The Shinigami's Game Roleplay
The Shinigami are bored...and what better entertainment than creating chaos in the human realm? Six Death Notes, six human's. Let the games begin. Spaces for Detectives and Shinigami in the Alternate RP Topic :D
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Yeah, I made some sets on Polyvore, so I thought I'd make a topic XD

12/28/2011 . Edited 12/28/2011 #1


12/28/2011 #2

Another Ophelia, mainly because I have saved so many random Nina Dobrev pics...

12/28/2011 #3

^__________^ - Alec, The Prof, Lia and Lucas.

1/3/2012 #4



1/29/2012 #5

Darcy and the Prof :D Arguing... as usual XD

2/14/2012 #6

A wild Nursery school/cat!Arthur appeared!

3/24/2012 #7

I couldn't stop thinking about Lia today, so I decided to draw her. I hope it doesn't look too ridiculous, I haven't been drawing that much lately :x

7/10/2012 #8

I know Aura was saying that he was going to produce a flag for Gloablity, but I thought I might try and create a potential one. Here it is:

It did take quite a while, with the re-adjusting the messed up colouring and all xD Just an idea for what it could look like. I think it captures Gloablity and its aims :D (Yeah, the flag pretty much screams obvious xD)

7/29/2012 #9

Heh, that's pretty awesome :D I like the whole concept of it :D

7/29/2012 #10

Ah, thanks :D I'd love to see Aura's version. I'm not sure if there is anything else you can add to it except for a communist symbol and a world outline... xD

7/29/2012 #11

Yeah... so far that's all of the ideals the party have tbh :P

7/29/2012 #12

A casual Jack set :)

8/19/2012 #13

Gotta say, that is pretty epic :)

8/21/2012 #14
Yossarian van Driver

OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU YOU'RE LIKE THE WORLD'S MOST AMAZING *calms down* A-hem. Sorry about that. Anyway, that's awesome. Thanks!

8/29/2012 #15

Basically my reactions XD

9/1/2012 #16
Yossarian van Driver

Hey there. Don't know if this counts, but it's kind of related to the RP, so yeah. Here it is:

Nina (artist) and I (writer) have started working on a comic, called Ask Questions Later, using our characters Moku, Castle and Eastwood, but not in the situation of the RP (i.e. the world they live in within the comic doesn't have Death Notes...unless we later decide that it does). So essentially it's an action/comedy/Britishness comic about three highly destructive secret agents. So far we've finished the pilot page thing, and in addition to this, Nina's drawn a cover, which is awesome, and I've sent her a couple more scripts.

You can read what we've got so far (which isn't too much, at the moment, but we're working on it) here:

(And she also made the website, so as you might expect she's doing most of the work around here)

12/28/2012 #17
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