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The Shinigami are bored...and what better entertainment than creating chaos in the human realm? Six Death Notes, six human's. Let the games begin. Spaces for Detectives and Shinigami in the Alternate RP Topic :D
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Human Character Sheet







Role: (e.g: Kira, detective, normal human...)



Weaknesses: (This is compulsory x. And no, incredible beauty is not a weakness :P)


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Shinigami Character Sheet





Opinion About Humans:

Human: (If Applicable)


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Once you have been accepted, go here (3. The Circle Roleplay: Roleplay Here!) to begin roleplaying!

5/11/2012 . Edited 5/27/2012 #1

Here's the head of 'The Circle' and her shinigami Aradia

Name: Mary (real name: unknown)

Age: N/A

Gender: Female

Appearance: she has shoulder length black hair, straight and has a square fringe. pale skin and pretty black eyes with long eyelashes, she wears a golden mask to cover her face. she's 170cm tall and wears an oversize white cloak with white feathers, a black dress and black boots.

Personality: On the surface, Mary appears to be kind, gentle and caring woman who treats people like her own children. she equally loves everyone and doesn't love people more or less. She's a very religious woman and can influence people and their choices. But underneath, she's a cold, cruel, sadistic woman who doesn't take mercy on criminals or people who upset her, as she believes they don't deserve to live. Has a bitter view on the world

Role: Cult leader/Kira

Location/ Nationality: somewhere underground/ N/A

Strengths: Influencing people, stragetizing, master of disguise (since she wears a mask, no one knows who she looks like), torture.

Weaknesses: she's still suffering from emotional pain before she was Mary, something about a man called 'Gale'. and happy things.

Other: she carries two stiletto daggers in her boots, one is a cross while the other is an ahnk charm.

Mini Bio: The mysterious cult leader of 'The Circle'. Referred as 'Mother Mary'

Here's the Shingami Aradia

Name: Aradia

Gender: Female

Appearance: she has no face and has what appears to be a high-heeled shoe cracked into her 'face'. has extremely long black hair that reaches till her feet; it literally floats. she's extremely tall and skinny; virtually anorexic looking with elongated arms and hands with long metal finger nails. she wears a long dark red dress, a witches hat and black feather wings.

Personality: Aradia is the few shinigamis that care about humans. unfortunately her version of care is to kill all the 'bad' humans and let the 'good' humans live. She's an elegant shinigami whose quiet soft spoken despite not having a 'mouth'. she's kind, caring and quiet oblivious to all the chaos she's creating. she's rather famous to lead her companions with false hope only to have the result end with chaos.

Opinion About Humans: she cares about the good humans who are kind and have a good heart. but she's hates the bad humans who have a dark heart and selfish, she's confuse with mary because she has a dark heart whose kind and doing some justice

Human: Mary, she's particularly fond with that woman because they both share the same common interest

Other: She's based on a folklore with the same name, Aradia.

Mini Bio: Mary shinigami who cares about the human race. Her kindness often leads to chaos

5/11/2012 #2

Name: Tisiphone 'Isi' Brooks

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has long brown hair which falls down her back in waves. She is about five foot one and slightly curvy. She has rather small hands and feet, and large pale blue/green eyes set in a pale face with a pointed chin and a small nose.

Personality: She aims to be a cool, calm, collected individual and tries to keep an emotional distance from life. However, like quite a lot of my characters (my unoriginality is beginning to show here...:S) she has a beastly temper which she struggles to control in order to remain dignified and in order to prevent her heart ruling her head and her acting without thinking. However, she is a loyal member of the cult, especially as her mother was murdered, and is therefore liable to believe whatever the cult officials tell her.

History: Her mother was a staunch supporter of the cult until her murder when Isi was five. In her will she appointed the cult Isi's official guardians and she has grown up there ever since.

Role: Kira.

Location/Nationality: With the Cult. Half Irish, half English.

Strengths: She has been well trained in physical combat, and is very nimble and swift footed.

Weaknesses: Her temper, which can blind her judgement and also her size, as she is not as strong as a larger opponent.


Mini Bio: A teenage girl bought up by the cult after her mother's murder.

5/27/2012 . Edited 5/28/2012 #3

Name: Kaylen Simmens

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is tall and skinny. 5'7 and 110 pounds to be percise. Her eyes are a peircing forest green that have gold specks scattered around her iris. She has long wavy hair that is dark brown at the top but eventually turns to a studdle blond as it reaches the end. Her hair reached just below her waist. She has had a rough life and has the scares to prove it, they are scattered on her back. She has a tatoo on the back of her right shoulder (a close-up on a tree branch with one bird flying away) and a small tatoo of a triangle behind her ear to prove that she works in the black market. (see History) She also has a small dimond stud as a stomach peircing. She has one more tatoo of two ravens on the inside of her left wrist. One symbolizes herself and the other her, now dead, mother.

Personality: Kaylen is very bold and out there. She was considered the punk girl at school. Now don't get me wrong, she is not a bully and she does not stick to a single crowd. I guess you can discribe her as the bridge between cliques. She knows everybody, and like wise everybody knows her...even the band geeks. Now, the reason she can be considered the punk girl is for two reasons. Firstly, because of the clothes she likes to wear. And secondly, because of how often you see her in detention. Besides from her spunkyness, she is also a major flirt. She can never keep a steady relationship. And she hooks up with people just for the fun of it. But one thing people dont know bout her is that she is extremely smart, she is the top in her class.

History: Kaylen grew up as an only child with a single mom and no dad. That changed when he mom got married to a total douche when Kaylen was 11. But after only one month of them being together, Kaylen's mother died in a hit-and-run car accident. So, Kaylen was left with her step-dad who everntually started sexually abusing her. This happened all the way up untill she couldn't take it anymore. She ran away when she was 15, only a year ago. Now she has managed to find herself in the black market business. She gets her money being a messenger for a big pot business. Because of this job she has managed to live by herself and get back into highschool. She wants to graduate as fast as she can so she can get a real job and be able to survive without breaking the law.

Role: Kira, she hasn't found the Death Note yet.

Location/Nationality:She lived in California when she was little. But when she ran away she managed to get across the country, as far away from her step-father as possible. Now she is living in NYC.

Strenghes: She has an extrmely strong will and a very good sence of justice, because if what she has gone thriugh.

Weaknesses: Because of her strong will, sometimes she does things without thinking, things that Mother Mary would kill her for.

Other: Do you know Shinigami love apples?

Mini Bio: Kaylen is a spunky, bold, and brave 16 year old girl that ran away from home. She manages to survive and stay in school from the money she earns working in the black market. She is known at school by everyone both for her punk-rock attitude and for her crimes in the bed, if you catch my drift.

Shinigami Character Sheet

Name: Katsu (meaning of name is "victorious")

Gender: Male

Appearance: Katsu is deathly skinny. You can see the edges of his sharp jaw line and cheek bones. He is also a grayish/white color. He is covered in wraps like a mummy, except his face and chest. He has half of his head covered in the wraps, like the bandana of a pirate. His eyes resemble those of a snakes and he has sharp teeth like a shark. He has a large necklace around his neck made out of black metal beads and had large shoulder armer protecting his shoulders that are made of precious silver. His armor is covered in designs drawn in black, giving it an eerie feeling. He also has a belt made of rib bones wrapped around his waist. He has even more belts wrapped around his thighs. These belts are made of black metal that has small silver spikes sticking out of it. He has one more belt wrapped around his hips made out of the same black metal beads as his necklace. Also, he has many silver and black bracelts. The black ones matching his thigh belts and have small sliver spikes shouting out.

Personality: He is alot like Ryuk. He is obviously very bored with his life as it is and he wants to have a little fun. He finds the things about the human world fascinating. He has a personality that is very similar to Kaylen's. That is what drew him towards her and what made him giver her his Death Note. He loves watching Kaylen get her hands dirty with ink. But unlike Ryuk, he loves getting in on the action. He will also help her, but only for a price.

Opinion About Humans: He finds them fascinating and loves to play with them. He will help Kaylen when he needs to, but only for a price.

Human: Kaylen Simmens

Other: Do you know Shinigami love apples?

Mini Bio: Katsu is a shinigami who was bored with his life. He decided to come to the human world, where he finds Kaylen and everntually will give her a Death Note. He was drawn to her because of their similar personalities, and because he knew he would have fun with her.

4/4/2013 #4

Do the people in the cult live together?

4/4/2013 #5
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