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here we are claymore RP thing someone need to make sooooooooooooooo i did yeah ! there you go claymore fans
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this is part of Living Mannequin's RP ok i made one so this page will be a RP and the other is whare u make your OC or person,awaken being ect =3

12/26/2011 #1

Name: people call her Fate

Nickname: The Dark Angel

Fighting type:Defensive


Skills: unknown she usually kills the Yoma or awaken being in a single swing of her blade

Appearance: her long blonde hair falls to the middle of her back and shoulders her bangs fall a bit over her eyes but she has one side parted and place behind her ear, she has soft milky skin and deep silvery eyes. some people and monster fear her gaze

personality: well, around humans she claim very kind-heart to human and other claymores.she doesnt take her job seriously when she works in groups she is very protective over the claymores, she very out-going, laid back, she watches over the young claymore one has never seen her release her yoki aura.


former claymore

Name: Jessica

Nickname:The Blood Lust

Fighting type:Def

former number: #4

skills: she can move faster then sound she's rip of your arms and legs for fun

apperence: her hair is white her said is pale her eyes are silver but dragon-like

personality: she's freakin crazy. she would rip of arms and legs just to give you a slow death

being hunted: no b/c they are scared to

reason for leaving: they wouldnt let her into the wars


aweaken being

name: Dark Witch

former nickname: Death

age: 230

former rank: # 1

personalty:she loves to kill humans,claymore,and other awaken beings

skills: she can regenerate when when you cut her head off, she can fly, has darkly aura that could burn whatever it touches

human form: she has long black hair with unnatural blue eyes

Yoma form: she has black wing claws her body is armored she has fangs and her eyes are deep silver( like normal claymore)

bio: she was number one of the organization she has a very powerful urge to kill she enjoyed killing she was in one of the wars and she awakend because her best freind died.

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