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(You mean like pm the lemon scenes?) Hisashi watched him go, his mouth open to say, "Yeah I like food," but the male was already gone. He yawned lightly to himself and got up, not seeing the blush on the mangakas cheeks
2/15/2012 #31

(Ja i mean Lemons)

Quickly walking out of the room and towards the kitchen Sergei brefily looked over and checked the time before turning on the radio keeping it low like it was yesterday. Heading over to the fridge and getting out the materials he needed for the meal he kept wracking his brain wondering what happened last night.

2/15/2012 #32
Hisashi yawned throatily again as he stood up from the bed, streching his stiff limbs. He too was having trouble remembering last night. He vaguely remembered falling into bed with Sergei out of pure exhaustion, but everything else was kind of hazy. He blushed at the thought of him doing anything kinky or lovey dovey with Sergei. His hips didn't hurt and his lips weren't bruised and he didn't sport any love bites. As he walked into the kitchen he assumed that no, he hadn't done anything romantic with Sergei.... And he felt oddly disappointed with this fact, causing him to blush. (Ok yeah that'd be fine. )
2/16/2012 #33

(Sweet ^^)

Sergei decided to get the coffee going and had his back to the rest of the room and was focusing on the coffee pot. On the stove the Kasha was cooking. With a sigh he go to cups out still trying to remember what had happened exactly last night. He didn't think he did anything to Hisashi. Though now he found himself wishing he had. Pouring the cups and getting the bowls ready the Russian man stayed focused on getting breakfast ready for the other man.

2/16/2012 #34
Hisashi leaned against the counter, his arms and ankles crossed. He ran a hand through his blond curls in an attempt to smooth his bedhead out. He watched Sergei with curious blue eyes, then sweatdropped, 'This is so awkward...' He thinks mournfully to himself, 'You can cut the tension in this room with a knife...'
2/16/2012 #35

Despite the awkwardness Sergei was always willing to smile. So as he placed the cup and bowl of Kasha in front of the blond headed man he smiled at him. "Get a good sleep da?" Thats how the Russian was. He would do anything he could at his own expense for others. So he would over come anything with a smile and a laugh no matter how he was really feeling or the situation.

But despite his cheery exterior inside the Russian was slightly panicking. 'Please dont let him be mad at me please dont let him be mad at me.' Those were the only thoughts rushing in his head at that moment even though he had no idea what Hisashi would be mad at him for.

2/16/2012 #36
Hisashi blushed, the muscles in his face twitching into somewhat of a smile. He took the food gratefully, "Th- thank you," he stuttered as his face flushed a deeper red. He knew that Sergei was panicking inside. Hisashi knew the man long enough to read him like a book. He didn't know why the man was panicking. He began to eat his good quietly
2/16/2012 #37

Quickly turning away to fix his own food Sergei knew he had to keep a conversation going if he was going to make this better. "So....are you going in to work today?" He asked as he fixed his own cup and bowl before placing it on the other side of the counter and looking at the Blond headed man.

'He's not mad, so apparently we didn't do anything last night' The Russian decided coming to a conclusion and calming down. He was extremely relived by this he really did like Hisashi that was one of the reasons he hadn't tried anything with the man. He was slightly paranoid of scaring away his only real friend and editor. So that's why he had left the situation were it was although he always longed for more. He would never tell Hisashi any of this though. He rather have the man close by him and as a friend the gone from his life compeltly.

2/16/2012 #38
Hisashi almost choked on his food, he cursed in German (Yeah, I forgot to mention hes German) very loudly and yanked his cellphone out his Jean pocket, "I was supposed to call in when I got to your apartmemt! I totally for got!" He flipped the cellphone open to see nine missed messages, "Takano-San is going to kill me!" He excused himself hurridly and went into the livingroom
2/16/2012 #39

(Cute XD, Would he be half and half then considering his name is Hisashi and his grandmother lived in Japan?)

Sergei brought his hand up to his mouth chuckling quietly a he watched the other. 'He's to cute.' The Russian man though as he continued to eat watching the ohter and listing in on his end of the conversation hoping that the editor in chief would be merciful.

Sergei liked Takano. He was honest, straightforward and a damn good editor. Though he had only meet with him a few occasions he had talked with him on the phone quite a few times and plus from what Hisashi had told him he seemed to act the same at work and with the Mangaka. It was refreshing to see someone who acted that way thought the Russian with a smile.

2/16/2012 #40
Hisashi was blushing and stuttering out, "IM SORRY! IM SO SO SORRY!" over and over again in flustered tones. Incoherent screaming along with 'half-assed' and 'manuscript' could be heard on the other line. Hisashi held his phone arms length away as he continued to chew him out (Yeah.)
2/16/2012 #41

Sergei grimaced as he listened. At one hand he was glad that the Editor in Chief was so diligent with his work but on the other hand he was mad that he was the cause of this. Putting down his cup after a last sip he started over towards Hisashi. Garbing his pack of cigarettes and lighter as he walked by the counter he put one of them in his mouth and the packet into his pocket before snatching the cell phone out of Hisashi's hand.

Grinning at the blond as he walked by out onto the the balcony and lighting his cigarette as he shut the door. Leaning against it he then sighed before interrupting Takano's rant and starting to explain to him how it was in fact Sergei's fault that Hisashi didn't call.

2/16/2012 #42
Hisashi was frozen in shock and stuttering out nonsense in the living room. Outside, Takano sighs on the other end of the receiver and says when Sergei is done explaining, "Okay, I was just worried, im glad he slept in an actual bed tonight.... You see his aunt died a few Weeks ago and he got evicted from his home. He's been living on the streets for the past week and..." He sighed again, "I was just worried that something happened to him."
2/16/2012 #43

Sergei was quiet for a minute. Looking back into the room at Hisashi Sergei paused for a minute. After thanking Takano for telling him Sergei hung up the phone and slid down sitting down on the concrete and with his back against the glass. 'Why didn't he tell me?' Sergei wondered as he finished his cigarette. After making up his mind he stood up and opened the door walking back inside.

Handing back the phone to Hisashi he offered the blond a sad smile. "You are good da, he understood."

2/16/2012 #44
Hisashi took the phone, still kind of shocked, "Th- thank you," he murmures
2/16/2012 #45

While Hisashi went for grab for the phone Sergei grabbed his hand and pulled the shorter man against him warping his arms around him close. "Why didn't you tell me where you were living....I could have let you..." he was queit as he sighed holding the other close not wanting to let him go for anything. "Im sorry, about your aunt?" he asked putting his head on top of the others.

He deserves better then this Sergei thought to himself quietly in his own head.

2/16/2012 . Edited 2/16/2012 #46
Hisashi froze, "S- Sergei...." He whispered, his face buried in the elder mans chest, "I...." He trailed off and hugged him back, his arms wrapping around his waist
2/16/2012 #47

After debating it over Sergei dropped the phone onto the ground before pushing the other man backwards and landing them both on the couch with Hisashi pinned underneath him. Arms now rearranged with one hand on the couch near Hisashi's head and the other arm still wrapped around his body. Breathing a bit heavily and before Hisashi could say anything the Taller Russian man pressed his lips against the blonds roughly and hard as he pressed down aginst him.

He wanted to do this for a while now wish Hisashi. He had liked the 'cold' exterior short half breed editor since he meet him. But after getting to know him and how accepting and truly nice and sweet the real Hisashi was especially to Sergei himself. Well that made the Russian only want him even more.

2/16/2012 #48
Hisashi gasped in shock, he had somehow found himself pinned to the couch, being kissed passionately by his mangaka. His eyes were wide and he squirmed for a moment, his hands going up to push at the mans shoulders. But before he knew it, his hands were gripping his upper arms, and he kissed him back, his eyes slowly closing
2/16/2012 #49

Sergei kissed the other until he had to gasp for breath only then breaking it and looking down at Hisashi. He felt as those the others blue eyes were staring all the way into him. And that made the Russian smile. Lowering his head once more he kissed the top of Hisashi's head before leaning back up and bringing his hand to touch the others face. "Lyubi menya? (Love me?)" he said in hushed tone as he brought his head down once more laying it beside the other face first onto the couch to hide how red it was getting.

2/16/2012 #50
Hisashis heart was beating so fast that he feared it would leap out his chest. He blushed, "S- Sergei..." He managed to whisper out, his arms now wrapped securely around him. His blond hair was messier then before and his hoodie was hiked up slightly, he had no idea what to say, he had no idea that his mangaka liked him... In THIS way. But he wasn't at all disgusted by it. He was very attracted to his mangaka, and right now he felt as if he'd died and gone to heaven.
2/16/2012 #51

Sergei was about to get depressed when the other's response was only stuttering but when he felt the others arms he knew that Hisashi was just simply shocked. Smiling softly to himself Sergei turned his head and kissed at the others neck as he ran his hands down his back.

(Shall we assume what happens next?)

2/20/2012 #52
Hisashi moaned quietly, shivers running up and down his spine. (Yeah XP you want to pm it or.....?)
2/21/2012 #53

(Ill let you decide that madem ^^)

2/21/2012 #54
(Mhmm.... Lets do it ^^
2/21/2012 #55
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