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Written Shadow


No cheating unless both people agree.

No, dhampirs and dhampirs cant freaking have kids. I don't care if one's "shadow kissed" it doesn't change their genetics. XD

No killing characters unless both agree. (and it's not someone from the book)

No people having kids (again, characters from the book) unless you ask a mod, but if it's two oc's it's fine.

Time skips are allowed, as long as it isn't with a major character. you have to ask a mod first for the major characters.

oh yeah, and don't feel like you have to "be good" around me. i'm chill :)

Also, I cannot say this enough...


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Music Makes The World Go Round

Tryna catch me ridin' dirty

9/7/2013 #2
Written Shadow

Omfg of course xD

Err should we just have our emo group? and beth, and whoever else you want?

9/7/2013 #3
Music Makes The World Go Round

Its totes up to you ghee, modda of da hood ghee.

9/7/2013 #4
Written Shadow

Shadow sat in her room, at the apartment she shared with her other friends. She wore a long sleeved shirt to cover up the deep wounds created just this morning.

Trent stuck his hands in his pockets, hanging out with December in the alley now that she was back from hiding in Russia.

Beth pulled up at Ethan's, a usual daily routine. She hung out with him to ensure he was still managing after his girlfriend's death a long time ago.

9/7/2013 #5
Music Makes The World Go Round

Sean started climbing up the window and jumped through the window, rolling on the ground... He was breathing very heavily. He said in a very slow voice in between breathes, "The... Door... Was... Locked..."

Sora's legs were still in casts from the fire (xD), Storm wheeled him down the alleyway. Storm awkwardly came to a pause when she saw who was there. Sora looked at the two of them, shocked to see December back. "Hey.." was all he said in a quiet, shocked voice.

(who died again??)

9/7/2013 #6
Written Shadow

Shadow's eyes widened. She caught the candle by the window just before it fell. "I would've opened it if you asked.", she replied in a grim tone, still not over what happened.

December blushed, staring at her feet. (They talked once after she was back I don't remember what happened) "Hi Sora.", she said quietly, ignoring the fact Storm was there.

Trent offered a smile to Storm, sitting on his usually spot in the alley.

(His girlfriend remember? Before, and I killed her, and you were pissed 'cause you thought they were cute xD)

Beth knocked on the door, same knock as always when she came over. While she waited for someone to answer, she stuck the bag of food up to the peephole in case he looked out of it before opening the door.

9/7/2013 #7
Music Makes The World Go Round

Sean nodded, gaining is breath again "I just figured you were busy.." He looked up at her for the first time since he fell through the window. "You okay?"

(I DONT REMEMBER SHIT... THis is awkward... xD)

Sora nodded at her "How've you.. Uh... Been..." He mentally face palmed. Seriously! Is that the best you can come up with. He thought to himself.

Storm looked in Trent's direction and simply nodded before looking back at December, slightly glaring but not too obvious.

(OH YEAH! What was her name again? Was that Samantha...? xD)

Ethan got up from the couch before walking over to the door, he looked through the peephole as he usually did and frowned when he couldn't see. He reached over and grabbed his stake and put it under his shirt before quickly opening the door and grabbed his stake in a rushed manner but didn't take it out. He breathed a sigh of relief when it was only Beth. "Seriously, Beth?"

9/8/2013 #8
Written Shadow

Shadow raised an eyebrow at him, shutting the window behind him. "Yeah.", she replied. Truthfully she wasn't, but like he said it was a bad time for them anyway. (SHE HAD A MISCARRIAGE REMEMBER)

December let out a slow breath. Last time she'd really tried to talk to him he attempted to kill himself. "Better. Yourself?", she asked, glancing over his... wheeled self. (She tried to apologize or whatever and Storm burned her letter to him xD)

Trent smiled wider, inching closer to where she stood. "Where've you been? Long time no see."


Beth slowly grinned. "Hello to you too, grumps.", she replied, shaking the bag of food. "Brought grub, you can like, not kill me now.", she said, eyeing his stance. She'd recognized it before. Without an okay she simply walked in, heading for the kitchen to unpack the food.

9/8/2013 #9
Music Makes The World Go Round


Sean got up and sat down next to her, taking her hand. He tilted her head to look at him slightly and gently placed some of her fringe behind her ear. "I love you..." He looked down at their connecting hands "And I know that you're not... And its gonna take some time.. But there will be other times.. I promise." He took her hand and gently pressed it to his lips.

(OMG! Storm and Decembers relationship is priceless. xD)

Sora nodded. "I see... I guess I'm the same..."

(Can't wait to bring up the letter xD)

Storm was still holding the handles to Sora's wheelchair. She looked at him and tried her best not to smile. "I guess I could ask you the same question." She was paying more attention to Sora and Decemebers conversation, scared that December would bring up the letter.


Ethan rolled his eyes before placing his stake back where it came from. "Next time, make sure I can see you through the peeping hole." He followed her into the kitchen. "You know I'm capable of getting my own food, I don't need you running around for me..." He watched her unpack the food as he lent against the wall.

9/8/2013 #10
Written Shadow

Shadow blushed lightly when he kissed her hand. She teared up a little, putting her head down in defeat. "Thank you.", she said quietly. "You were understanding about the whole thing and- I don't know if you would've taken off if the baby..", she clenched her fist. "but, none the less you've been supporting and all of that.", she loved him, and she knew he knew that, but she couldn't bring herself to say it right then.

(x'D It really is... I don't remember why they hate each other..)

Mother f- I forgot Trent.

Trent smiled warmly to her. "I texted you a couple days ago... never heard a response. Thought you might be busy with him or something.", he looked to Sora, jealous. Was something going on between them? She was so protective of him.

December's usual bubbly personality was gone, she'd aged since the whole incident. "I'm sorry.", she said. "About the stuff that happened. But you already know that... just.. why.", she said. "I don't understand.", things between them had gone so well, and he freaked out after she lied. Well, not in a bad way. It was a playful one.

Beth smirked. "Now where's the fun in that? Then it won't be a surprise when I show up on your door with delicious food, which you like but you're too stubborn to admit.", she handed him his stuff. She wondered if he was actually sick of her being around all the time.

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Music Makes The World Go Round

Sean looked at her. "Shadow..." He lent his head on her shoulder gently. "I would never have left. Never." He was slightly shocked to hear her say that, but he didn't make it obvious. It was totally understandable he thought. Most guys when they were this young would leave a relationship... But he loved Shadow too much to do that. He looked up slightly and kissed her shoulder. "I'm always here, Shadow, don't ever forget that, okay?" He kissed her cheek and continued to hold her hand through the whole thing.

(Erm... Neither... xD)

Storm nodded slightly "More so looking after this faggot." She nodded down at Sora. She looked over at him. "Sorry... I really haven't had time to check my phone." She smiled slightly back at him.

Sora looked down at the ground, refusing to make eye contact with her. "What don't you understand, December?" He looked up making eye contact for a split second, she looked much sadder... She had less life... She.. Just wasn't herself. He sighed and looked down again.

Ethan rolled his eyes and looked at what he bought for her. He quickly added up how much he thought it would add up to before walking out and getting his wallet and passing her some money. "here..." He put it down right in front of her "Thanks.." He then started rummaging through the items she had bought. "Have you had anything to eat today?"

9/8/2013 #12
Written Shadow

Shadow wrapped her arms around him tightly. It stung her wounds but she didn't care right now. She gently planted a kiss to his lips, whispering an I love you into them. "Thank you for being with me.", she said quietly, her knees felt a little weak from the blood loss earlier.

Trent snorted at her words. "I knew there was a reason I liked you.", he said in clear amusement.

December sniffed. Her nose was running. She blamed it on the cold. "Why you left so suddenly that day. Why you wouldn't let me save you. Why you tried in the first place and never responded to the note I left you in the hospital.", she avoided his face. She couldn't bear to look at him.

Beth rolled her eyes at the money, refusing to take it. "Yeah I ate this morning.", she replied, leaning against the counter. She looked at him for a little while. "How are you by the way?", she asked in a worried tone. She'd just tried to distract him for the past... however long she had taken care of him.

9/8/2013 #13
Music Makes The World Go Round

Sean gently ran his fingers through her hair and gently kissed her back. "You don't need to thank me, Shadow." He looked at her seriously. "You look... Paler than usual..." He frowned and placed his hand softly to her cheek. "Shadow?"

Storm rolled her eyes at him "Sometimes I wonder.."

Sora raised his eyes "You never left me a note." (OH GOD) Sora frowned why would she lie about something like that. She. Never. Left. A. Note. He thought to himself.

Storm's eyes widened slightly at the bringing up of the note. "Hey... Sora... I have an appointment.. At the uh.. The... You know.. The... Doct... DOCTOR! THE DOCTOR!! Yeah... So we should probably get going."

Sora shook his head. "Just wait Storm, two seconds." He looked at December. "What note!?"

Ethan shrugged "How are YOU?" He asked trying to divert the attention back to her. He sighed and looked at the window. He looked down and then back at Beth. "You come here everyday... Why."

9/8/2013 #14
Written Shadow

Shadow closed her eyes. "I'm fine just a little dizzy.", she replied. Her green sleeves were a little dark where one of the cuts bled through.

Trent cocked his head to the side at Storm's sudden urge to leave. He hadn't been paying attention to the conversation, so he thought it was him.

December was full on crying now. "The one I left at your bedside when I was instructed to leave the hospital!", she yelled back.

Beth looked away from him. "Because you're my friend.", she replied. Of course that wasn't just it though, she had to make sure he was okay, she cared about him. "Don't change the subject Ethan.", she said hastily, wondering if he really was okay or not.

9/8/2013 #15
Music Makes The World Go Round

Sean frowned and looked at her sleeves. His frowned depended.. "Shadow.." Even though he himself had done it in the past. "Shadow.. How deep.." He starting to roll her sleeves up, his eyes widening. He tried to remain calm. "Shadow.. We need to get you to a hospital."

Storm was trying for a quick solution for them to all leave, she did this very discreet that no one would pick up what she was doing. She made it rain, she lightly bit her lip. "Sora, we need to go."

Sean frowned "I woke up at there was nothing there, December. Nothing." Sora frowned at the tears on Decembers cheeks, so desperately wanting to go over and just wipe them away... He ignored everything that Storm said.

Ethan rolled his eyes. "I'm friends with people but I don't check on them everyday." He walked into the living room, jumping on the couch and staring at the television. "Don't change what subject.." He turned the T.V. off after realising nothing was on.

9/8/2013 #16
Written Shadow

Shadow shuddered at her sleeve being moved. She urgently pulled it back down. "N-No I'm fine don't.", she said. "I hate hospitals I really do.", she could hardly stand it being in there for... well.. last time.

December teared up again. "Don't call me a liar Sora I left it right there, AFTER I stayed by your side while you were hurt.", she glanced to his eyes, big mistake. It made her heart hurt worse.

Trent could really be less enthusiastic about there conversation right now. Damn teenagers, getting in the way of hanging with his girl.

Beth ignored his statement. "Are. You. Okay?", she asked again, standing in front of him, but off to the side so he could see the now blank t.v. Her arms were crossed over her chest which sort of pushed her boobs up.

9/8/2013 #17
Music Makes The World Go Round

Sean frowned. "Then do you have a first aid kit or something? Anything?" He was really worried. "Please.. Shadow..." He looked down at her wrists. He couldn't stand seeing her in so much pain.

Storm was fighting back from saying anything their whole conversation before interrupting Sora. "You were the reason he was in that fucking hospital! So don't you dear play any of that bullshit with me about how you were there the whole time. Because you felt guilty. Not because you love him or any of that bullshit. Whatever the fuck you're on December, it needs to stop right this fucking minute, no second!"

Sora looked at Storm, shocked. "Storm.. Just.. Stay out of it."

Ethan smirked ever so slightly. "you know, for a 12 year old, your boobs are pretty impressive."

9/8/2013 #18
Written Shadow

Shadow opened her eyes at the tone of his voice. "Hey, i'm fine alright I just got moody this morning and what not it'll heal up.", she muttered, searching his eyes.

December broke down at her words, violently sobbing now. She couldn't think of how to respond to that, or why Storm hated her so much, or why everything seemed to go bad for her every second she was on this earth. "Okay.", she said, almost so quietly they couldn't hear her. She hugged herself, running off to go back home. She was beyond embarrassed and ashamed for herself.

Trent had no input on the current situation, but was surprised at her outburst.

Beth blushed furiously. "Ethan!", she snapped, or well tried to sound strict but her voice cracked. The butterflies in her stomach swirled. For a second she forgot what she was questioning him about. "-And I am not twelve!"

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Music Makes The World Go Round

Sean looked her in the eyes "Please.. Just let me help you bandage this up at least.." He looked her in the eyes with the most pleading look he could. "Please, Shadow?"

Storm nodded and started to wheel Sora, Sora stopped her halfway.

Sora looked up at Storm and started to shake really hard with anger. "ARE.YOU.FUCKING.SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Sora frowned and glared at her, fire lighting up in his hands "Get. The. Fuck. Away. From. Me."

Storm looked at the fire in his hands and looked around for some water. "Sora.. Come on"

Sora shook his head. "Away." He wheeled himself after December "DECEMBER!!!!!!!" He called after her, going as fast as he could.

Storm glared after him "WHATEVER SORA!!! WHAT FUCKING EVER!" She kicked the wall unnecessarily before walking off in the other direction.

Ethan shook his head. "Sorry my mistake.. Thirteen is it now? Did I miss your birthday or something?"

9/8/2013 #20
Written Shadow

Shadow closed her eyes, she couldn't help but agree when he made that face. "There's a kit in the bathroom.", she said as a response.

December heard her name being called. She wanted to stop, but she kind of didn't want to be more humiliated by her appearance, or know what else he was going to say to her. She stopped in her tracks, deciding what to do.

Trent jogged to catch up. "So.. what was that about?"

Beth huffed, walking forward and kicking him in the shin, not super hard, but it wasn't light either. She uncrossed her arms. "Shut up I am 19 years old! and you did miss my birthday actually.", she said defensively.

9/8/2013 #21
Music Makes The World Go Round

Sean nodded and took her hand, leading her to the kitchen. When they got their he lifted her up onto the bench and got the first aid kit. He slowly rolled up her sleeves and began to start getting the first aid stuff out. "This might sting a little.." He took a little disinfectant and began to clean it.

Sora was getting tired "Come on December!! Are you seriously gonna make me wheel all that way..." He made it all the way to her. "Please.. Stop.."

Storm looked straight ahead. "What was what."

Ethan grinned "19? Sorry.. I seem to get the two confused.." His face went back to no emotion. "I did? Fuck." He stood up. "I got you a present though... Wait right here." He ran up to his room and started searching for it.

9/8/2013 #22
Written Shadow

Shadow felt the sting and swallowed hard. She didn't whimper or anything like she wanted too, because she wanted to look strong for him, despite her terrible display.

December sighed, turning around. "Don't embarrass me again please.", she said quietly, staring at her feet. "I wanna go home with some sort of dignity tonight."

Trent stood in front of her, blocking her way. "What just went on back there? Why are you acting so weird are you cheating on me?", he blurted.

Beth rolled her eyes. The only reason he didn't know was because she didn't exactly tell him. "Ethan there's no need it was weeks ago!", she called.

9/8/2013 #23
Music Makes The World Go Round

Sean finished cleaning her wrist and proceeded to bandage it up. "Almost finished.." He clipped it up and kissed her bandaged wrist very lightly. "All bandaged up now."

Sora frowned "I didn't mean to.." He said honestly. "Can.. We talk somewhere, just the two of us?"

Storm's eyes widened "What the fuck amde you think that!? Of course I'm not!" She walked past him shaking her head in disbelief... She couldn't believe he'd think like that.

Ethan was so tempted to grab something of Elizabeths and give it to her, he called down "Well!!! How about we have a little.. Partay...!?"

9/8/2013 #24
Written Shadow

Shadow smiled in a shy way. She stared at the bandages, and couldn't help but feel extremely loved. "Thanks."

December gave him a small nod. "Uh, we can go back home or something I don't know if Shadow's there or not.", she said, staring at her toes.

Trent flinched. "Well I mean you're obsessed with Sora lately! You wont leave his side, you wont answer my calls, what am I supposed to think?"

Beth laughed heartily. "Partay?", she called back. "Fine!", it would be good for him mostly, maybe get him into a smiley mood.

9/8/2013 #25
Music Makes The World Go Round

Sean smiled "just next time, if you need to do it I'm not gonna stop you cause that would be slightly hypocritical... But I'm here to talk" He kissed her forehead "Whatever the time."

Sora nodded "Sounds good.." He wheeled next to her "Shall we go?"

Storm frowned and looked him directly in the eyes. "Sora's like a fucking brother, and I don't go along with that incest shit, okay." She pulled her phone out and dialed his number, waiting for his phone to ring. "There you go, I returned one of them." She hung up her phone before closing her eyes. Why am I acting like this, she thought.

Ethan ran downstairs "Well... Do you know people?"

9/8/2013 #26
Written Shadow

Shadow squeezed his hand. "Same for you... I mean I don't know if you still, or have anytime soon.", she glanced to him. He was so mature, way more mature than she was. She relaxed anytime he was nearby.

December blushed, in embarrassment. "Here...", she simply walked behind him, pushing him so he didn't have to wheel any longer.

Trent stuck his hands in his pocket. "Thanks I guess.", he said in a small voice, he was honestly afraid of her right now, and heartbroken by her attitude.

Beth looked at him, crossing her arms and leaning against the wall again while she thought. "Ah... co-workers? I guess? And some people from out of town, not really anyone in town. What about you?", she hadn't made many friends being here every day.

9/8/2013 #27
Music Makes The World Go Round

(Storm is such a bitch.. xD)

Sean smiled and kissed her forehead "It doesn't matter." He took her hand and lightly traced it with his thumb. "Wanna get some ice cream or something?"

Sora smiled a little "Thanks... My arms were killing me.." He relaxed them and put them on his lap.

Storm didn't know what was going on with her life anymore. She opened her eyes and looked at him, one eyebrow raised. "You're welcome." She kept walking, when she saw a tree she kicked it very unnecessarily again.

Ethan nodded "Same.. I guess.. Well, Elizabeth... And... Elizabeth..."

9/8/2013 #28
Written Shadow

Of course xD

Shadow looked up just in time to see his smile. Her heart melted. "Okay.", she replied, hopping off of the stool.

December was silent through the two blocks it took them to get back to her apartment. They lived on the bottom floor thankfully. She wheeled him in through the front door. "Oh. Shadow's here.", she said. "We can go back to my room."

Trent sighed. "Storm.. let's go do something and calm you down.", he didn't know why he was still trying to help her.

Beth stuck her hands in her pockets. "So... party of three?", she said sheepishly. "I mean we don't have to do anything Ethan."

9/8/2013 #29
Music Makes The World Go Round

Sean smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist "Perfect weather for ice cream." He walked outsie with her and towards town where the ice cream parlor was located.

Sora nodded "Wherever.. Just.. Lead the way.."

Storm shook her head and looked at him. "Can you answer me a question, honestly. What would you do.. If... Hypothetically one of your friends burned something very important to your other friend because they hated the person who gave it to them?"

Ethan grinned "Or just a party of two, Liz can be such a buzzkill sometimes.."

9/8/2013 #30
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