Claymore RP
here we are claymore RP thing someone need to make sooooooooooooooo i did yeah ! there you go claymore fans
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make OC or use the Characters Form The Anime



Weapon Of Chose:


Who You Work For:






Name: Fate ( Wolf)

Age: 18

Weapon: Two guns,one gun,one sword

personalty: she very calm.

Who She Work For: Self-Employed

Apperence: she has long black hair that falls to the middle of her back and shoulders her bangs covered her eyes a bit her eyes were silvery blue, she wears torn black skinny-jeans and a black tank-top that hugs her body she wears black boots and black gloves

Bio: she was in the army one point in her life she was discharged for killing her enemies slowly like ripping off there limps and stabbing them to death, she was an assassin, and helped Roberta to kill the "foxes" the army men for revenge

Partner.: none

Skills: she highly skilled with guns and swords

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