex Wilder

Strong Guy!

1/28/2012 #5

Strong Guy is, of course, accepted.

1/28/2012 #6
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