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The Shinigami are bored...and what better entertainment than creating chaos in the human realm? Six Death Notes, six human's. Let the games begin. Spaces for Detectives and Shinigami in the Alternate RP Topic :D
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I'm normally not big on rules; I'm majorly strict or harsh and I won't go around kicking people off the forum for tiny things, but could you all please just read these and take them into account? Thanks guys :)

1) No godmodding. For those who don't know, this means controlling someone else's character's actions, speech, thoughts (ect), or hurting or killing them without that characters owner's permission. For example, your character would aim to shoot someone else's character, instead of actually shooting them :). However, if you have permission to godmod from that characters owner, then you can. If I'm away for long periods of time, then please feel free to godmod any of my characters, just don't kill them XD

2) Another type of godmodding I'm going to veto here is OOC knowledge...please don't make your characters omnipotent! Even if they are megasuperfoxyawesomehot detectives like L, they can't know everything... remember how long L and Light's battle of the wits went on for?

3) Please write in past tense third person prose, and please try to use decent grammar and spelling. It doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough for people to understand.

4) You can have up to four characters from now on (those who have created more than four before this rule was created, you can keep them, but you must keep track of them!). A maximum of one Kira per RPer for now. This is four characters per each RP.

5) Please wait for your character to be accepted before roleplaying, unless you're a moderator, in which case you don't have to wait for me to accept your character, and you can accept other's characters.

6) Please do not be rude or offensive towards other roleplayers.

7) If you are speaking out of character, please indicate this by using (brackets), ((double brackets)), [square brackets] or any other obvious indication.

8) No lemonyness, please! XD Please employ a strategic time-skip if you're going to go over No. 7 on the Snogging Scale. (

9) Normally I wouldn't say this, but if people have ninja plans, can you please just PM me letting me know? I don't want to be some mega controlling admin, but to be honest there are so many plans flying all over the place that someone need to keep track of them XD I won't veto plans or anything; I just want to keep a record. The only reason I'd veto would be if the plans would lead to major godmodding, especially the death of someone else's character who doesn't know, or if it would interfere with other ninja plans.

10) Listen to the moderators. I have made them moderators for a reason, as they have a) Been on this RP for a long time and b) I trust them. They have the power to accept new characters, delete posts for people who need their posts deleting, and to just generally…moderate and give advice and instructions where needed. If I've gone AWOL, then you can contact them and they will contact me.

11) You can join more than one RP, with the exception of the Original Roleplay, which is a bit too full and which is closed to new applicants.

12) Please write "Do you know Shinigami love apples?" in your first post, so I know you've read and accepted the rules.

13) Have fun :DDDD

After reading this, go here (About 'The Shinigami's Game': READ THIS SECOND PLEASE!)to find out about the RPs :).

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