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A little coffee shop/restaraunt for random RPing needs...
1/29/2012 #1

Yukina sat on the table near the window, accompanied by a warm cup of coffee on the table and a half-eaten cake beside the cup, as he waited for Kisa to arrive. They were planning to meet today, since it had been quite a long time since they last meet because of Kisa's work, and Yukina just couldn't wait to see his Kisa-san again.

2/13/2012 #2

Kisa ran as fast as he could, an outstretched hand holding on to his phone. He flipped it open. There was nothing. He inhaled deeply, at least this meant Yukina hadn't been waiting for too long - he hadn't meant to be late. A call had come in at the last moment, and he was needed to stay back until the matter was resolved.

With his destination in sight, he sprinted as fast as he could, clutching the left side of his stomach. He really was too old to be running around so much. The door was just in front of him now. He reached out to open it, and a small smile tugged at the corner of his lips. He held it in check. He wasn't sure he wanted Yukina to know he'd been waiting all day to finally see him. He pushed the door open and hopped inside, steeling himself against the wall.

He looked around the room, and spotted Yukina on a table near the window. He gathered his thoughts and tried to smooth his hair, he just hoped he didn't look like a giant mess. He looked down to the floor, and clutched his bag tightly as he went to join Yukina.

2/13/2012 #3

Kisa was late. Perhaps because he was delayed by his work. Yukina didn't mind, though. He knew how important Kisa's work was for the older man. Humming absently, he threw his gaze outside the window, watching the people walking around with their own business in mind. A slow smile lifted Yukina's lips and he considered taking his sketch-book to make a draft or some rough sketch of the scenery outside.

Just as he was reaching for his bag, the bell above the cafe's door chimned and Yukina lifted his head, almost reflexively. An instant warm and bright smile appeared on his face as soon as he saw Kisa's figure stepping in to the cafe. The older man looked slightly out of breath and it made Yukina wondered whether Kisa had run to reach the cafe or not. The though of Kisa hurrying to meet him made a warm feeling in Yukina's chest grew until he thought his face would split in two if he smiled any wider.

Standing up from his seat, Yukina met Kisa just as the older man walked into the table and, without any preamble, hugged the older man tightly while saying, "Kisa-san! I've missed you so much!"

2/13/2012 #4

Kisa was momentarily taken aback as he suddenly felt a pleasant warmth around him. 'He smells nice.' Kisa relaxed into Yukina's arms before jolting back. He had almost forgotten where they were. He looked left and right, to see if anyone had seen them. Even if they had, they weren't giving them any of those strange looks Kisa had slowly gotten accustomed to over the years.

He looked at Yukina, and his brows furrowed, "Don't do that here. We're in public you know."

He placed his bag on the table and made to sit down. Truthfully speaking, he almost regretted the annoyed tone he used on Yukina, but experience had taught him to be wary.

2/13/2012 #5

Yukina let go of the hug once he heard Kisa's complaint, but there was still a warm smile on his face. "Ah, my bad. I was just so happy to see Kisa-san again, I forget where we are at the moment." He said it most sincere tone. Yukina then reached out his hand, brushing against Kisa's cheek softly. "Your face is red. Were you running to get here?"

2/13/2012 #6

Kisa shifted his eyes to avert Yukina's gaze. He was sure the reason he was red had more to do with the fact that he was elated on the inside. He hated to admit it, but he was probably blushing.

He felt his hearth thump as Yukina's hand brushed across his cheek. That sound was so loud, couldn't Yukina hear it? It was deafening to him. Well, he supposed he should be glad that he couldn't hear it, it would be embarrassing for him if he could. He looked towards Yukina, and quickly looked away again. Why did he always have to look so intense?

"Ah well... Sort of." he replied.

2/13/2012 #7

Uwaaah, hearing Kisa's answer almost made Yukina wanted to hug the older man again and never letting go this time, but, fortunately, he still could control on his feeling and settled for chuckling softly instead. "I'm happy to hear that, Kisa-san," then Yukina remembered his manner--finally. "Ah, let's sit! I haven't ordered anything for you yet, Kisa-san, since I don't want your coffee to get cold before you come. I'll treat you this time, just order anything you want!"

As he said that, Yukina ushered Kisa to the table, going as far as pulling Kisa's chair out for him, still with such a charming smile on his face. No one could blame him, though, since he really had missed Kisa very much!

2/13/2012 #8

"Huh... Wh..Wa-wait!" Kisa watched as his body was pushed and he suddenly found himself sitting down.

He looked up to see Yukina smiling at him. He felt his heart clench in his chest, 'I'm really getting too old for this.' He tugged at the b*** pocket of his jacket and gave Yukina a blank look. This was soon followed by a weak smile, at least he hoped it looked like one. Whenever he was around the younger man, his mind always went blank. Either that, or he thought of a million things that made the relationship seem impossible. Yukina had already assured him that he was serious about Kisa, but the older man couldn't help but doubt that feeling. What could a young, attractive College student possibly feel towards a thirty year old man? These kinds of ideas had been keeping him up at night lately.

"I'll just have coffee." He mumbled, and turned his head outside the window. What should he do with these insecurities? And it wasn't as if he could talk to Yukina about it either. He was already probably bored of Kisa's constant self deprecation. But Kisa called it being realistic. Sometimes, he still thought that all this was just a dream and one day he would wake up - and that would be the biggest regret of his life. He looked back towards Yukina and smiled, before looking down towards his clenched fists, lying on his lap.

2/13/2012 #9

It was, probably, for the best that Yukina didn't have any idea what thoughts were running in Kisa's head at the moment, since if he knew, there'd be no doubt Yukina would do anything he could to reassure Kisa that he really was everything that Yukina wanted and loved. Not that Yukina ever minded saying something like that to Kisa, but there would be a fairly big chance the dark haired man would be embarrassed by the confession instead.

As it was, though, Yukina just nodded his understanding and took his seat. Waving a waitress to their table, he told her Kisa's order. Once the waitress had written down the order and left their table, Yukina turned his full attention back at the man in front of him. "Have you eaten anything yet, Kisa-san? You may take my cake if you're hungry." He gestured at the half-eaten cake which was still sitting in front of him, almost completely forgotten.

2/13/2012 #10

It was, probably, for the best that Yukina didn't have any idea what thoughts were running in Kisa's head at the moment, since if he knew, there'd be no doubt Yukina would do anything he could to reassure Kisa that he really was everything that Yukina wanted and loved. Not that Yukina ever minded saying something like that to Kisa, but there would be a fairly big chance the dark haired man would be embarrassed by the confession instead.

As it was, though, Yukina just nodded his understanding and took his seat. Waving a waitress to their table, he told her Kisa's order. Once the waitress had written down the order and left their table, Yukina turned his full attention back at the man in front of him. "Have you eaten anything yet, Kisa-san? You may take my cake if you're hungry." He gestured at the half-eaten cake which was still sitting in front of him, almost completely forgotten.

2/13/2012 #11

"Ah?" Kisa saw the cake Yukina was pointing towards, "Okay." He mumbled before reaching out for the dessert fork on the side of the plate.

He picked up a small bit and placed it inside his mouth, "Uwah! This is good! What is it?" He said, waving the fork with one hand. Suddenly, the fork caught his eye. He looked from the fork, back to Yukina and finally at the half-eaten cake. Had that just been... an indirect kiss? kisa shook his head frantically, what was he thinking? He felt like a character straight out of a Shoujo Manga. Maybe he'd just been working for too long.

He looked back at the cake again. He slowly edged the fork towards it and broke off another small piece. One more indirect kiss coming right up! Thirty years old or not, little things like this always made Kisa feel happy. Thank god Yukina wasn't aware of what he was thinking.

2/13/2012 #12

"You like it? I'm glad! It's a strawberry-mint cheese-cake, one of this cafe's most popular cake." Yukina's face was bright as he explained.

The younger man then propped his arm on the desk and leaned his chin on his palm in order to watch Kisa. It was one of Yukina's favorite things to do: simply watching Kisa and remembering the details of the other man's face so he would be able to engrave it in his memory. It was then, though, that he noticed Kisa shaking his head suddenly. Raising his eyebrow, Yukina asked with slight worry in his voice, "What's wrong, Kisa-san?"

2/13/2012 #13

Kisa stopped mid-way towards placing the cake in his mouth, "Ah?" Crap. Why was Yukina looking at him like that? He thought carefully back to the events that had transpired over the past few minutes. He felt himself jolt on the inside at the memory of him rapidly shaking his head. 'Control myself, me! This isn't the office anymore.' Back at Emerald, everyone was always pulling some strange stunt or the other, and he had been so out of the zone, he'd forgotten where he was. How was he going to explain this one?

He looked at Yukina, an uncomfortable smile on his face, "Ah..." he started thinking, and a billion explanations floated through his head. He picked the most likely one, "The cake was just that good?" He felt his voice break mid-speech. He started laughing softly to further emphasize his point. Ah crap. That didn't sound anything like a laugh. He was suddenly reminded of one those laughing robot toys he used to play with when he was younger.

He pushed the cake towards Yukina, "Don't you want some more?"

2/13/2012 #14

Kisa's answer was actually quite a sad excuse to cover his thought, but since Yukina could see very clearly that he was uncomfortable with the question, he decided to let it slip and focused on Kisa's question instead.

"I won't mind, if Kisa-san is feeding me." He answered with a, somewhat, teasing grin.

2/13/2012 #15

Kisa felt his eyes open slightly and stared at the teasing smile on Yukina's face. He really wanted to, but... This was a public place. He had never been particularly confident with public displays of affection, and feeding someone a cake in a coffee shop ranked pretty high up in that list.

With every intention of denying the younger man's request, he looked straight into Yukina's eyes. He opened his mouth to talk, but nothing came out. Why was this man smiling at him so pleasantly. He looked at the fork still in his hands and broke a small piece of the cake. He then slowly edged his hand towards Yukina's mouth, his eyes were completely focused on the cake. He watched Yukina carefully with the corner of his eyes. The teasing grin had never left the younger man's face, and Kisa gave him a cocky grin of his own as he sat up straight, fork held at the ready.

2/13/2012 #16

'He's so cute.' That thought immediately appeared on Yukina's mind as he watched Kisa's indecission. In all honesty, Yukina felt slightly bad for teasing Kisa like this, especially since he knew really well how Kisa dislike PDA and he was about to apologize for his teasing when suddenly Kisa sat up straight and actually gave him a cocky grin.

For once, Yukina blinked in disbelieve. Was Kisa actually going to feed him? At this place? The thought of Kisa daring to do something that clearly shown his affection to Yukina in public place like this made the younger man felt slightly giddy, but he squished that giddiness before it consumed his whole body. So, Yukina leant closer to Kisa, instead, before opening his mouth as if to accept the piece of cake, while his eyes never once left Kisa's nor did his smile faltered at all.

2/13/2012 #17

Kisa hadn't really expect Yukina to give in to his challenge. But he felt as if he'd been tricked. Yukina was exactly the sort of person who wouldn't buckle under something like this.

He watched as Yukina's mouth opened to accept the cake. He slowly moved the fork towards his mouth, his heart beating wildly over the idea that had crossed his mind just moments before. He watched Yukina with an intense gaze. That was the first time he'd done something like this in public. If only Yukina didn't have such a perfect smile. He would never admit it, but that smile could almost always convince Kisa to give into anything the younger man wanted. Almost always.

2/13/2012 #18

Oh, if only Yukina knew the effect he had on Kisa ... Well, he wouldn't do anything bad with it, of course, but it would certainly made him very happy.

Capturing Kisa's gaze with his own, Yukina's smile softened before he closed his mouth around the fork and, slowly, pulling away, taking the piece of cake there with him. The younger male chewed thoughtfully before swallowing. "... Huh. I don't think this is actually possible, but the cake does taste sweeter when you're the one feeding me, Kisa-san." He commented before licking his lips, only to make sure he didn't have any cream left there.

2/13/2012 #19

Kisa had thought on various occasions that Yukina would make a perfect host, and this was one of those times.

"Ah?" He had no idea how to reply to that. He felt his face turning red and quickly looked outside the window so that the younger man couldn't see the expression on his face.

"Your coffee's here." said the smiling waitress as she placed the cup in front of Kisa. Kisa stared at it, momentarily absorbed by the swirls inside the cup, "So, how're things at College? You haven't talked about it in a while."

Kisa wondered how soon he could finish his coffee, it looked to him like Yukina wasn't particularly hungry.

2/13/2012 #20

It was really too bad that they were still at a public place, because when Kisa had that adorable red hue on his cheeks, all that Yukina wanted to do was just to kiss them and tasted the sweetness that was Kisa. As it was, though, he thought he should make himself satisfied in memorizing the expression on Kisa's face, so that he would be able to re-create it on his canvases or sketch books later on.

"Hm? Ah," Yukina was still smiling pleasantly as he folded his hands on the table and leaned in slightly. "Things are fine. Most of my arts were still being critiqued quite harshly by the professors, but few of them were actually getting praised, so I think I'm getting better," then the man's gaze softened as he continued, "Of course, the fact that it was usually the drawings of Kisa-san that were getting praised also made me very happy."

2/13/2012 #21

Kisa felt himself jump slightly in his chair when he heard that, "My pictures?" His eyes opened widely, and his heart started beating rapidly.

"You're still drawing those?" he asked and took a deep swig from his coffee. He winced at the pain. He hadn't expected the coffee to be so hot.

He wondered whether he ought to ask Yukina to show him those picture someday. Would he agree. He looked towards Yukina's hands on the table, "About those pictures..." He started,

2/13/2012 #22

Now Yukina's smile turned slightly apologetic. "Yes, when we were given free themes. Of course, when the themes were choosen by the professors, I rarely could draw you, but well, that's what I got for still being a student." He chuckled before suddenly a thought crossed at his mind as he heard Kisa's words. "Oh! Do you mind about it? If so, I'm really sorry for drawing you without your permission, Kisa-san! It's just that when I was told to draw what I want ... your image just simply dominated my mind. If it bothers you, though, I won't do it again. It's probably unfair of me for using you as a model without giving you the honor you so deserve." Yukina scratched his head with a sheepish grin.

2/13/2012 #23

"Ah no! It's not about that!" Kisa spoke without thinking. How could he get Yukina to understand that he wanted to see those pictures? It really wasn't so easy for him to admit to it. In fact, he felt extremely embarrassed just thinking about it. But the curiosity was killing him. And he couldn't deny that a part of him was getting a slight amount of ego-boost.

"What I mean is..." Started Kisa before taking another sip from his coffee, "Could you... Could you... I mean... Pose! That's it. I've heard that artists sometimes work better when they have a real model in front of them right?" What was he saying? He felt ready to hit himself on the head, "So... I was wondering if you needed me to model for you? Just so I can help you with your Art."

Kisa quickly took a final large swig from his coffee, inhaling deeply and placing the empty cup on the table in front of him. What had he just said? Had he finally gone crazy?

2/13/2012 #24

Yukina let out a relieved sigh when Kisa denied his statement. To be honest, even though he had said he would stop drawing Kisa if the man felt bothered by it, but Yukina wasn't really sure he could do that. Drawing Kisa was some indulgence Yukina liked to give in. It made him calm and happy. Of course, the fact that Kisa's pictures almost always manage to draw compliments--or, at the very least, less snappy critique--from his professors worked well too.

When Yukina heard what Kisa had to say, though, he could only stared at the older man in sheer astonishment. He couldn't believe his ears. Did they deceive him? Was Kisa really offering to be Yukina's model? This meant Yukina would be able to draw Kisa while seeing the real person, not only relying on his memories, and it would be so easy to capture the details Yukina's memories tended to forget. Yukina really couldn't believe this good fortune.

"... Kisa-san, did you just ... asked to be my model?" Yukina really had to make sure he was hearing right. "I am not dreaming, am I?"

2/13/2012 #25

Kisa looked flustered and stared straight at his hands.

"Well... I know how serious you are about your college work... And if I can help in any way..." Kisa couldn't find it in himself to continue. This was far too embarrassing, "What I mean is, if there's anyway I can help you with work at all, then all you have to do is just ask."

Kisa had always felt guilty about having to cancel so many of their meetings because something or the other had come up. But was this enough to help Yukina? He wondered if he'd just tooted his own horn for a bit over there.

2/13/2012 #26

Slowly, because he still hardly believed it, a big smile appeared on Yukina's face. "I will be honored if you allow me to draw you, Kisa-san! Oh, I'm not sure how I can repay you, since I certainly won't be able to pay you a decent honor for modelling, but I promise I will find a way to repay you, somehow!" he enthused.

Yukina felt like he was going to be overwhelmed with happiness, now. Reaching out his hands, the sandy brown haired man took Kisa's before leaning in to bestow a soft kiss to the older man's palms. "Thank you very much, Kisa-san. I'm so happy." Yukina said sincerely, his soft gaze fixed on Kisa's face.

2/13/2012 #27

Kisa stared at the palm of his hand. He was feeling weird - he couldn't describe it, all he knew was that it wasn't an unpleasant feeling. He looked at Yukina before back to his palm, "You don't have to..."

He only wanted to make Yukina happy. He felt it was the least he could do after standing the younger man up so many times. He lightly touched the spot Yukina had kissed before sighing softly. A heart attack was on its way. Soon, he would die from an overdose of love. He closed his eyes, before opening them and focusing on Yukina, "If you ever want something, you can ask me. You... uh... know that right?"

Yukina was too perfect in his own way. Kisa had a really hard time trying to figure out what was going on in the younger man's head sometimes.

2/14/2012 #28

Yukina's eyes widened ever so slightly as he heard Kisa's words and he had to duck his face in order to hide the light blush coloring his face right now. After a moment, he finally lifted his head back up and gazed at Kisa.

"Kisa-san ... do you mind if we go back to your apartment now? I really want to hold you." He said in a soft whisper, somehow unwilling to share this moment with the other patrons in the cafe--however improbably it was for them to overheard it.

2/14/2012 #29

Kisa squirmed in his seat. He hid his face behind his hands to stop himself from chuckling. Yukina did the strangest things at times. 'You mean cute'. He heard his conscience admonish him. Well, that worked too.

He caught Yukina's gaze and stared back. he felt like a deer facing headlights. There was nothing he could do, it was as if he was hypnotized. So he looked back, his mind moving in a thousand directions at once.

"My place...?" He looked away, his face turning different shades of red. What was he supposed to say? He reached for his bag, and pulled it towards him. He hoped that was enough of a sign to tell Yukina he agreed. As a Japanese man, he couldn't find it in himself to say anything to respond to that question.

2/14/2012 #30
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